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  1. I'm so confused. That's a $140 PSU. Anyway to answer your original question: 2070 < RX 5700 XT That said, I have been having nothing but issues personally with my card and plan on returning it for a 2070S
  2. Ensure the RAM are in the correct DIMM slots. Normally the 2nd and 4th.
  3. Sorry? What other types of fixes are there other than replacing the product?
  4. Thermals didn't appear to be an issue at all. It was all drivers. Even with the card running at 50% I was having crashes, etc. But for the sake of information it was ASROCK RX5700XT CHALLENGER D OC
  5. Now, I will be the first to admit that I do a bit more with my graphics card than the average user. But every game I have played with this card has given me issues. From Call of Duty all of a sudden locking up on me mid-match, to Rocket League going white and not recovering when I tab out, to Borderlands 3 simply not working at all.... after 2 weeks of fucking with drivers and reinstalling windows to appease my 5700 XT.... I have had enough... When I return this abomination to Microcenter later this week... what should I get? I am thinking the 2070 or 2070 Super is a good choice? A particular variant I should look out for? I game at 1440p/144hz and send video via NDI to my encoder/streaming PC.
  6. I highly doubt this is the issue. 3 sides of my case are completely mesh.
  7. Oh, that is interesting. What are you using for a mousepad. Could it be the surface of that?
  8. Hi everyone, So I recently build a new PC using a 3600x cooled by a EVGA CLC 240. I am using completely stock BIOS and settings settings aside from enabling XMP. When running a AIDA 64 stress test I am hitting over 76 C on the CPU 85 C on the CPU die. I know these are normally higher temp readouts but that seems really high for having 240mm cooler? I am thinking about updating my BIOS and/or re-seating my cooler.... Thoughts?
  9. You don't need to do that. Just edit this one or post them here.
  10. This is also going to come down to your current PC hardware and what it can push.
  11. Hi guys. I just installed my new 5700 XT in my build and immediately noticed the fans aren't spinning. I am planning on doing a fresh install of Windows but wanted to back my files up first to a HDD. Is it okay to run the PC without the fans on the GPU spinning? Device manager isn't detecting the GPU but the card is displaying out. I shut down the PC to avoid any damage. The GPU is hot to the touch. Thanks.
  12. Yeah most people complain about the thermals here. I am thinking some tinkering with undervolting might do some good?