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    Ryzen 1500x OC 3.9ghz
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    4 GBx2 2400mhz
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    R9 Nano

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  1. GoldenLag

    Multiple people, single tower

    Id go with the r5 simply because its cheaper, has drop in replacements, and allows you to spend more money on the GPUs
  2. GoldenLag

    Multiple people, single tower

    probably hardware accelerating for no good reason, ive heard OBS doing that. id do a master PC with a 1950x/2920x/2950x and 2 slave PCs with r5 2600 (or some other CPU). then have GPUs for each one and add capture cards to capture all the footage to the master PC for encoding and recording.
  3. GoldenLag

    Multiple people, single tower

    im gonna assume that is just normal behavior as the ASIC shouldnt be doing anything when the CPU is doing the encoding.
  4. GoldenLag

    Multiple people, single tower

    so you still GPU encoded. GTX cards have an limit to number of things it can encode using its ASIC. it being 2 displays afaik. if you have an 9900k you really should start using CPU encoding, unless you dont mind the few gripes with ASIC encoding.
  5. GoldenLag

    Screwdriver to build a PC

    you really just need a phillips screw head to build a PC. and that set seems to include various sizes of them
  6. GoldenLag

    Multiple people, single tower

    Cuda encoding involves loss of quality and will most likely struggle encoding 3 1080p 30/60 fps footage + 720p webcams at once. Cuda encoding is nice, Same with VCE, but CPU encoding is where its at. while i can agree 2950x is sort of overkill, you will most likely be playing on it and you will need some extra horses to handle the extra encoding. you can probably get away with 1920x/2920x
  7. GoldenLag

    Multiple people, single tower

    you will be better of using 3 different PCs and a capture card to record on the main PC, and one of them CPU encoding it all into OBS. like an 2950x main PC encoding footage from all the other ones.
  8. GoldenLag

    New night theme

    what`s different about it? hasnt seemed to change since i started using it............
  9. GoldenLag

    Ryzen Build, ran into some RAM issues

    That ks better yes. And you can do some Ram overclocking to 2933mhz or 3000mhz
  10. GoldenLag

    Is this overpriced ?

    No GPU? From 2010? Id pay 100$ max for it.
  11. GoldenLag

    Ryzen Build, ran into some RAM issues

    Order it or go to some other store. I when using the APU it is quite significant. When only using the CPU its less so, but still noticable
  12. GoldenLag

    Ryzen Build, ran into some RAM issues

    Get 2x4gb 3000mhz. Nothing else truly suits an APU build.
  13. GoldenLag

    Looking to upgrade, as my mobo died

    Do not buy skylake X If you are going HEDT get a x399 motherboard with something like the 1920x/2920x. That or grab a 9900k or just get a new motherboard for your current CPU.
  14. GoldenLag

    M.2 to sata adapter?

    why not use one of your larger slots? nothing is stopping you
  15. and they just killed the device in my eyes......... common Samsung, you had one thing special about you