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Status Updates posted by SkilledRebuilds

    1. VegetableStu


      .... why??? i get that some are using them for "emphasis" like how common use of bold words do, and a few others are using it to portray "the way it is spoken, not when it is written", but this one...



  1. I think I've had enough...

    Just put the Coffee tin in the fridge.

  2. Shits n Giggles.

    Fastest in Cinebench, buy Intel for the fastest Realworld performance.

    - Intel 2010-2018

    Pay no attention to Cinebench or ALL Tiled Renderers, its not indicative of Realworld performance.

    - Intel 2019-2022

  3. TechYesCity fans unite.
    For those that can't find the song anywhere..



    1. imreloadin


      Infinity Ward's response: Just reinstall it🤷‍♂️

  5. Its old without mould.

    Still love my 4.8Ghz 4790K

    As much as I fully realize its modern day flaws.


    Its my equivalent to your 2600K memories.

    1. FloRolf


      Lmao, I was just gonna interrupt you with "BUT my 2600k...!" 

  6. Doom 2016 (Cinematic Gameplay) Playlist Updated..

  7. Taking it slow this time around...

    Likely so much was missed first time...


  8. Keen for the NEW Doom

    The older one ran so well, and the goal for speed hasn't changed.


    Joined the Trailers together.



  9. Tweet copypasta




    Your AUSTRALIA dept sucks.  Client asks for a LEGACY GPU driver. 32Bit Win10 for GT730


    MSI obviously only looked for LATEST, not Older drivers.

    "There are no Windows 10 32bit drivers that exist for GT730" 

    THIS^ is what you told my client. 


    Then you gave him a 64bit driver,  knowing it will error out..   I found it in 5 mins.. and works perfect.




    1. Caroline



      THIS^ is what you told my client.

      Is that a lawyer?

  10. World of Warships Tier 6 BUDYONNY


    Friend asked me how to enable replays using the cfg file and within a couple hours sent me this replay.


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    2. dizmo


      I've always wanted to try that game, never gotten around to it...though if there's no collision damage that kind of kills it for me.

    3. Jurrunio


      @dizmo I think you can still ram kill enemies, just both of you will sink

    4. dizmo


      @Jurrunio Ahhh, but not land or friendlies? Not as lame, but still...

  11. FX8120 OC 3.7Ghz Allcore without SSD, using GTX970 and 8GB DDR3 1866Mhz


    Hunt a Used GPU of decent value and it should game relatively well.




    Plan on selling this 29" UW-1080p 75hz monitor to a friend so I made this for the game he plays... he just got a Gigabyte 1660Super (he is using 1080p 60hz atm) had a Blackscreening RX570 MSI Armor. I have a 1070 so I figured its as close as its needing to be.. we both have 4.6Ghz 4790K as well.

    No issues with his new GPU all week in more demanding games,.. so seems good..

    He didn't know 1440p even existed and thought the jump was 1080 to 2160p but have since shown him Ultrawide 1080,1440p,2160p and normal 16:9 1440p and 4K (Demands per resolution)


    He is very thankful for Linus 4K is Dumb video and varied online videos on the subject..

  13. 1080p Ultra

    GTX 1070 / 1660S / 1660Ti

    Can the 4790K at 4 6Ghz drive WOT 1080p Ultra



  14. 4K Ultra vs "4K Optimized"

    GTX 1070 / 1660S / 1660Ti

    World of Tanks.




  15. I lost count pretty early on,...

    AMD blackscreen on 5700 models,..


    I mean,.. EVERY SINGLE SERIES OF THEIRS FOR AGES GETS THIS (not all buyers have these issues)

    Yet the layman,.. says its rare, their not on forums seeing the near-DAILY posts about AMD blackscreens..

    I don't recommend AMD to TrueNEWB users because of their Driver/GPU bugs.
    It's quite evident (only just on this forum, let alone the hundreds worldwide) its still happening near Daily.

    1. pizapower


      I have a gtx1060 and a vega 56 and i think my next gpu will be nvidia because AMD drivers are so bad.

    2. pizapower


      NVIDIA just works

  16. Just go with it....

    :) Don't read the description, it'll ruin your Ram (memories).

  17. Asus HD7970 DCU2 TOP

    Voltage locked without Asus GPUTWEAK

    That,.Only gives 1.18v from 1.17v

    +10.0mv Not the usual +100.0mv

    Is 1000Mhz stock, does 1125Mhz at stockV.


    So I used RadeonbiosEditor and my second bios is now 1.28v



    Now back to Firestrike on a loop at 1200 and hopefully, 1225-1275 somewhere...



  18. In case you heard of the recent Australian Bush fires but never googled any of it..
    Here is a teaser..
    Thoughts go out to those in need in the area.


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    2. Spotty


      Where's that photo from? Gospers Mountains?


      Also interactive map of fire locations and gives information of things like threat level and how much land area is burning.



      (That's 1.2 million acres for our American friends)

    3. dizmo


      I'm not sure why Greta Thunberg things she has any right to weigh in on such things, without offering some kind of plan herself.
      Wildfires aren't exactly something you can plan for, especially when they're that large, in a country that has a relatively small population.

      You don't fight these fires. You can try and contain them, and let them burn themselves out.

    4. FloRolf


      @dizmo can people please start to realize that she's a 16y/o girl and doesnt have a PhD in any scientific field? All she wants is people to realize the situation so that they start to put some pressure on the governments of the world. 

  19. I've had like... 20 HD7950's in my time...
    MOST of those were 1.25 based core voltages, some examples had a factory 1.19v, my brothers MSI TwinFrozR 880Mhz HD7950 had a 1.19v

    This Asus HD7970 DCU2 TOP (has been flashed b4 I got it to 1000Mhz Ghz Edition vs the 925Mhz factory clock) and is also V-Locked right now.
    I just got for $60AUD on Gumtree has a 1.17v Core voltage.
    Will be throwing a comparable unlocked Bios on it this evening :P


    More of the same...