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  1. well if they have the setting enabled after 10 miss passwords it will whip the ipod. is that what you mean? otherwise you just have to wait how ever many minutes before a re try
  2. probably someone who does stuff with big files sizes
  3. Why is there a safe in the woods. its no safe place for a safe 

    1. CircleTech


      to hide the propane

  4. i didnt know that, i've been told that you convert it to bitcoin then you can do bitcoin to cash but i guess i was never told you can ONLY do that. but i've never mined i've just looked into the process of it
  5. $500 for xbox with kinect (think that was how it was sold at lunch) and $400 without kinect (later one) and $400 for ps4
  6. so? you're not meeting bitcoin so what you get paid in has no relevance everyone converts their currency they mine to bitcoin. thats like me working in america and getting paid in european currency, im still working in america not europe
  7. if they said it will happen when the site launches youll have to wait till the site launches , or they would have it already
  8. I do understand what you're saying and I get it, but I think they did it becase they know it will take a situational circumstance to be able to get into the account that way. but it could just be they dont know how to make a mobile app. when it first came out it was shit and now its just less shit. but i've found vavle to have some of the best security but thats just from my experience not everyone thinks it.
  9. im pretty sure, unless they changed it.
  10. well its against the COC to use adblock on this website. so i made sure to let him know to unblock it if he gets adblock, (he he doesn't have it)
  11. I think it loses views becase they watch the videos on floatplane first lol
  12. do the fans on it spin? and you are plugging it into the GPU not the MOBO right? thats a mistake some people make
  13. i just use windows defender and malwarebytes, and have no issues. my biggest tip is use an adblocker (disable it on certain websites like LTT no malicious ads on here), and dont download files you dont know or open sketchy emails.
  14. is it the CPU fan? becase higher temps so its running faster? there is no moving parts in a CPU so it cant make noise
  15. this is the official one http://www.corsair.com/en-us/am4-amd-retention-bracket-kit-for-hydro-series-coolers looks the same
  16. Guys spends money to mine bitcoin when everyone knows you need an ASIC machine to mine and make profit (more like 900 ASIC machines) and losing his money because you can’t profit with gpu mining bitcoin
  17. But have you had any real issues becase of it? Have people got into your account becase of it? I feel like disabling all notifications for it is just counterproductive. Just because you don’t like the lock screen one doesn’t mean you should make it harder by having to boot up an already slow app, The only issue I see isn’t if a person steals your phone. But by the time you know it’s gone I hope you call and deactivate it before the person can realize they can ask for your steam code to log in. But then they would need to know your steam password for the code to even be sent.
  18. Well In every situation I’ve used steam with I’ve been at my computer with no one around when I log into steam. I really don’t see how it’s an issue even if your in a busy place. Just type the code and your good. If people are looking over your shoulder or close enough to read a code on your lock screen that’s another issue. But a work around is to go into your device settings and disable lock screen notifications for the steam app. Ps sorry for typos, still getting used to this IOS keyboard. I’ll try to fix them all
  19. Well the code only lasts for a how ever many seconds and then it’s changes to a new code. So it’s not like if someone sees and writes it’s down that they can do anything with it. It’s like 30 sec or maybe even less then the code expires ita just like company’s who use SMS to send codes like that, it just pops up as a notification and everyone can see it. Atleast In 90% if the ones I’ve had. I never go in the text to get the code I just read it from the notification and type it in before the notification goes away. I don’t see how valve is different. I think they are pretty good at what they do.