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  1. It's not bad. What are you planning on using it for and what's your budget?
  2. At the top of your build there is a sharable link you can copy and paste. Just don't use the one in your browser bar.
  3. Yeah, the link without your build in it just loads our builds on our accounts.
  4. In that case do you think an RMA is in order?
  5. Yeah, it does. Interestingly without the mount screwed in properly I was able to get it to post briefly in the top slot, but moving the card or screwing it down caused it to lose video output and fail to POST.
  6. Hey guys, Bit of an odd problem, I recently bought a Cooler Master Vertical GPU riser kit, and mounted my Asus ROG Strix GTX 1060 6GB. My mobo is the Asus X370-F. The problem is that it only POSTs when the riser is plugged into my third x16 expansion. This is costing me performance and I'd really like to get it fixed. Does anyone have any ideas about what is causing this, and how I could fix it?
  7. Theres' a bootkit you can get from AMD that includes a cheap raven ridge cpu for free that you can use to update and then send it back. On the other hand the place you buy it from might be able to do it for you with one of their own. You can see the bootkit here: https://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/2Gen-Ryzen-AM4-System-Bootup.aspx
  8. For a key fob, of course! Actually I'm not sure, might be something left over from manufacturing, in the same way that injection molded plastics have those little circles on them.
  9. Sennheiser G4ME Ones are really good. Mic is fantastic, really comfortable ear cups. HardwareCanucks reviewed them iirc.
  10. Ah, my favourite adaptive sink.
  11. Make sure you quote me so I can see your response Cool, so open up the windows search menu and find "Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions". Open it. Right click on your main partition and shrink it by however much space you want for Ubuntu (generally a minimum of 20 GB). You should be left with unallocated space. Once you have your drive with Ubuntu, chuck it into a port and hop into your boot menu in your UEFI. Select your USB to boot off, and it should boot into a menu. The settings are up to you, but when you reach the partitioning menu, select "Something else". You'll be presented with a list of partitions, select the free space. Set the size to equal the size of the free space. Use it as Ext4, and ensure your mount point is /home. After that, follow the prompts and finish your personalisation. This includes time zone and accounts. After that it will complete the installation!
  12. The verified vendors lists aren't worth using. Read the manual of the motherboard or the product page to find out what kind of RAM speeds it supports. That motherboard will also need a bios update prior to using Raven Ridge apus, so you'll need to obtain a loan cpu from AMD to update it. More info can be found here: https://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/2Gen-Ryzen-AM4-System-Bootup.aspx Alternatively the shop you buy the mobo from might be able to do this for you. The RAM is compatible with the A320, but I wouldn't use one since they don't support overclocking. The B350 will work fine with that RAM, albeit at either 2933 or 3200 mhz (though regarding the bios update changing this I don't know, as my X370-F used to only support 2933 but after a recent update could do 3000). As for suggestions, it would depend on your budget. Though straight away I can tell you to put more money into your PSU, and drop the 360mm rad. Dropping the rad allows you to grab an RM550x instead or at least a CX550 if you're intent on investing your money elsewhere. Getting a cheaper case will also give you more money for a GPU, I'd consider a 1060 6GB.
  13. So first things first, what kind of PC is this? Desktop or laptop? You'll have to hop onto the Ubuntu site and download the iso file (this is what contains the files for ubuntu). This is here: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop? You'll also need a USB stick, 4GB+ is recommended. Download this program here called rufus, which will burn the iso onto your USB: https://rufus.akeo.ie/ Once its downloaded the iso, open up rufus and select your USB, and your ISO file. Make sure you format the USB during the process. The rest is dependent on your device since it involves using the UEFI.
  14. You'll be fine, it fits regardless of orientation.
  15. Just got a stable 4.1ghz OC on my R5 1600... using stock cooler. Idles 47 loads 73. Neato!

  16. Cablemod have a good range, but it depends on where you are and what is available.
  17. Blue led strips won't set you back a lot of money. Also consider a pop figure or something like that that you like that fits your theme. If you're really into it you could stencil something on the back with blue paint.
  18. You may have just gotten an unlucky draw in the silicon lottery.
  19. What resolution are you playing at? 1080p and you'll want the RX580. 1440p and its a tight tussle between the 1070 and 980 ti. The 1070 barely beats it performance-wise, but it's up to you whether that warrants spending an extra £30 for it.
  20. Reading through this thread I was somewhat in agreement with you but this... no.
  21. So I used msconfig to go into startup diagnostic mode, then went back to normal mode and that's seemed to fix it... I have no clue why but thanks for your help anyway!
  22. So I couldn't get into safe mode (help shift and hit restart) because my computer would just blackscreen while running. However I noticed when it was trying to restart that uxdservice was under the list of programs that it says "stopping 2 services and shutting down". I know this is nvidia related but I don't know how I could stop it.