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  1. Supportsneedlove

    Arctic Freezer Esports 33 or Noctua Nh-U9B SE2

    I kind of wanted to know which one would cool better. Price is about the same.
  2. I'm looking for a cooler for my x3440 @4Ghz. Would these be any good? Which would be better? The Noctua one is used, for around 9 months, is it worth it?
  3. Supportsneedlove

    Rockstar Club for GTA 5

    I tried to download GTA 5 but the social club says that offline mode isn't available. Apparently, their site is pretty bad so it won't let submit a support ticket. Which brings me here. I'm connected to the internet and my hard drive is far from full. I've attached a screenshot of the message. Thanks!
  4. Supportsneedlove

    Netflix blocks my VPN

    How do I "force close" it? I'm on Huawei Android.
  5. Supportsneedlove

    Netflix blocks my VPN

    I'm trying to watch "Dawn of the planet of the apes revolution" which isn't on Danish Netflix but is on the German one. I connected to a German server viq PIA but Netflix know that I'm using a VPN. How do I watch my movie?
  6. Supportsneedlove

    How to clean my PC?

    Does have one of the little stickers. I'm not gonna pretend that I know what you're talking about.
  7. Supportsneedlove

    How to clean my PC?

    Opening the PC would void my warranty so I wouldn't blow on the components anyway.
  8. Supportsneedlove

    How to clean my PC?

    I've got some tape residue on my front IO, which is plastic. Does that fall under "surfaces that wont melt from alcohol"?
  9. Supportsneedlove

    How to clean my PC?

    I've decided that I want to switch out my PC while it still has a little value. Looking at used parts has opened my eyes as to what a budget PC really is. And therefore I have decided to sell my prebuilt. So I want to clean it up before I put it up for sale. Which is where you come in! How do i clean it (only on the outside) I have bought some isopropyl alcohol (93%)(i think? pic attached) Do it need anything else or am I good to go? (also have a compressor)
  10. Supportsneedlove

    Scam or no scam?

    There is no way this is legit, right?
  11. Supportsneedlove

    Super Meat Boy for free

    What's so bad about it?
  12. Supportsneedlove

    Good chargers for Huawei P20 Lite

    What would the difference be between this and this?
  13. Supportsneedlove

    SSD wrong format

    Pressed it, didn't help. Uploaded a picture of it.
  14. Supportsneedlove

    SSD wrong format

    I went to reinstall windows today but it turns out that the SSD is formatted wrongly. How do I make it good again? Cheers!
  15. Supportsneedlove

    Will the cooler of the i3 8350k be able to cool the i7 870?

    Oh right! I thought you had the i3 already and were buying the older CPU. But I'd recommend getting a better cooler for the i3 as it overclocks quite generously. Also, you might want to look at used coolers, since the fins don't get worn out and the fans can be replaced.