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  1. Worth selling?

    Hi everyone! I found an old laptop, i managed to break the password. It's called "Acer Aspire One Happy". It's got an Intel Atom n450 (single core running 1.66 ghz), 1 Gb of Ram (i think it's DDR2) A 160 GB hardrive with Windows 7. Thanks
  2. FFS?? Amazon prime not signing in Xbox 360 ?

    My guess was that you just bash your head on the keyboard and let auto-correct do the rest.
  3. FFS?? Amazon prime not signing in Xbox 360 ?

    Out of curiosity how long do you spend writing there posts?
  4. Good remote PC controlling software?

    Thanks, it looks like it works pretty well!
  5. Is there any cheap items on eBay or amazon with free shipping

    Isn't there some site what sends eggplants anonymously? It's https://eggplantmail.com
  6. What do you think on Actuarial Science?

    Do you feel good about knowing what that is?
  7. Is there any games that require 32gb of RAM?

    I'm guessing it's mostly for future games, or just cool factor
  8. Dumb stuff you thought

    Let's post our embarrassing stories, dumb misconceptions, tech related or otherwise. To get started i thought (when i was about 11) that the larger your hard-drive is the more powerful the PC was, and if something was running slowly you had to delete something from the hard-drive. Lets get started!
  9. Dogs do nothing and get so much love

    Can you find animals easily after they've been shoot? Guess who can.
  10. [Central] Food thread

    How can it be butter if it's made of peanuts?
  11. What’s the best way to learn a language within like a year? Easy?

    Reading books is good for expanding your vocabulary.
  12. How You Name Your Computer

    I call mine Susan, because it's made by asus.
  13. Should Linus grow a beard?

    I think Linus is looks great without a beard
  14. What’s the best way to learn a language within like a year? Easy?

    I would recommend Duolingo, if you're a native english speaker, that should be good for the basics. I'd pair it with some media, native speakers of the language and or advanced lessons, either in person or from a program. Good luck