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    SpacePeanut got a reaction from _StrikE_ in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    (Sorry for any weird glitches in the photo. It's a panorama.)
    My Setup
    The Ascender (The computer that ascended me to the PC Master Race) (Built in May 2017):
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.2GHz
    CPU Cooler: AMD Wraith Spire
    Graphics Card: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming 3
    HDD 1: Western Digital Blue 1TB
    HDD 2: Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB
    SSD: Kingston 128GB
    Case: Rosewill TYRFING ATX Mid-Tower
    Case Fans: Rosewill Stock
    Monitor: Asus 24" 1080p 60Hz (I forgot the model number)
    Keyboard: Logitech G610 Cherry MX Red
    Mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB
    Mouse Pad: Dave & Buster's Prize
    Speakers: Logitech Z323
    Operating System: Windows 10
    Total Price (Not counting a few things I already owned or bought later): $830
    iMac 21" Late-2012 (The computer that introduced me to PC gaming) (Bought in Late 2013):
    CPU: Intel i5-3470S 2.9GHz
    GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650M 512MB
    HDD: Hitachi 1TB (I'm not 100% sure it's Hitachi)
    Monitor: 21" 1080p 60Hz
    Keyboard: Apple Wireless Keyboard (Old Model)
    Mouse: Apple Magic Mouse (New Model)
    Operating Systems: macOS Sierra, Windows 10
    Total Price (Not counting Windows): $1300

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    SpacePeanut reacted to mmk in Any suggestions for getting from Seattle to Vancouver?   
    Can always fly to Vancouver via Seattle.  Pretty sure there are daily flight between the two cities.  Also can take Amtrak from Seattle to Vancouver, not sure of the schedule, or rent a car, it's only a couple hour drive or so.
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    SpacePeanut reacted to Speed Weed in Are these guys ripping of LTT content   
    FB is so fucked up right now. 
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    SpacePeanut reacted to bryanfarmer00 in LTX 2019 Suggestions!   
    Stream it so those of us that can't afford to fly from US east coast can be included 🙂
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    SpacePeanut reacted to AnonymousGuy in Stop Charging your Phone Overnight!   
    100% on your phone isn't 100% of the battery's actual capacity.   This video is nonsense with outdated and misinformation.
    My iPhone 7 Plus is at 90% health, bought at launch.  I rape it every night charging + Facetime + gaming at the same time.  100-0  every day.  No issues.
    Quickcharge was only added on the iPhone 8 and X (and presumably the 9 when that comes out).  You need a compatible charger, because it uses more than 5V.
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    SpacePeanut reacted to James in Stop Charging your Phone Overnight!   
    Buy Anker PowerWave:
    On Amazon: http://geni.us/ERYi6Zh
    On Newegg: http://geni.us/xAkyW
    What’s worse for your phone: Fast Charging and Qi Wireless Charging, or plugging your phone in overnight and charging to 100%? Also a quick look at the Anker PowerWave 7.5!
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    SpacePeanut got a reaction from AskTJ in Tesla beats expectations with $3.4 billion in revenue with it's Q1 earnings call.   
    If only the delivery time wasn't 12-18 months for a Model 3. Recently got a Nissan Leaf instead. Still a great electric car, but just doesn't have a comparable range.
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    SpacePeanut reacted to DildorTheDecent in 50 Million Dollar startup for Australian Space Program   
    I'm hoping for Australian Research & Space Exploration.
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    SpacePeanut reacted to Centurius in [UPDATE] YouTube is tightening rules of monetization further - requires 4000 hours of annual viewing & 1000 subscribers, humans will now review videos   
    Being a YouTuber still well below the threshold. I demonetized myself months ago. It basically did nothing for my revenue and at my current level not having monetization on is proving much better at keeping my audience. I was making more money off of Patreon anyway. Once I am at 10 times the new minimum I'll probably turn it on again. 
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    SpacePeanut reacted to handymanshandle in [UPDATE] YouTube is tightening rules of monetization further - requires 4000 hours of annual viewing & 1000 subscribers, humans will now review videos   
    Remember, kids: if you think putting your face on a camera and filming random shit is a viable career, you might as well enter the pornography field. It's more sustainable than YouTube.
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    SpacePeanut reacted to Number Muncher in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    This was my old setup