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  1. NVidia is selling different RTX chip packages - Binning evolved

    The only concern I would have with this is that they'll probably be charging extra for the good chips, rather than charge less for the 'rubbish' ones
  2. I actually don't mind Edge on the desktop, I would switch from Chrome but some of my extensions aren't available. In fact, on my mobile I prefer to use Edge because the controls are at the bottom of the screen so I can browse easily with one hand. I still don't understand why all the controls for Chrome are in the top right, and with a larger phone it means you have to use two hands or risk dropping the phone. That was one of the things I loved about Windows Phone, all the things you need to get to were at the bottom of the screen!
  3. Users outraged as www. removal botched by Chrome 69

    I think this is blown a bit out of proportion. The www. is still there, if you click on the omnibox it reappears, it's just hidden during general browsing
  4. Mini: EXPAND DIMM - Samsung Releases 256GB DDR4 DIMMs

    How many more FPS will I get upgrading to this?
  5. New AMD Zen+Vega CPU for $55!!!

    One thing that always confuses me when looking at US vs UK pricing is the fact that we have the tax already included in the price, whereas in the US you have to add it on yourself
  6. Beats becomes NBA's Official headphones supplier

    I know it's a bit controversial but Beats don't sound bad, they just don't sound as good as other headphones that cost the same.
  7. New AMD Zen+Vega CPU for $55!!!

    AMD are saying this is comparable to a G4560, so I'd expect the G5400 to be around 10% faster than the Athlon
  8. AMD 7nm gpus confirmed for 2018

    I'm sure I've read it before but having looked back I can't see it. Unless it was just commented in another topic
  9. AMD 7nm gpus confirmed for 2018

    Wasn't this announced a while back?
  10. Let Riley Review GPUs - a Petition

    That is the most heart breaking thing I've ever read, and I don't even have a heart!
  11. Pixel 3 revealed

    The Pixel line doesn't even use 'stock' Android. Google add quite a few features to stock Android for the Pixel devices such as the Pixel Launcher and real time music detection (which must kill the battery life)
  12. I'm actually alright with the new naming scheme. The only qualm I have is the fact that they have used the word 'Pro' on what I assume would be a gaming focused board. They seem to be doing an Apple here by just slapping the word pro on any old product in the hopes people fall for the marketing bs. IMO, the word Pro should only be used on products that are designed to be used in a professional environment
  13. New LTT Branding

    I see where you're coming from with the colours but I think the shapes are completely different
  14. New LTT Branding

    I don't think it looks like Firefox at all
  15. New LTT Branding

    I really like that bottom one. It's the fact that the hexagons just randomly stop on the top that puts me off. If there was a line or something going around the hexagons then it would look a lot better. But tbh, without the hexagons it's a lot cleaner