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    Cookie distributor

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    Close Enough
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    The sun is shining, potatoes i grow. What color are the potatoes i show? they're green..... what was my point again?


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    Ryzen 1500x OC 3.95ghz
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    ASUS B350 PRIME (dont ever buy this)
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    4 GBx2 2400mhz (OC 2933)
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    R9 Nano (i know how to use it)

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  1. Seems like you have a lot of knowledge in PC building. I saw your comment and I appreciate it. 


    Can you send me a PC build around the price of 1500-2000? 

    Biggest bang for my buck that I'm looking for. 

    1. GoldenLag


      Give me a couple of hours. Ive got work in the way. Ill see what i can cook up