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  1. I personally don't like the case as it as 2 exhaust fans from the factory but yea
  2. the was more than enough but the mobile market has eaten ddr4 ram lately and now there is a shortage, probably until to 2019
  3. if you give the best answer other people with the same problem can quickly find the solution
  4. yes the drivers stop working apparently somehow and updating drivers could help
  5. if you clikc on the dots next to drivers are up to date you get the option to reinstall use that and hopefully the problem disappears
  6. can you do a drivers update? in geforce experience?
  7. the mobo comes with an SSD the 1060 is in games a little bit better than the rx580 (as most games are nvidea optimized) i5 7500 is just better for gaming than the ryzen 1500x
  8. no or maybe. I don't think so but it could be that that was what happened but most times when this error shows it is a ram overload or something like that
  9. oke if you use the latest drivers i don't see anything alarming and this problem is possible one time if not feel free to ask again on the forum
  10. i would make something like this BIOSTAR Z270GT6 Intel Core i5-7500 VGA ZOTAC|ZT-P10600A-10L GTX 1060 R Configurator + PSU Team T-Force Vulcan 16GB WD Blue 1TB Desktop CASE ROSEWILL GAMING
  11. using the latest software what are your system specs
  12. did it stop working? and it still does not run?
  13. that error code means your video card drivers stopped working, and that would lead to a blue screen. I think this is just Ubisoft in its natural habitat.
  14. were I live its illegal to block the internet and his content
  15. you could use a proxy to bypass them https://www.snowproxy.com/
  16. the total amount of dram produced is around 1,000,000 atm and will go to around 1,500,000 in 2019
  17. 31 October so yes and no i had not heard of it before on this form and i just wanted to spread the word
  18. quote from etnews: Samsung Electronics is going to extend its DRAM production lines at its semiconductor plants located in Hwasung and Pyeongtaek.Price of DRAM is rising steadily due to higher number of demands than number of supplies. As memory industries have been refraining themselves from extending their lines, they have been enjoying their biggest economic boom. If Samsung Electronics increases quantity of supplies and not maintain this current situation, this will make other latecomers nervous. In the past, Samsung Electronics drove latecomers over the edge by hugely increasing output of DRAMs in spite of recession.According to industries on the 30th, Samsung Electronics is currently converting part of its 16 line of Hwasung plant that produces 30,000 2D NAND flash memories (per month based on wafer input) in order to produce DRAMs in the future. It is confirmed that Samsung Electronics has been bringing in equipment since early October. It is going to go into mass-production system in the first quarter of 2018.Samsung Electronics has also decided to bring in DRAM equipment on the second floor of its new Pyeongtaek plant where cleanrooms are being built. Total manufacturing capability of this second floor is 200,000 units per month based on wafer input. Construction is currently being carried out by dividing the west (1st stage) and the east (2nd stage) of the plant. 30,000 DRAM units and 70,000 3D NAND flash memory units will be inputted into the 1st stage and 2nd stage of investments respectively. Samsung Electronics is going to start ordering equipment in this December and operate its Pyeongtaek plant starting from Q3’18.About 60,000 DRAM units will be produced additionally from Hwasung and Pyeongtaek plants in 2018. It is expected that amount of increase in quantity of supplies will not be much as of right now due to reduction of 30,000 DRAM units as 11 line of Hwasung plant is converted to image sensor production line and increase in number of processes because of it. Due to these reasons, it is likely that price of memories will continue to go up in 2018.However, unit cost of supplies may drop as the quantity of supplies will increase greatly after H2’18. Samsung Electronics has decided to tentatively produce DRAMs from entire 16 line of Hwasung and 2nd stage of investments that will go into the second floor of new Pyeongtaek plant. Just by producing DRAMs from remaining space of 16 line (135,000 units) and 2nd stage of investments for second floor of Pyeongtaek plant (100,000 units), Samsung Electronics will be able to produce 235,000 additional units. It will be doing so starting from 2019. so I guess I will hold on to my money and buy extra gigs of ram next year, as in the first quarter of the next year price will start to drop finely.