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  1. I think it's been derailed ever so slightly
  2. Right, let's break down the original title. AMD - yes, AMD are indeed a company Releases - and they have released something NEW - that something is indeed new Ryzen - and it happens to be a Ryzen branded product CPUs - okay, this one is debatable, but an APU does contain a CPU so I'll let it slide Today - it was correct at time of posting 3X performance per watt - is what AMD have claimed, so many salts are required, but one would assume that they at least have some 'evidence' to back it up All in all, the title is not clickbait, but not in the way you want it to be. In fact, let's break down clickbait. It's bait which is designed to make you click. Bait - 'something intended to entice someone to do something' Click - I think that one is pretty self explanatory Nowhere does it say it has to be misleading. In fact, a title by its very definition is supposed to be clickbait! In fact, I bet the people that complained its clickbait would be the same people to complain that there's too much information in the title!
  3. yolosnail

    How Do You Like to Dress?

    I think we could have guessed that part by your location! The only clothes to wear are jeans (preferably dark grey) and a long sleeved shirt (preferably checked, and the thickness of which varies depending on temperature), If I fancy being colourful, I'll dip into my collection of chino-like trousers As for shoes, always either Leather or Suede, colour depending on what I'm wearing, most of the time either blue, black or grey If I'm working on the house, I wear exactly the same just with damaged clothes
  4. yolosnail

    Xbox One S All Digital is Coming out Soon

    Let's be real, Xbox game discs are just another form of DRM, very little of the actual game is actually stored on the disc, so you have to download the nigh on 100gb of data for the game whether you buy the physical game or not, which sort of defeats the point of buying the game physically in the first place. The only advantage of buying the physical game is being able to sell it. But then again, I bet a large number of XBOXs were purchased purely as a Blu-ray players because it's cheaper than a dedicated Blu-ray player with equivalent specs, and Microsoft won't make money from them, so it doesn't matter if they don't like the change
  5. I couldn't vote because I was moving at the time, but I would have voted leave, and I'm actually hoping we have a second referendum. I feel like the leavers are scared that the vote will go the other way, but I don't think it would. Since the vote the EU have been steadily getting more and more controlling ,especially with all this censorship bollocks.
  6. yolosnail

    AirPower is dead

    By that logic, they'll still sell older phones for people who want Lightning
  7. yolosnail

    AirPower is dead

    Out of all the companies to fail at making a wireless charger, I wouldn't have thought it would be Apple. I think the problem is that they announced too much information at 'launch'. If they hadn't mentioned that you could put 3 devices anywhere on the pad it would have been out last year as planned, but when they realised they announced something that is physically impossible with current technology they did the typical Apple thing is ignore it completely until people have forgot about it and then put out a little statement hoping nobody will notice. People were annoyed when they switched to Lightning, people were annoyed when they got rid of the headphone jack, people were annoyed when they got rid of Touch ID. I don't think Apple care if they annoy people, their fans are loyal enough to buy everything again anyway, and lets be honest, if Apple can make you repurchase all your accessories, they will!
  8. Given the other things going on in South Africa, I wouldn't be surprised if this was yet another way to 'cleanse' the country. From what I've seen most South African Youtubers/streamers are white, and suddenly there is a new law that makes it difficult for them to do their job. I would guess that when this starts getting enforced, they're all going to move out of the country. You know what, if that was the plan, then it's a bloody good one (definitely not in a good way, just a clever way)
  9. If AMD made an 8 core laptop chip (which should be possible with Zen 2), and it was paired with something about as powerful as a 1050Ti (be it Nvidia or AMD) then that would make the perfect laptop for me
  10. yolosnail

    1660 launch

    My main issue is with them launching so many cards so spread apart, why couldn't the the 2060, 1660 and 1660Ti be launched at the same time? Oh yeah, because then they'll only be in the news once, not three times! However, all this has done is make me less interested. The only launch video for the 1660 that I watched was Bitwit's, and only because Wifeysauce hosted it and not because of the card
  11. yolosnail

    1660 launch

    Yay, yet another graphics card
  12. You can already do that, I regularly spend well over the £30 limit and use Google Pay
  13. yolosnail

    Cinebench R20 released

    I'm genuinely impressed that my 10 year old Mac Pro can just about keep up with my laptop
  14. yolosnail

    Coffee machine recommendation

    I personally use an Aldi branded Nespresso machine that I got for £20, although I do reuse the capsules and fill them with my own coffee. I even modelled and 3D printed a jig so I can refill them easier. Sure it's not the best but it's quick and fairly cheap and I've stopped using my espresso machine completely since theres very little difference in taste once you figure out the right amount of coffee to put in the capsule