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    Close Enough


  • CPU
    Ryzen 1500x OC 3.95ghz
  • Motherboard
    ASUS B350 PRIME (dont ever buy this)
  • RAM
    4 GBx2 2400mhz (OC 2933)
  • GPU
    R9 Nano (i know how to use it)

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  1. GoldenLag

    System Upgrade :DDDD woop woop

    ye. remember to quote the bits you are responding to
  2. GoldenLag

    System Upgrade :DDDD woop woop

    970 is better. but you can get better cards at that price. 970 actuallyonly has 3,5gb of usable memmory. its not as fast. on the plus side it supports more videodecoding. other than that it has better power caracteristics. other than that its worse than the r9. its crossfire (Nvidia equivelent is SLI). you can run 2 cards in tandum. but like SLI it has compatibility issue. crossfire does not require a bridge between GPUs. they communicate between eachother over PCIe
  3. GoldenLag

    System Upgrade :DDDD woop woop

    better than what?
  4. GoldenLag

    System Upgrade :DDDD woop woop

    970 is good if you can get it for about 80$ what is the other 4GB card?
  5. GoldenLag

    System Upgrade :DDDD woop woop

    Yep. That system will keep you going a long time. Upgrade the GPU once and you can keep this a veeery long time and still play modern titles at reasonable settings.
  6. GoldenLag

    RAM Overclocking

    What are memmory timings at? They should be at 16-xx-xx-xx or 15-xx-xx-xx.
  7. GoldenLag

    RAM Overclocking

    If it error it should crash. There are memmory tests you can run. If its stable for 2 hours its most likely fine
  8. GoldenLag

    RAM Overclocking

    Then its the ddr4 voltage shown earlier that you change. Its different depending on the motgerboard vendor.
  9. GoldenLag

    RAM Overclocking

    "Profile ddr voltage" is probably the one to change. Swap off auto
  10. GoldenLag

    RAM Overclocking

    Iirc, that is the one. I think you change the one next to XMP though instead. Since it is Ram overclocking. XMP should dissabled and whe it is you should be able to input Voltage and speed there
  11. You can most likely use active or optical cables just fine. When getting thunderbolt cards, doublecheck it is TitanRidge or later.
  12. GoldenLag

    Is overclocking to turbo speed overclocking?

    Depends on the CPU. But most likely yes. If your are dealing with Ryzen you can probably go higher
  13. GoldenLag

    RAM Overclocking

    Keep me posted on how it goes
  14. GoldenLag

    RAM Overclocking

    1,4 volts is just more the "click and forget" path. With tweaking you can probably get more by tweaking the voltage.
  15. GoldenLag

    RAM Overclocking

    Probably, but 1,4 volts is just fine aswell. It will be down to how much you want to tweak. Just dont do more than 1,45 volts