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    The sun is shining, potatoes i grow. What color are the potatoes i show? they're green..... what was my point again?


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    Ryzen 1500x OC 3.95ghz
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    ASUS B350 PRIME (dont ever buy this)
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    4 GBx2 2400mhz (OC 2933)
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    R9 Nano (i know how to use it)

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  1. No, its just that the cooling solution on it is mediocre. Also your case airflow is bad. 420$ cards are better.
  2. PCB yes. but the rest of the card is pretty darn underwhealming.
  3. sounds like case airflow. as neither of those temps should be around there. this was monitored using?
  4. that seems like contact issue more than anything else. or terrible case airflow. like the stock cooler would hold on better than that.
  5. you could have skipped all of those steps if you are running a static OC............. also, at what point is it too hot? as far as i can see you had decent temps before.
  6. in other words. they go bananas. as per standard measurement units. a Banana for scale is perfect.
  7. so a dual 12 or dual 16 core opteron will do the trick? they go for like 25$ edit: it all depends on the settings ive done 720p 30fps using OBS without any noticable effect while playing on a r5 1500x
  8. You can get something way cheaper with no real loss of performance. Which?
  9. Swap CPU to a 3600. And then grab a B450m AC from ASrock. Very cheap but decent board. Also the CPU is a better choice.
  10. Trippel flight computers have been a thing since the first propper rockets. Its essentiall for doing errorcorrecting as 2 computers getting 2 different numbers doesnt tell you which is wrong. In other words, its not special in any way really.
  11. the end at the PSU doesnt matter. PCIe cables may have less connectors on the PSU end, but it will have the required ammount on the GPU end mine has 6 at the PSU end, but 8 at the GPU end. other PSU manufacturers may do it differently. its supported, you just need to plug the correct cable end in .the one labeled PCIe at the GPU end. and PSU and the PSU end.