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  1. Um...... Nope. There are more potent GPUs around. And even if these exact words were copy-pasted from a launch event.the Titan V would still be around at that point. Edit: also doesnt say anything about powerefficiency. So idk why that was copy-pasted
  2. Im fairly certain a lower clockspeed Titan V beats out the RTX Titan. Tho for general powerefficiency. Id look elsewhere. Why do you care about powerefficiency? If you were mining, sure, otherwise id just get what you need.
  3. Unless you are doing LN2, kinda "eh". Would rather look at multirail units at that point. Thats a lot of money on storage that doesnt really make that much sense. Um...... I suppose you know how to tweak the sticks, and you are filling the dimms for capacity and looks. Because IF wont run that fast. Otherwise looks fine. Edit: im assuming you need that kind of hardware.
  4. that is low current draw scenarios. depends on the silicon, no good way of telling.
  5. Not really. If tracing is bad, there is nothing to do.
  6. Depends on silicon, but its what is considered to be unsafe. Would drop to 1,325v, just to ensure the longevity of the chip
  7. Electrical lines between the CPU and the memmory.
  8. its task manager, its not exactly known to give out correct readings. but OP is getting completely normal behavior.
  9. Only thing left then is bios updates, but you have probably done those. Which leaves the memmory tracing on the board. Would be odd for it to work, but not at higher speeds.
  10. All with changing SOC and dram voltage to appropriate ammounts? The first gen memmory controller isnt great, but its not that bad.
  11. First gen memmory controller, did you ever try to run it at lower than rated speed?
  12. well this time its about ordering custom cables if needed. as seen here its not heat over time, its more about sudden inrush of current which burns the connector. at least when it comes to your PSU
  13. indeed they do. still, im just saying that the spec says it shouldnt be an issue. then that would be an issue with the cable not being able to handle spec, wouldnt it. i am aware of cable burnthrough on high current singlerail PSUs, where it has happened that the current throughput is way higher than spec.
  14. There is enough powerheadroom on a single double 6+2 pin to not worry about. As that should per spec do 150w each at 300w total with no issues Then there is the extra 75w from the PCIe slot. So at least per spec there isnt an issue (not that there havent been issues before)
  15. You can use one cable, or you can use 2. Theoretically there is a difference. Practically its not really.
  16. Base clock is the minimum clockspeed all cores can run at in a workload. More cores means lower base clock. The 24 core might have higher base clock. But the 32 core has the same clock for 24 cores. Just fyi
  17. Putside of perhaps some binning. Not really. Its not like id recommend doing anything related to SLU, unless you know what you are getting into. Just keep in mind that not all watercooling blocks fit all cards.
  18. no you dont. why would you need an engineer from MSI to answer a question you can check yourself. its got worse cooling, while it doesnt cover the memmory chips the same as the gaming X. it appears to be using a lower end VRM aswell. i say it seems, because i havent looked into the specific VRM chips used. considering you will be water cooling, its entirely down to the silicon lottery.
  19. indeed it does, id be fine with it running for a office system using only aircoolers.
  20. 5 phase VRM. 3 for vcore and 2 for SOC. for SOC its almost fine. true, tho lower budget really isnt filled with anything worth getting. i will admitt i didnt read the entire OP, so you could run the a320 with the stock cooler under office type tasks.
  21. oh god no, that thing is actually terrible. dont, the VRM on it is actually terrible. no VRM heatsink, while the mosfets arent sufficient to power a lot of CPUs properly. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/kRTzK8/msi-b450m-pro-vdh-max-micro-atx-am4-motherboard-b450m-pro-vdh-max here is the minimum board that has Bios support out of the box. edit: minimum for higher load. if you are doing a purely office style system, you could save 5$ on something like this: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/6d9tt6/msi-b450m-pro-m2-max-micro-atx-am4-motherboard-b450m-pro-m2-max if you only run with a stock cooler. it should be fine.
  22. and to follow up one what id look at these instead https://pcpartpicker.com/product/fY3RsY/antec-power-supply-hcp850platinum https://pcpartpicker.com/product/n3rG3C/antec-power-supply-hcp1300platinum they are far better, and are based on the Delta GM plattform, and you really dont need more than 850w for your config. and id also just point out that i hope you know what you are getting yourself into with SLI, or you are doing some workload that benefits from it.