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  1. I open wordpad over notepad most of the time. I'll just find an alternative, many exist.
  2. I only do it when I feel performance isn't typical after an update... Uninstall normally..without DDU. Reboot, install new version. That's my norm. When I have an issue (or think I do) I'll then do the DDU+Reinstall.. *If I do Nvidia to AMD or vise versa, I run DDU always between restarts. (One more reboot using SSD) isn't so bad...
  3. (in 1.5-2 years) Will you be willing to sell your 5600/5700 series GPU after buying the new one in the future to recoup some of the initial outlay of said upgrade..? Because then the 1.5-2 years isn't a big issue,.. find the better price/performing 1440p GPU in 1.5-2years for the best money you can afford, and recoup from the sale (which I'd be guessing you would anyway?) The Card you buy today, will likely still be sought after by someone using less on any used market.
  4. The devs may or may not (speculating) Use Ultra VALUES way higher than the current GPUs can manage for down the line with more powerful GPUs in mind. Sounds counter productive but some would also see it as reverse... Oh.. it really MUST be a beautiful game if that's the case...ULTRASPEC Req 3080Ti* in Future (*can't wait for that future hype train) (pre-purchase thinking) Plus who knows why they really do this without asking technical devs yourself. ACO though... the CPU needs around villages and the taxing nature of the game in various locations is pretty obscene for Higher Presets.
  5. Normal, my 1070 does this revving under 30% and I can hear the pulse of it trying to spin faster under this lowspin moment... They set (All cards different) If I use 28% or less, I see my fans do the same, spin but slowdown and respond stronger for a pulse... creates a tick sound from the GPU I originally thought was my HDD. Set GPU to 30%, complete silence... always spinning, no slowdown and pulse/tick sounds. It's just the values they set for the curve and the fan behaviour. Set the minimum to the value it stops. Or full auto I guess..
  6. Windows 10 has a Reset feature. I'd use it to reinstall fresh and just do the hard work once.... Picking thru the old install trying to clean up the mess.. isn't worth it..
  7. UEFI Bios issues could be likely... Update the Foxconn Motherboard Bios. Techyescity talks frequently on his budget builds that AMD RX and various other GPUs have a Compatability issue with Motherboards NOT supporting a feature needed to INITIALIZE the GPU. One example of many (hard to find because people havnt labeled it as a term as they were still figuring it out) But I used "UEFI NO BOOT GPU BIOS UPDATE"
  8. So many FAKED specs in dodgeycheap phones.. Just because it says one thing doesn't mean it is... software even gets duped looking at specs. Software 1 shows 8core Software 2 shows a 1Ghz Dual-core. Whether Aliexpress,Wish or alternatives.. It's easy to be scammed with fake specs.
  9. Possibly try multiple driver versions to see if replicated on them maybe...to see if the current one is initiating this?vs All drivers you could use... (AMD driver, a different version or two,.. from weeks or a month ago)
  10. https://youtu.be/MTL95WnNhCc?t=237 Hopefully I found a part that shows what Is likely to happen (higher demand 8Thread+ Games) with non-HT CPU's. Assassins Creed seems from this part of the video to be 8Thread aware but not 12Thread aware. Am I seeing it right from all the initial benchmark scenes and when it goes outside it naturally does get more CPU heavy, even for my machines.. 8 Threads 100% way more often, 12 Threads at near 100% but can nearMax it also.
  11. The ACO Ultraspec Clouds Tax,. that ALONE in this game is ridiculous. Whatever values they set in games sometimes for Ultraspec is stupid to me... especially these clouds. Drop this down a step to VeryHigh or High, try again and please post the results (from in game) You don't have to follow the idea of the video if you want to KEEP visuals. But some slight adjustments for near to no difference (you'd notice) may be ideal for the situation... being this game and peoples expectations of Ubisofts Game.
  12. Tweet copypasta




    Your AUSTRALIA dept sucks.  Client asks for a LEGACY GPU driver. 32Bit Win10 for GT730


    MSI obviously only looked for LATEST, not Older drivers.

    "There are no Windows 10 32bit drivers that exist for GT730" 

    THIS^ is what you told my client. 


    Then you gave him a 64bit driver,  knowing it will error out..   I found it in 5 mins.. and works perfect.




    1. Caroline



      THIS^ is what you told my client.

      Is that a lawyer?

