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  1. British members! A question.

    I think they had the tables put in because the journey is around 80 minutes, which is quite long for the UK. But to be honest, I think it's just to say their buses are better than Arriva's (a competing bus company), which they are. The frequency of the buses really depends on the location, if you are going into a city, there us usually a bus every 10 minutes, but if you go to a more rural area then they run every 30-60 minutes. I have another picture of the upper deck I took before they changed the tables. The seats are way more comfortable than they look
  2. USB to HDMI Adapter dGPU

    That's what I thought it would do. I mean, the laptop also has a Mini DisplayPort and HDMI port which I assume would link straight to the dGPU
  3. British members! A question.

    They replaced the tables late last year as the old ones were falling to bits, but the new ones seem to be built better than the old ones. The games are just stickers so I suppose they could just peel them off and replace them if anything were to happen. I think on the upper deck alone there are about 8 cameras, which are needed when you consider the places the bus travels through. The other day a few drunks got on the bus, started drinking a bottle of Lambrini (a cheap wine) and ended up spilling half the bottle on the floor.
  4. British members! A question.

    We started getting the new buses in late 2014 I think and they've been introducing them onto more routes. The tables even have games printed on them!
  5. USB to HDMI Adapter dGPU

    It is USB 3.0 Type A. My laptop also has Type C if that would make any difference
  6. British members! A question.

    If they have the new Wrightbus Streetdecks like we have up here in Newcastle then you will be surprised how much room there actually is. We even have tables, sockets and WiFi (that sometimes works) along with leather seats.
  7. USB to HDMI Adapter dGPU

    I have a cheap USB to HDMI adapter I got from Amazon a while back. If I use this, which graphics processor in my laptop will be used? Would it be the 1050ti, Intel HD graphics, or would it use it's own graphics processor.
  8. Do not buy a HP laptop

    Because this laptop is a warranty replacement direct from HP, my previous laptop had problems with the display which they tried to fix numerous time so just offered me a replacement
  9. Do not buy a HP laptop

    I had a Dell before my last HP, and my experience was worse than HP! I had a problem with the trackpad, so I had it replaced, the new trackpad didn't sit flush so they replaced the wrist rest, but that didn't work so they replaced the trackpad again and it still didn't sit flush. In the end they took the laptop to inspect and refused to send me the laptop back. They wouldn't give me a replacement laptop, and sent the seller I bought it from a refund of how much they paid Dell so I didn't even get a full refund for the laptop! The only upside was they sent out a technician to repair the laptop so I didn't have to be without a laptop
  10. Do not buy a HP laptop

    I had a DV6 I bought refurbished about 6 years ago and that thing lasted forever, I can't even count the amount of times I dropped it and it still works. Even the i5-2410m and Radeon 6490m still hold up well compared to my other computers!
  11. Do not buy a HP laptop

    Literally as I posted this I had a phone call from the Executive Customer Relations Team asking if I had received the laptop back yet. I explained the problem and they are going to see if I can just be sent the key cap instead of having to send the whole laptop in for repair again. I'm awaiting a phone call from another department now to see if it can be done but I'm not holding my breath.
  12. So I haven't had the best track record with HP, as you can probably tell from my previous posts. I sent my laptop in for repair on the 17th January (only 5 days after I received it, I started the repair 30 minutes after I received it but was going away for a few days so couldn't have it picked up) because the 5 key in the numpad did not fuction, as well as a problem with the screen. Due to a shortage of parts, I have only just received the laptop back today, which I would have been fine with, had they informed me about the part shortage before I had to ask where my laptop was as the repair was supposed to take up to 9 days. After using the laptop for a few minutes, I noticed that the - key was not sitting flush, so I tried to click the key into place thinking it just wasn't put together properly but it appears as though one of the clips that holds the key cap into place has snapped. This is really irritating as it was the whole keyboard deck that was replaced and according to the checklist, it was working (which it clearly wasn't). I'm certainly glad I didn't just sell the laptop as I would have had to deal with someone returning it to me after they found the problems. At this point, I have completely lost faith in the HP repair service as every time I have had a laptop repaired, it has came back with a different problem.
  13. I personally think Bing images is a lot more useful than Google Images. Whereas Google finds billions of images per search, 99.9% if them are irrelevant, but Bing finds less but more relevant images. And I also find the UI easier
  14. DIY Multi Room Audio

    I have around 150-200m of Cat5e from a previous renovation so I don't know whether to just use that because it would be fast enough for me. But with how little the cable costs it might be worth just buying a new reel
  15. DIY Multi Room Audio

    I never even knew the echo dots could do that! If I had known I would already have a few around the house now instead of having to deal with bluetooth. I would assume the same thing could be done with Chromecast Audio but then I wouldn't have voice control. Can you send audio to the echo dots from Chrome like you can with the Chromecast?