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  1. I turns on when with my GPU installed, but only if it isn't connected to the PSU. How could that be? GPU:Gigabyte Rx 570 PSU: Corsair cx550m
  2. Pc won't post, what do I do?
  3. I'm trying to add a GPU to an older PC of mine, but it needs an 8 pin, which isn't on my PSU. I don't want to change the PSU for now, as I will be chageing case and cooler in a few days when my parts arrive. Can I use my CX550M outside my case while only plugging in the 8 pin for the GPU? Untill then? I plan on doing some light gaming.
  4. He has a TX550M so I figured it wouldn't be a problem. I did not actual build anything for him. He found a great price at a prebuilt store. But they want over 100 euros for the windows install, so I went ahead and saved him some money. But after FINALLY getting into the bios I could see that the voltage was around 1.36-1.42 ish. Isn't that a lot?
  5. Hi lads. Yesterday I installed Windows on a friend I delivered the pc and it worked great. Then after around 4-5 hours of use it shuts down. It is in kind of a boot loop but it only keeps going for about 2 minutes before rebooting. This also happens in the bios. (So I figured it wasn't a windows issue). Help?
  6. It looks like I can use a Asus UX32LA Charger for the laptop. UX charger: 19V 2.1A 45W E403N charger: 19V 1.75A 33W The Width of the tip is also the same. Based on what @Mira Yurizaki said it SHOULD be alright. But I'd like to get a second opinion (the first being my own).
  7. Is there anything to look out for reguarding watts? Why is this important? (Pretty sure those aren't on EU plugs)
  8. Hello everyone (and that one guy that answers every single question on this sub) I've recently managed to lose my charger. And because of that I am now looking for a replacement. I've visited several sites but one thing I can't figure out is what is compatible and what isn't. Which brings me here: the forum of wisdom. Question one: Do chargers have to be "for" a particular laptop or do the dimensions of the charger just have to fit? Question two: Are third parti chargers alright to get? And which ones should I stay clear of? Question three: Could I forexample use a Asus UX32LA charger for an Asus E403N laptop? Cheers!
  9. I've just wiped my primary drive and I've gone to reinstall all my stuff. But Discord won't install and gives this message. I've tried multiple times.
  10. I'm going to be doing a fresh install of Windows on my PC. But it has been giving a lot of trouble with the windows reset features as it somehow doesn't have enough SSD space. I can't for the life of me figure out what is taking up all that space, so I have decided to just do a fresh install. I've got a boot media laying around anyway. I know that I wipe the drives in command prompt and then install windows on my SSD. My problem is all the details, like am I supposed to wipe both the SSD AND the HDD? How do I even do that? Which do I wipe first? Any tips, advice or information would be nice. I've already back up everything of value. Cheers, Dan.
  11. I've been using a pair of ADX H01 headphones for the longest time now. Sadly the 3.5mm mic jack recently broke off. I am now experiencing my mic relaying headset sound instead of mic input on my new headset. That just happens to be exactly what the mute button on my previous headset did, so my guess is that it would be the driver causing it as I might have had it muted when the jack broke off. Anyone have any idea what it is and how to fix it?
  12. I'd go used if I had your budget.