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  1. which is better for gaming and whick damage less my eyes
  2. let me know which of them is better for gaming performance and damage less my eyes
  3. hahaha ty man tomorrow is a big day for me!
  4. so i must go for the desktop version or not?
  5. take a look at this go to skroutz.gr press samsung evo 840 120gb and go to the 2nd queue u will see a laptop version at 85 euro and then u will see a desktop version for 116 euro please help me
  6. the is 840 evo has 2 retails? one for laptop and 1 for desktops?
  7. the other parts i5 4670k hdd 1tb ssd 120gb cooler master 212 evo optical drive
  8. for a single gtx 770 650 or 750 watt?
  9. between corsair cx and Thermaltake Smart SE 730W
  10. yep but its SO expensive my budget is 70-90 euro