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    32GB Corsair DDR4 @ 3000MHz
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  1. Have you tried turning it off and back on again?
  2. Unfortunately, this feature only works for WHQL drivers (usually obtained through Windows update), if you updated through Radeon settings Windows won't have a backup.
  3. While there's a possibility that it may affect game performance, it's unlikely. Windows generally will keep old versions of drivers for you to be easily able to revert back to if the newer version has issues. DDU is generally only recommended if you're having weird graphics issues, although they're some that use DDU regularly between updates just because they don't want to deal with the possibility to begin with
  4. I'd recommend Photorec Always create a copy of the data and work on the copy to prevent additional data loss Depending on how long they were deleted they may likely already be unrecoverable
  5. Sources: Engadget TorrentFreak (Quote/Media source) Summary: A new button has appeared on the Pirate bay featuring the ability to stream magnet links Media: Summary: My Thoughts: I'm honestly not surprised pirate based streaming is coming back. With Streaming getting more and more fragmented with Disney+, CBS All Access, and more that combining streaming services are up their with the cost of a cable subscription. Regardless, it'll be interesting if this leads to another raid such as the likes of MegaUpload or Bayfiles. Only time will tell. At least, unlike Disney+, you won't be finding thousands of accounts on the darkweb for this service
  6. You mean Christianity could single handedly revive TF2? Even if it was just for a meme?
  7. Source: Github Torrentfreak Summary: WinRAR has issued a DMCA claim against a WinRAR keygen hosted on github, questioning why someone would keygen an indefinite trial. Media: Quotes/Excerpts: My Thoughts: Excuse me but.... WinRAR Keygen? Why? Even as a proof of concept, I would report the issue to WinRAR to patch first before releasing it. Regardless, it's interesting to see more and more companies using 17 U.S.C. § 1201 as the method of filing DMCA notices as there is basically no counter notification process for that specific part of the DMCA.
  8. You mean there's people who don't have a MalwareBytes paid subscription?
  9. BNC is just coax with a stronger connector. Get a $0.50 BNC to coax adapter and then optionally a normal Coax converter
  10. Yes Plug in the computer No. It's a driver update, not a firmware update.
  11. Single head per platter + platter based data parity when? Could easily recovery from a single headcrash/loss of a platter with just a scratch disk and rebuilding from parity.
  12. You can try to nuke iCUE/CUE registry by uninstalling the software using Revo uninstaller or a similar tool but yes, if the firmware is too new for legacy CUE to recognize the device there is no easy solution.
  13. It doesn't look like this is possible. Even Corsair beta testers had to complete remake their RGB profiles according to Corsair's forums.