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  1. Hi! I recently subscribed to Floatplane, but I can't seem to be able to watch old live streams. I usually miss the WAN show, but don't want to watch Twitch midrolls, and while I do have YT Premium, the archive is often not there until the next day, and I usually only miss the show by an hour or two. I was wondering if I am missing something, if its planned, or what is going on. Thanks!
  2. Hi! I couldn't make it, and was wondering if the panels/wan show will be archived on floatplane since I missed a big chunk of them :P...if so, please don't cut anything, I really want to see the whole thing!
  3. yeah, I was thinking maybe they could do something where they have no time limits, and they can use the time as they wish. It would be cool if they measured the size of each computer and that was part of the scoring system.
  4. On the last screenshot, you can see the "Download Speed" and below it the average download speed testing from a bunch of different servers. In the top screenshot, you can see that Pebble advertises 500mbps internet speeds. You can also see the I/O speed tests, which are more similar to an HDD than an NVME SSD.
  5. Hello, I saw this LTT video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bWA3BNx3A0 yesterday (really cool vid btw) and saw st the beginning that the video was sponsored by Pebblehost, a Minecraft/VPS/web hosting provider. This was right after I finalized a dispute with them so I wanted to share this as words of wisdom. I'm not going to include specific dates because all the conversations between Me, Dan, and the rest of the Pebblehost team were in a support ticket...I only have some of it screenshotted and they refused to provide logs. This all started because I have a Discord server and I wanted to host a few discord bots, but I wanted a standard VPS running Linux (Ubuntu or Centos because a lot of bots require it. I was looking into my options and Pebblehost looked great. I bought the $22/month USD plan from them for ~8GB ram. I also had a Minecraft server hosted with w company that only does Minecraft servers, so I was hoping I could transfer it to the VPS and consolidate my hosting plans. I opened a ticket in their discord server and a representative by the name of Declan (I have that part of the conversation screenshotted). He was reasonably helpful and explained that I should get a VPS and the Pterodactyl (ptera) panel (a FOSS panel for MC servers, discord bots, etc.) addon where they can install it for me. I purchased the server and the addon through their website. The server took 2 or so hours to provision, but ptera wasn't already installed. I was told to open a ticket through their website to get ptera installed. It took them 2 days for them to install ptera, and I was told to not use the VPS until it was installed. I listened to them and waited until they told me it was ready. 1 day later they sent me the message saying the server was ready but it was getting late, so I quickly transferred my stuff to the server and it was working ok. When I woke up the next morning and decided to test the performance of the server. The results were significantly lower than advertised, so I contacted Pebble again. You can see the advertised speeds and the actual speeds in the attached images. When they didn't really respond for a while, I requested a refund (they offer a 24-hour refund policy) from the web panel, which I think was denied. I was told by Dan in the Discord ticket that I was 3 days from ordering the server, so I can't get a refund. I explained to him that I was told not to use the server for 1 day after provisioning, and I requested a refund within 24 hours after the ptera was installed, but he said that's irrelevant and refused to just refund. He asked me to run the test again, but I couldn't SSH into the server anymore because the login was changed (I'm assuming by him to prevent me to refund, but I'm not sure), and after telling him this he acted like I had forgotten the SSH password and he couldn't help me, even though I had the email with the original SSH password and I don't know enough about Linux to change it :(. His response to this was that I was just stuck paying with it. I didn't want to pay ~$30 (the ptera install was another ~$10 for the first month) for a service I wasn't and couldn't use, so I contacted PayPal and requested a chargeback. After requesting the chargeback, I was almost instantly banned from the discord server. Yesterday, I received an email from PayPal that my chargeback was approved and I receive but my money back. Hopefully, this can serve as words of advice to not use PebbleHost. I have attached a few screenshots with information about what happened (I blurred all personally identifying info), but that is what happened from my perspective. If any of the information is wrong, that is mainly because this all happened a while ago and I wanted to post this after I received the money from PayPal, just in case Pebble decided to try to work out a deal with me. I made significant effort to contact them to work out a deal instead of just issuing the chargeback (opened tickets in billing panel, DMed on social media, etc.) but they didn't respond and usually just blocked me. Another thing I forgot to mention is that most people I talked to think that PebbleHost resells (buys larger servers and splits them up) from OVH, a larger hosting provider that sells larger dedicated servers. I might be wrong with that last part but most people seem to think that they use OVH bc their downtime, speed, etc. coronates. I am currently looking into buying a smaller VPS directly from OVH for my discord bots. I just want to mention that I am not associated with any hosting companies and I just want to find a place to put my discord bots. As long as it's not against the rules (if it is, I'm sorry, I don't post here much anymore) I am still looking for a host, if you know of a good one please let me know. Edit: Spelling and clarification Edit 2: @Mikensan asked what exactly was wrong with the test, so I wanted to clarify what exactly is wrong with the test.
