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  1. Let's just hope they changed out the foam pads
  2. i7 7700HQ - Undervolt

    I think Dave2D did a video on undervolting the 7700hq where he went through the pros and cons. I tried it on my laptop when I got it and dropped my temps quite significantly which allowed me to increase the clock of the GPU as they share the heatsink
  3. If I'm on my mobile, I personally avoid the FP website at all cost. Unless I download the video they are always out of sync so I prefer to use the YT app, and with all these simultaneous release sponsored videos, I'm not really missing much these days
  4. I was in the shop today looking for parts and the H55 has a sticker on the back of the box saying that it is compatible with AM4. Do they now come with the AM4 bracket or do they mean it's compatible if you buy the bracket
  5. As a brit, I am sick to death of people going on about the wedding, it is all that has been mentioned for the past month. I have went out of my way all day to avoid the TV and the news in general, hopefully people will forget about it soon
  6. Don't X399 boards already support StoreMI? I'm sure Wendell did a video on it not that long ago
  7. I thought everybody knew this already. The photocopier that I used to use at school saved everything that was copied and who copied it. It even saved any files that were printed to the copier so you could go back to the copier later and reprint a file without having to resend it. In an environment like a school I think it is a good feature as the amount of times inappropriate things were printed off and stuck around the school and this allows you to go back into the history and see when it was printed and by who. What I don't understand is why they need to charge so much money for a feature to delete the copies straight away, surely it's just a setting they have to enable that cost them literally nothing to code in. But then again, they are selling to businesses so like a German car, everything is an optional extra
  8. Statefarm insurance/ housefire/ full replacement

    I know for our home insurance in the UK, I have to declare any 'high value' items while taking out the insurance, that is anything over the value of £1000 or they don't have to cover any individual item over that value. So if we had a fire, although my laptop is worth around £1300 if I bought it new, I would only get a maximum of £1000 unless I declared it when I took out the insurance. Have you checked to make sure you dont have anything like that on your policy?
  9. I personally have no problem buying from a site like this, as for the price of one legit Windows key I can buy 20 of these, so if the key gets deactivated (which it won't because Microsoft make too much money from your data), then I can buy another and I'll still have saved a fortune. Pretty much all of my steam games were bought from G2A back when their prices were cheap. What I do have a problem with is these sites being promoted as 'legit' sites without all the implications being mentioned in the video. If I recall correctly, he makes it look like because they key activated first time, that Windows will stay active, and doesn't mention that Microsoft could potentially deactivate it. If these points are highlighted then i have no problem with YouTubers promoting these sites, my problem is when they promote them as totally legit, the same as buying direct from Microsoft, when they aren't
  10. I'm looking into building a new PC, and with Ryzen 2000 series being released, the prices for first gen Ryzen are getting lower, I can get a Ryzen 1700 for around £150. Is it worth paying the £120 extra and going for the 2700X? I don't really plan on playing too many games, just the occasional bit of GTA V
  11. Yep, it was transferring between two of my accounts, the money was taken out but not deposited into the other account for a few days. It's not just me it's happened to, my mother transferred money to her credit card, the payment was taken but it didn't show on the card for over a week so she ended up getting charged interest (which they did refund after she complained)
  12. I transferred money from my Paypal account into my TSB account before they started migrating to Sabadell's systems as I knew I wouldn't be able to transfer money over the weekend, but Paypal being Paypal, the money took ages to transfer and by the time it had, TSB had stopped accepting payments into accounts. So over the weekend I had no money in my TSB account, no money in the Paypal account as it had already left Paypal, and hardly any cash because who carries cash these days! It's not as if they didn't warn people that they were carrying out the work, and let's be honest, the Lloyds Banking Group IT System isn't exactly known for it's reliability. The amount of times I wasn't able to get into my Halifax account unbelievable, or the fact that it once took nearly a week to transfer money from one Halifax account to another. The only bank I've been with so far where the app has worked reliably is Monzo, which I just use when I'm making purchases from China as it's cheaper to pay in USD than it is in the Great British Pound!
  13. Samsung to Adopt Apple-Like Phone Tier

    This just reminds me of when they used to make 'mini' variants of the flagships which I think they stopped with the S6
  14. I know I personally use the velcro (or Hook and Loop if you're not in to the off brand stuff) strap on my laptop charger every time, otherwise my bag ends up a complete mess, but I know people who cut theirs off when they get a new charger.
  15. Latest Youtube Video Title

    It's been changed now to 'Who Are You Trying to Impress? - Lenovo X1 Carbon' The title was pretty stupid to be fair, it took me a while to remember what the video was