  13. That allows the R9 270 to play ball much better than with a 1080p monitor. Holding up longer esp VRAM wise and details kept higher in game for a longer GPU lifespan. It's the saving grace for a platform upgrade first... if you were using 1080p or 1440p right now,.. I'd suggest either platform or GPU first... I'd chase a CPU/Board/Ram upgrade myself, then GPU/Monitor afterwards, because you said Good framerates (meaning STABLE) Something that will be readily more available to happen with the newer platform strengths,..
  14. Quickly looking at 9600K in those two games.. You might be CPU core/thread limited. Even with high clocks, the games want more. Numerous times in videos on the CPU usage with Midrange GPUs the CPU usages were spiking into the 90%s ranges, from a typical 60-75% AVG CPU usage (these two games) It's likely your stutters are caused by a combination of CPU at High usage and dropped performance inducing stuttering from Vsync, the CPU/Game Relationship or both,.. stemming from the above. Sounds crazy but it is true you'll need more than 6cores6threads for 2019-2020 AAA titles if they are wellThreaded/optimized for 8cores+
  15. World of Warships Tier 6 BUDYONNY


    Friend asked me how to enable replays using the cfg file and within a couple hours sent me this replay.


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    2. dizmo


      I've always wanted to try that game, never gotten around to it...though if there's no collision damage that kind of kills it for me.

    3. Jurrunio


      @dizmo I think you can still ram kill enemies, just both of you will sink

    4. dizmo


      @Jurrunio Ahhh, but not land or friendlies? Not as lame, but still...

  16. Dear Mom. Squeeze this tube, look at it,. Now..watch these Videos. Still think it's a drug I'm using? Lets just stop breathing... because you are allowing me to breathe in second hand drug use.. c'mon Mom,.. be real, I'm not taking drugs. (Not an accurate representation of events)
  17. Nope, they'd be the same. YouTube still sends them the same 4K stream. But if Chrome doesn't show 60fps quality settings then use Vanced.
  18. It's a website search for YTVanced,..not on the play store. Default for most phones is the Phone not needing to be rooted/unlocked. Here is that version. https://vanced.app/nonroot
  19. Try using pre2020 Drivers,.. If still occurring, declock GPU on both VRAM and Core and see if it still happens. If so, could be a crap GPU or a power delivery bug (being still a GPU issue because RX500 series still take 75w from the PCIE) More so than the average GPU which is also just as capable of doing so.. But I hear constant horror stories about the RX4/5 series... and I wonder if its that PCIE slot power and some bug...
  20. Typically yes,..unless you use a phone pretty up close...eyestrain is another story. It's a person to person basis on the resolution difference being visible, especially on smaller displays like smartphones. (but yes you would normally need a larger screen to see these differences without pixel peeping) Whats not placebo is the extra datarate (12-24Mb/s vs eG 24-45Mb/s) backing the video, the datarates being increased at the higher resolutions does produce cleaner images in more demanding frame transitions of color/visibility/lighting. Smoke/Grass/Transparency (and following frames overtime, these effects fade in color and lightness, changing each frame) so the datarate would be higher/per second in those situations (frame to frame KB/s) YoutubeVanced for Android gets around a locked 1080p Resolution in the typical YT APP and allows 1440p-2160p for supporting phones with supporting codecs in its own YT APP clone.
  21. The Youtube App only allows you to view UP TO Native display resolution. (1080p for 1080p Displays, 1440p for 1440p Displays) Download and setup YoutubeVANCED Its a clone of the Youtube APP on Android, and allows Higher than native when setup in the options.
  22. Imagine if Battlefield 4 had another 6-9 months from Launch... I'm happy NOT to be as disappointed given more time...
  23. People with YEARS old AMD GPUs were selling them USED at NEW retail launch prices again, or worse. My R9 290 sold for $450 AUD when it was worth $250-300AUD at the time. (Realistically) New GPUs were double! Old GPUs skyrocketed if they were good enough for mining. Lots of excess bitcoin excitement bubbled cash buying up all the GPUs left right and centre. Many videos exist showing big stores with no GPUs on shelves
  24. That 10*c drop is telltale and you got your head around that already, Many cases have those side channel breathing spaces on the front, some bigger and better than others.. But I personally stick to mesh fronts... not glass or acrylic. I've popped the Acrylic casing off a front before... but that's not feasible for everyone, or every case.