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    The State with the Fried Chicken
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    R7 1800X
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    AsRock Fatal1ty X370 Professional Gaming
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    32GB Corsair DDR4 @ 2933MHz
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    RX480 8GB OC
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    Antec 1200 v3
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    9TB mixed between SSD and HDD
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. rcmaehl

    bluetooth 5 capabilities

    This is probably a more reasonable suggestion
  2. rcmaehl

    bluetooth 5 capabilities

    Okay so. I noticed your other thread. This is a forum, replies may take hours to come. It happens. Now.... First off, Not all Bluetooth 5 devices support 2 devices. That'd being said, You'd need a phone that broadcasts itself as an A2DP device. Pair your both devices with your laptop Select the headphones as the default listening device under audio settings ASSUMING your phone can BROADCAST as A2DP it will be listed under the Recording Tab in sound settings If the phone is there, right click the device, choose properties, choose the listen tab, and enable "Listen to this device" And even then this may not work depending on how the Bluetooth chip in your laptop handles bluetooth. Does it keep bluetooth 5 functionality a 4.x device is paired or does it down version itself to Bluetooth 4. So yeah, answer is maybe, but unlikely.
  3. Huh today I learned. Seems like this is just an advancement on that technology and can generate believable fake stories instead of accurate true stories. Definitely something I'll be looking more into today!
  4. Really? Is this all in-house software or do you have the name of one or two so I can look into them.
  5. Source: The Verge The Guardian Summary: OpenAI say its new AI model is so good and the risk of malicious use so high that it has not released its full research to the public in order to allow more time to discuss the ramifications Media: Quotes/Excerpts: My Thoughts: As AI continues to progress, it was only a matter of time before this happened. Convincing fake articles automatically generated for an ulterior motive. With continuous development of "Deep Fakes" whether it be text or video. It is only a matter of time before we need to question and verify any media we consume. It will be interesting to see how companies and communities handle the spread of these types of media.
  6. It should also be noted that your CPU will not be a it's full speed unless it is being heavily used (e.g. Passmark).
  7. rcmaehl

    Some older GPS devices may stop working in April

    Everyone thought we'd have space cars and mars colonization by 2019. Surely the overflow won't be an issue as everyone will be using GPS (Galaxy Positioning System) by then
  8. Yeah, a lot of LTT is made ahead of time. Sometimes by a month or more. Perhaps The Linux Gamer is just frustrated at the situation and it's showing, I'd have to look into him more to make a more informed opinion though.
  9. Perhaps it's time for me to do some insurance shopping....
  10. It is a Multi Channel Network or MCN. Here's a brief summary of what they do by The Game Theorists. They used to do a TON more and were REQUIRED if you wanted to make money. Now-a-days they're not and can be up to shady stuff.
  11. They confirmed it back in 2017 https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/809940-is-linus-media-group-owned-by-fullscreen-network/?do=findComment&comment=10172244
  12. MCNs are cancer from days long past of youtube. I wouldn't be surprised if LTT is stuck in an MCN contract from earlier in their channel creation and can't get out. I'm sure it doesn't represent the Views or Opinions of LTT and Staff.