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Everything posted by orbitalbuzzsaw

  1. I would go 5700XT, but the 2060 Super would be a valid option as well
  2. For gaming the advantages of the 3900x over the 3700x are minimal at best (streaming is another matter). Also, the two SSDs are a waste. Get a 1TB Crucial P1 for boot and a 4TB HDD for game storage. Otherwise, fine. Perfect to throw at a 3440*1440 ultrawide
  3. The best solution would be to get a PCIe WiFi card from someone like TP Link
  4. Banned for accusing me of personality communism
  5. Banned for only having a 1-line signature
  6. Banned for unoriginal dancing bird pfp
  7. What GPU do you have (i.e. 1060, 1080, RX 580, etc)
  8. Grabbed the platformer, think I'll pass on the rest though
  9. The Dell DG2719DGF is available for $400, 1440p 144hz 27" and gets great reviews
  10. The main one is that the VRM on the Tomahawk is better
  11. The tomahawk is the one you are going to want to go with for a variety of reasons
  12. The best triple stand is 3 stands 1 for each monitor. AmazonBasics monitor arms are what I use
  13. I would not book flights at this point. All signs point to most events still being closed in August
  14. The Dell DG2719DGF is always a good choice