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  1. when im trying to update the PTR for overwatch my google chrome just stops trying to use the internet i really think something is wrong
  2. as you can see my network is 0% and like the highest it can go is 6-12% when i play games idk if this is normal or not? is there a fix for this??? I'm using ethernet btw
  3. Balor

    Help me!

    thats the thing i just made them d:/ and didnt add use balor download
  4. Balor

    Help me!

    i wents to properties then move and changed the path from c:/user/balor/download to D://
  5. Balor

    Help me!

    i did do the thing with properties
  6. Balor

    Help me!

    I wanted to move my download,pictures,documents to the D: drive but now they act like the D: drive help! I want to make them downloads pictures documents again
  7. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/3hLFVY here is the build I ordered my mobo GPU and SSD have arrived I am going to overclock my first build but I wanted to ask you guys what is the best overclock settings for the ram GPU CPU frequency's and voltages help ur boy out
  8. wait what? i didnt know about this should i be worried?