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  1. XDMAN123

    K63 latency?

    How is the latency on the Corsair K63? is it as good as wired like the G613?
  2. XDMAN123

    looking for TKL/60% afor $80 or less

    why the magicforce over the k65?
  3. What Im looking for is a keyboard thats TKL or 60% or anything in between for $80 or less with linear switches, Im currently looking at the magicforce 68 with gateron reds https://www.amazon.com/Qisan-Mechanical-Keyboard-GATERON-Magicforce/dp/B01E57PXKA/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=gateron+red&qid=1558587028&s=gateway&sr=8-3 and the K65 lux with cherry reds https://www.amazon.com/CORSAIR-K65-Compact-Mechanical-Keyboard/dp/B01F74F00I/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=k65+red&qid=1558587336&s=gateway&sr=8-2 I know that gaterons are smoother than cherries but I dont think that would have a huge impact as Im gonna only be using this keyboard for gaming, anyway if you know a good keyboard with what Im looking for then help will greaty be appreciated
  4. XDMAN123

    Is BIOS compatible with GTX 1060?

    ATC 780A UR11
  5. XDMAN123

    Is BIOS compatible with GTX 1060?

    How can I check if I have one like that?
  6. XDMAN123

    Is BIOS compatible with GTX 1060?

    Does it really not matter? I remember someone talking about how they couldnt install something like a 970 because of the BIOS
  7. My BIOS version is R01-A1, 6/22/2016. If I install a GTX 1060 into my PC will it work?
  8. XDMAN123

    Upgrading Prebuilt

    I linked all of them and my pc looks exactly like the one I posted, and a 6gb is too expensive compared to a 2gb
  9. XDMAN123

    Upgrading Prebuilt

    Would the 1060 heat up from being so close to the bottom of the case?
  10. XDMAN123

    Upgrading Prebuilt

    I have an ATC-780A-UR11 and I plan on replacing the psu with a Seasonic FOCUS series SSR-450FM, upgrading to a samsung 860 500gb, and installing a gtx 1060 3gb considering the case, would I run into any problems? And is there anything I should change?
  11. XDMAN123

    Looking for a PSU

    seasonic is known for having the most reliable PSUs
  12. XDMAN123

    Looking for a PSU

    Really? I tried a stress test earlier today and when turbo boosted to 3.09 ghz it reached about 53C
  13. XDMAN123

    Looking for a PSU

    Im trying to install a new PSU into a prebuilt, and if I get one with a traditional fan placement I cant face the fan up because theres no vent, and I cant face it down because it would suck in the hot air from the CPU cooler
  14. XDMAN123

    Looking for a PSU

    Something like this, look at where the fan is
  15. XDMAN123

    Looking for a PSU

    What is a good PSU with at least 400w where the fan on the same side as the port where you plug in the wire?