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  1. I was going to ask which is better, but at $11 for Prime Day, I pulled the trigger on TP-Links switch. Does NETGEAR's have any advantages? NETGEAR's 5 port is almost double the cost of TP-Link's. Triple Right now for Prime Day. (NETGEAR's GS105NA versus TP-Link's TL-SG105) NETGEAR: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0000BVYT3 TP-Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00A128S24
  2. Hey guys, just curious why after charging all weekend, a headset might seemingly randomly beep, whats up with that?
  3. WTFrick is going on here -- GeForce Experience is works well tho. After boot, it starts up. x299 mkII i7 7th gen 16GB ram What's going on here?
  4. Team_RGB

    email Q

    What's the best ways to make sure nonspammy emails don't end up in spam? No pictures or links... other than that, whats the current wisdom on the topic?
  5. Im not as familiar as I'd like to be with Norton and Mcafee. Can this be innocuous or what --
  6. here is a couple of pictures of the load on his cpu and gpu for wow and destiny. The destiny one was around 60%+ average load on the cpu. For wow it was ~ 35% average.
  7. Buddy just slotted the 2070 into his msi z97 w/ i7-4790k, and 16 gb ram driving a 144hz monitor. Experiencing a bottleneck somewhere. Low end FPS (on Ultra) is 60 in games like GTA 5 and WoW. 130's in Destiny. My guess is the bottleneck is cpu -- but that just a guess, or driver optimization or lack thereof. What do you guys think? How can you tell where the bottleneck is?
  8. I called Corsair and the fix was switching fan 2 and fan 3 on the rgb hub. Something about passing data... It seemed like a bug, but w/e... It worked!
  9. So I just installed the sweet Corsair LL fans. On the first power on, all 3 lit up and spun, but only 2 we're changing color (third was static orange/red). I installed iCue, adjusted settings, restarted, and on the second power on, the second fan stop lighting up. So now I have 1 rgb fan and 2 regular fans. What happened? Checked connections from rgb hub to fans connections--solid. Could it be the SATA power connection to the hub or node? Haven't checked that yet. Lmk!
  10. Small piece of metal shaving touching two jumpers!
  11. Loaded optimized defaults, is that the same? reset cmos too -- yeah did I scratch the board in a bad place? psu starting to go? kind of new psu but psu problems. am i right?
  12. Here's the build -- worked fine a week ago: P8B75-M mobo i5-3450 cpu evga 600w 80 plus 4x4gb ram 120 Kingston SSD to boot This was my budget rig build. It worked fine before I stored it. What happened? Louis Rossmann, you're my only hope. P.S. LMK if more pics or info is needed!
  13. Something on my network is performing a port scan every couple of days. Coworker on a Mac with Norton or Symantec running brought it to my attention. Are there any innocuous devices that might be the culprit? How to I find this thing? Wireshark? Sharks with lasers? I'm guessing it's not malicious, but better safe than sorry.
  14. Under a normal workload, chrome, voip softphone, and light browsing, what should I be running at? What in the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks is running at 122C? Faulty sensor? Something really cool I dont know about?
  15. Guy in the office keeps putting on the backstreet boys. Do you need more info?
  16. Can't even find the file location, everything else is there--all the other files. The home shortcut opens up the website. Whhhhaaatt?
  17. Hey! A Coworker of mine came in this AM and his Adobe was gone. poof like that. It an old laptop. Associated files still show the adobe icon, but then it goes to "open with which program." What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks happened here, eh?
  18. Muh peeps want to know how to reduce the lag when they're presenting b2b via crankwheel or join.me. Obviously fast connection helps. What else? RAM? CPU? Something really cool that I don't know about yet?
  19. Muh truck has an armrest that has a wireless charger built in. Can my phone that DOES NOT have wireless charging be damaged by placing it there?
  20. Combo of face and fingerprint sensor when it's opening. Think a slider in the face unlock settings will clear it up
  21. Zero regrets. Took less than a day to relearn Android. I imagine there's a honeymoon period here, but seriously. I. LOVE. THIS. PHONE. 1 criticism: it's too fast--im trying to read my notifications and it opens. I can probably tweak it in settings I know...
  22. This sounds right, gonna try to command-r boot with the old HD and see what happens from there Thx!
  23. Samsung 860 EVO... having a problem pulling anything off the old HD, so no on the cloning.