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  1. I mentioned that in my first post. In my opinion anyway, there arent any Macs that would benefit from an Nvidia GPU over a Radeon, purely because of the low CPU performance. The only one I think would benefit would be the iMac Pro but that comes with Vega so... Plus, like I said, very few Mac apps use CUDA anyway, most at this point are optimised for AMD
  2. yolosnail

    Chromium powered Edge is also coming to macOS and Windows 7

    I actually like Edge's UI too. I used to prefer it to Chrome pre-update, but i like Chrome's new UI a little more than Edge's
  3. That's because this update on affects people on Mojave, and very few Macs that are capable of running Mojave actually have an Nvidia GPU in them
  4. I didn't, my main desktop is actually a 2009 Mac Pro with a Geforce GT120 which isn't even compatible with Mojave because it's not Metal capable, so really if it wasn't compatible they wouldn't have been able to upgrade to Mojave to start with
  5. Let's be real though, how many people were actually putting Nvidia GPUs in their Macs, the last Mac that you could actually put an Nvidia GPU in was the pre trashcan Mac Pro, that is of course unless you're using an eGPU. But if that is the case then, you'd be having to use a Mac with TB3, and there aren't really any Macs with TB3 that would benefit from an Nvidia GPU so I can't actually imagine this affecting many people at all. I mean, there's barely any apps on the Mac that actually use CUDA so why would Apple bother spending the money supporting them?
  6. yolosnail

    Russia threatens to ban Google

    Thing is though, who is to say the 'civilised world' is in fact the correct one? As far as they're concerned they're doing the 'right thing', while we think the same about ourselves.
  7. I'm asthmatic as well and had the exact same problem, and I just thought stuff it, I haven't used my inhaler for a while and I can't be bothered to jump through all these hoops to get a new one so just never bothered. If I ever have a problem, I'll just call 111 and die while on the phone when they try to type in Asthma into google to see what it is What I find a bit stupid is the whole referral process, I accidentally kicked something and ripped off half of one of my nails when I was in hospital (for a completely unrelated reason) and was taken to A&E (I have no idea why, I just assume it's their policy, but we went down when it was empty as it wasn't actually an emergency), I was told that I would have to have the rest removed and that I would have to see a podiatrist, but they couldn't refer me direct. So they had to send a letter to my GP, once they received that I had to make an appointment with them, which took 2 weeks (and only because the one available appointment in the next 2 weeks was at 8:50 when everyone is taking their kids to school). I waited around about 40 minutes after the appointment time to actually see the doctor, and I was in for 2 minutes at the most because all he had to do was click a button on the computer and I was told I would receive an appointment in the post. The GP that one of my friends visits doesn't even let you schedule appointments ahead of time, you just have to phone up at 8am and hope for the best. We used to have private healthcare through one of my grandfather's businesses, but when he retired he decided to not carry on with it because the premiums shot up when it wasn't through the company. Hopefully when I move into my new house, the GP there will be better, but it's a bigger town so I doubt it very much
  8. Ajit Pai may be an idiot, but he certainly isn't stupid. There is no way he got even a spec of dirt on his hands.
  9. What I want to know is, where is Floatplane rewind?
  10. And if I were a tech company, I would tell Australia to shove it and block access to them. Same with the EU once they pass the absurd copyright law
  11. My Aunt joined O2 back when the iPhone came out (even though she worked for Orange at the time), and she only left them a month or two ago so I'd imagine a lot of their customers just haven't switched yet. Certainly nobody is joining because of their low prices! I used to be on GiffGaff who O2 owns, but left when they hiked the prices up and switched to Three. I was with them a year or two before joining EE as they had a good deal on at the time. I then switched to ID mobile who runs on Three, then to Plusnet which runs on EE. Where I live up north, O2 seems to have the worst signal, followed by Three, then Vodafone, with EE having the best. In fact, Three was the only network that had signal at our caravan in Kielder, they had full 3G signal where everyone else struggled to get one bar of 2G
  12. A lot of people are with O2 because of the iPhone exclusivity back in the day
  13. Good thing I left GiffGaff years ago when they got rid of the good plans. EE have been having problems recently as well, I've lost count of how many times I've lost 4G or even service all together
  14. yolosnail

    Microsoft to include Chromium in Windows 10

    Since the new browser will be chromium, would it be easier to 'hack' Netflix into playing 1080p on Chrome?
  15. Hangouts was actually pretty good, it's just nobody bothered using it when there are so many different options available.