  6. SO... I am not a floatplane member, although I have been following the development of floatplane.com, and I just want to the site, pressed the "More sign-in options", then signed it with my forum account. I now can sign-in and use floatplane (minus the content). Is this supposed to happen, and can someone subscribed to floatplane test if they can see content? @Slick @LinusTech
  7. I created a website running esotalk (go to my profile for the link), and I wondered if anyone had suggestions on how to convert the website to an app. I know that the website is well optimised for mobile, although I would like to have an even better optimised app with local buttons, etc. T.I.A.
  8. Agreed. [EDIT] Although you never specified in the search "RGB keyboard" that it had to be mechanical...
  9. I got one of these things: https://www.amazon.com/Razer-Ornata-Chroma-Revolutionary-Mecha-Membrane/dp/B01LVTI3TO/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1508894476&sr=1-1&keywords=razer+chroma+ornata a while ago and while it only has "mech-feel" keys, I really like its satisfying click. And, its on sale.
  10. Doesn't have cherry MX key switches, but otherwise, it looks like a good keyboard.
  11. Btw, you might want to wait a bit until u can get a decent graphics card deal.....
  12. On my desk pc project im using a gtx 1060 to run 2 1080p 27” monitors. I chose the 1060 for use until i can get my hands on a 1070 without spending a bunch of money. Hopefully I can do this soon, as the cryptocrysis seems to be diying down (knock on wood).
  13. I’m not sure if 1050s support SLI but even if they do I wouldn’t recommend it...
  14. You might want to get a GTX 1050 it, 1060 or 1070
  15. I am finished updating the site, and I couldn't recover user data, etc. but the UI is MUCH better. I am now using esoTalk.
  16. Reading through it though, it looks really hard to add, and its beta, so it might break. I probably want something more stable, thanks for the recommendation anyway. Also, @BakaSoniji all the files on my current website were, I think, accidentally deleted.
  17. Their website looks great; I'm already impressed. Thanks for the recommendation.
  18. I think i lost all the old files, but i DO have SSH access. I might give it a try.
  19. I'm using a h100i v2 for my desk pc project: and it hasn't given me any issues. I picked it up for about $100 US
  20. I have a Godaddy Linux hosted site through CPanel. I am not allowed to link the domain here, but you can find it by going to my profile (https://linustechtips.com/main/profile/509599-evantech/), and scrolling down to the almost-bottom in the "website url" section. Anyway, I was working in the cpanel admin panel and the website broke. The original thread and posters are here: @Eclypseon @JDE @Droidbot @fpo @Mooshi and i again want software suggestions on what i can freely switch to from fluxbb after i get the site working, or should i just setup new software, and scrap the old? (I'm new at this) T.I.A. [EDIT] I looked into it, and those files are lost for good. I have a domain with GoDaddy Linux hosting, and I want to create a community forum. What software is my best bet? TIA (again)
  21. Passive cables don't really do anything (when compared to active cables) except carry a signal. Active cables do some kind of signal boost or, in your case, conversion. By conversion, I mean a digital signal coming from your laptop to an analog VGA signal. With DVI, you don't have a conversion. BTW: I wrote this before @W-L posted so I posted this anyway, although both posts cover the same thing.
  22. No, I appreciate it. I am still working everything out.
  23. oh...................................................... (edit) FIXED!