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  1. I think the question is pretty self explanatory, would you rather have the skills to do loads of different things, or would you rather spend all of your time learning to do one thing really well? Personally, I would rather have loads of different skills rather than only being good at one thing.
  2. Why does Word 2016 think it's American?

    Yeah, everything is set to UK. I've looked through everything setting I can see and everything is UK
  3. So I'm using Word 2016 for a report I'm writing and it keeps telling me to put 'Z's in everything instead of 'S's and telling my to write Center instead of Centre. The language in the options is set to English (United Kingdom) so I don't know what is going on. Is there another langue setting hid somewhere else?
  4. The laptop is a hell of a lot better than my current one with a 950m so anything would be an upgrade
  5. I mean, I'm not paying for the upgrade so I'm not too fussed, according to the reviews the 120hz screen has better colour than the 60hz so that alone was why I asked for the upgrade. But with it not being gsync I wonder if it will suffer from tearing
  6. So basically, it's not worth paying for the upgrade
  7. Okay, so I managed to get HP to replace my current laptop with an Omen ce019na which has a 1050ti, a 7700hq and a 120hz 1080p screen. Will that GPU be able to make use of the refresh rate or is it just a waste? It cost me nothing to upgrade to that laptop (I asked if they could give me that one instead and they said yes so I paid nothing
  8. Do you ever wonder what it's like to be poor?

    Our current car was an ex-lease vehicle which was leased out to a doctor up in Scotland, so it had high mileage for the age. About 100k miles for a 3 year old car (which for the UK is high), but it's a diesel so it can run forever. The interior was immaculate because it was only ever him who sat in it so the other 4 seats were brand new. The only problem with it was there was scratches on the front from where they removed the doctors logo, but we got the car for half of what a good one was selling for and mechanically it is perfect. It was a top of the range car for the price of a bottom spec one so it was a no brainer. Plus, I think the older model we have is much better than the new one, the new ones come with a less powerful engine (only 130bhp compared to 170bhp), have less room inside, aren't as good off road. Prior to that we always had ex-demonstrator cars, with a few thousand miles on them, but they were always top spec to get customers to want to buy them so you get a nicer car for less money. The only time we had a brand new car was a Vauxhall Zafira about 15 years ago, but that was because we got around 8k off the list price which took the price of a new one down to the price of a used one.
  9. Do you ever wonder what it's like to be poor?

    Compared to some of the people I know, I may as well be homeless. Some of them like to show off their wealth but some of them don't. I think it just depends on the person. I would much rather buy a bigger house in a cheap place and make it nice, rather than spend a load of money to get a shoe box in a more expensive area. I don't get the whole flash cars thing, in fact, I don't understand why people buy brand new cars, as soon as you get in, it's already lost an awful lot of money, I would rather buy a car that is a year or two old that has already lost most of the money it's going to lose
  10. Do you ever wonder what it's like to be poor?

    When I was really young, my father emptied my my savings account that my grandparents had set up for me and spent it on himself. I found out a few years ago about that and fair to say we don't talk anymore. In fact, I don't speak to that side of the family any more.
  11. Do you ever wonder what it's like to be poor?

    I agree with you on the point of not having debt. To me, if you can't afford to buy something outright, you can't afford it. Because if you suddenly don't have a job, how are you supposed to keep up on the repayments. If the asset loses value, you won't end up paying more for it than it is actually worth. One of our houses was paid for in cash, and the other only has about 20k left on the mortgage. Our last house we bought cheap, completely ripped the inside out, leaving only the shell, did a loft conversion and completely modernized it. We did all of the work ourselves so it didn't cost much more than the materials. We then sold the house for 4 times what we paid for it. I don't really like spending money on things, unless it's so cheap that I can't pass up on the offer, or I can make money from it. Well, unless it's from AliExpress, I just can't help in that place
  12. NCIX declares "Supreme Bankruptcy"

    So Basically Linus' idea was to basically turn it into a catalogue store similar to Argos here in the UK. They have a small store with a relatively large stockroom in the back with a couple of most things, and have a lot more that can be delivered to store or to your home.
  13. Okay, so as I was browsing ebay for random tat this afternoon, I started wondering what it would be like if I couldn't afford to go out and buy something that I wanted. I am by no means rich, but I can go out and buy things if I want them. I grew up around people with money (some of them a lot of money), but I also had quite a lot of friends who weren't so fortunate, but I've personally never really been in a situation where I couldn't afford anything. I don't mean to sound snobby or anything because I don't have enough money to go out and buy expensive cars or anything like that (although I really wish I did, I wouldn't mind a new Range Rover instead of my 2012 Nissan). I go into Cash Converters and CEX a lot to see if there are any bargains (I do love a good bargain) and look at the price that they buy things for and there are people in situations where they have to sell their stuff for that price, and I just think to myself 'thank God I'm not in a situation like that', although I probably will be soon at the rate I'm buying things on ebay. My life is starting to turn into that Weird Al song Judging by a lot of the guys' (or gals') systems on here, I am guessing that they aren't exactly poor either (or they spend money wisely, or get into debt), so I was just wondering if you ever feel like that
  14. Okay, so for the minute my laptop only has 8GB of RAM and I'm struggling even browsing the internet. I had 16GB but my laptop is getting replaced so I took the extra stick out for now. Funnily enough, I paid £26 for an 8GB stick of DDR3L about 18 months ago, the same stick on Amazon now is £60 so I might stick it on ebay and still get nearly double what I paid for it. Back to the original question, how much RAM do you actually use on a regular basis? Between all of my tabs on Chrome and having a few Word documents open, I can easily use the whole 8GB, and when I start opening Photoshop and Inkscape, I can nearly use the whole 16GB. I don't feel that I am a power user in the slightest, so I was just wondering what other people on here use.
  15. Open .aifc file

    I looked at that website but it didn't help. I haven't used Media Player Classic in years, I forgot it even existed tbh. I'll give it a download and see if it opens