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  1. internet speed should be able to handle it and we will have everything plugged into the switch but you advise managed switch but if i read the rest i don't really need that can i ask why you stil advise for a managed switch @The Benjamins?
  2. it has 4 ports https://ic.tweakimg.net/ext/i/imagelarge/2000734544.jpeg
  3. we would plan to plug it straight into the modem the modem is a telenet eurodocsis 3.0
  4. Hello Me and my friends are planning to do a lan party in a few weeks we are with 17 people and we are looking into buying a switch together for the lan party. The thing is what we don't know is what switch would be the best for own needs a managed or a unmanaged switch. We will use the network pretty heave because some of us will be streaming it and some maybe need to download games or updates there. We have a prize range from 100-200 euro I was looking into NETGEAR GS724T and the NETGEAR JGS524. Thanks in advance for the help and if I have anymore questions be sure to ask