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  1. 1080 ti vs 2080

    Destiny 2 is like 20 bucks on G2A (it was in a humble bundle). If you really want it just buy it there. The 2080 has extra features, at that point it's not even taking a gamble, I'd go with the 2080 no doubt.
  2. First Uncensored Adult Game for Steam gets Banned in 28 Countries

    This is the most intense lecture I've ever gotten. What's with the rock music?
  3. Yeah, pretty much.
  4. First Uncensored Adult Game for Steam gets Banned in 28 Countries

    Yeah, Germany is weird like that
  5. Cool things in Germany?

    That is German!
  6. hey everyone

    If he had the money for 4 GB cards, then why would he be looking into getting those 1 GB cards? If you're on a budget you shouldn't expect to play new games at high settings.
  7. 4k TV for 4K gaming?

    Length doesn't matter with digital cables. Just get any standard HDMI 2.0 cable. That should be enough unless you're running HDR.

    No savings whatsoever? No giveaways. I think there's a reddit community for trading used hardware, but I don't see what you'd trade with.

    As long as you're not on FX it should be alright. Is bargain-basement quality, or actually from a good brand? It shouldn't bottleneck the 750 TI, at least not any more than it did your 570. EDIT: A 960 or 760-770 is also usually a pretty good value when buying locally.
  10. hey everyone

    With those cards, I doubt his budget is that large. Plus, 2 GB of VRAM will do you just fine.

    I don't know where you're from but a 750 TI isn't too much weaker than your 570, and it'll consume a lot less power. They're like 50 euro or less on eBay. If you're afraid of getting scammed, I think OzTalks made a video about a good value legit one. What are the rest of your specs? It might make more sense to just buy a whole new computer.
  12. Best value tier 3 plus PSU

    Does it have to be the non -x? Or are they just closer in performance?
  13. Best value tier 3 plus PSU

  14. What is better i7 8700 or Ryzen 2600

    OC on a non-k chip?
  15. Best value tier 3 plus PSU

    It's for an i7 860 (or the Xeon equivalent). I've heard that they can overclock to 4 GHz pretty solidly, so i wanted to give it a go. I already have an older Corsair 400 watt PSU but I've been told that the older i7s need a good bit of power, and then I'd need to go down to an x50 card which i don't think is enough. I was going to get a 960 but now that I'm upgrading anyways i might as well get a 780, as they are around the same price.