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  1. My poor laptop! Jumped straight to 97c when I disabled hardware acceleration! Surprised it held at 3.7ghz though! Only dropped about 5% of frames, which I honestly think isn't that bad for a 6 core laptop! On the off chance that anyone cares, my 2009 8 core Mac Pro with an 'upgraded' Radeon HD7850 most definitely cannot handle 8K. It dropped about 70% of frames
  2. Surprisingly My laptop seems to handle 8K with no issues. No dropped frames and the fans barely kicked in. After about 5 minutes the the CPU was at 65c and the GPU only 55c! The GPU usage was bouncing around 70% with an RTX 2060 (mobile), but the meme lord shone down on me at the time of screenshot! I'm also surprised my 'fibre' internet connection could handle it, I was expecting to have to switch to 4G but it's only 40mbps. I can't wait for the Floatplane version, I'm hoping for at least 100mbps to make use of my unlimited mobile data!
  3. Which is exactly why I don't believe anything a comedian says, and neither should anybody! And? There is nothing that can't be joked about! As a fan of dark humour, some of my favourite jokes are at the expense of dead people. To misquote JerryRigEverything, people are people, and people die. Also, I've never understood why people seem to treat jokes about dead children as worse than jokes about dead adults, they are both equally bad, and equally hilarious (and if you don't find that type of joke funny, don't read/listen to them!)
  4. For me, the fact that a comedian said it during a performance is enough to make me think it's clearly not true. You don't actually believe that a horse walked into a bar, and the barman said "Why the long face?", do you?
  5. I would classify it the same as companies being allowed to lie in their marketing, under something called 'puffery'. Where something is so clearly not true that nobody is expected to believe it.
  6. I always buy my phone a year later, once the next generation is launched, that way hopefully all the bugs have been ironed out, and the price has usually dropped by a good 50-70% from the launch price. With my LG G6, it got one software update to Oreo, and then a few security updates and that was it. It's supposedly still getting Pie but I highly doubt that! As the battery life was getting awful and I need the water resistance, I just upgraded to the G7 rather than replace the battery. I might end up doing it anyway since it's only about £20. I don't need the high specs, but I'd much rather buy last years 'flagship' than this years mid-range for the same price, you get way more features for the same price. Plus, with a flagship you're more likely to get software updates. Then again, I don't really care about feature upgrades, they can't add a headphone jack in software can they?
  7. Yeah, I mean it's not as if a well known CPU manufacturer will bring forward an embargo by 6 hours just so it can't be compared against it's competitor because it knows it's gonna lose in basically everything. That would never happen!
  8. Once they're washed they're as good as new!
  9. Just a quick note if anyone comes across this, if you're in the UK and are wanting to use something high power with an EU plug on, make sure you get a proper adaptor with a 13A fuse in, not just one of the 'shaver adaptors' that only come with a 1A fuse as you'd end up blowing the fuse if you go over ~200W
  10. I would buy just about anything new depending on the price. The thing you have to take into account is not getting a warranty of any kind. So my rule of thumb is if it's half the price then it's worth buying used because if it breaks, you can just bin it and replace it and you wouldn't be any worse off than if you bought it new (plus you could sell the broken device and recover some money, so still be better off) It also doesn't help that I also rarely buy anything that's newly released, I prefer to wait until it's been out a while before buying to make sure the bugs are ironed out. With smartphones, I always stay a generation behind, I'm currently on an LG G7, which I bought just after the G8 was released for only £200 brand new on ebay. I only paid around £20 more than if I'd bought a used one. Granted I didn't buy it from a proper shop, but it was still sealed, and half the price of buying it brand new in store! As for other things in my life, most of those were bought 'used' as well. Most of my furniture was from the Bargain Corner in IKEA, or was bought second hand on Gumtree. Heck I even got a 2 year old £400 dishwasher for free on Freecycle because someone bought a house and was bringing their own dishwasher and just wanted it gone! All I make sure when I buy things is that the previous owners don't have pets (I hate animals I don't see why people want those creatures inside the house with them, they stink, take up room, make a mess everywhere and cost an absolute fortune!). I don't even mind going to the sketchy parts of town to get a good deal, it could even be stolen for all I care, as long as it can't get traced to me! Could I afford to buy the things brand new? Yes Would I rather spend less so I can buy more things? Also yes!
  11. Are ads on the forum hand picked by LTT or are they provided through an external service? I've just had an ad for PIA on the forum after Linus had publicly stated they were suspending their campaign
  12. What you pay for with a workstation card is validation. They have to test that card with many, many different pieces of software, workstation specific drivers are made to ensure compatibility. All that takes extra time, so should cost extra. A consumer card may work with all the professional software (as long as the software itself doesn't recognise that it's a consumer card and intentionally block it out), but only because all that time and money was spent validating the workstation card
  13. Exactly, I reckon it'll be about 18 months before the Honey brand will disappear.
  14. I personally have no issue with Paypal buying Honey, but I just don't see how they can be worth $4 billion, unless they just needed that to pay off the Scrapyard Wars sponsorship! As far as I can see, Honey's business model is pretty easy to replicate, PayPal could have easily added a similar service for an order of magnitude less than they paid to acquire Honey.
  15. In the UK Amazon do this all the time (if sold and fulfilled by Amazon anyway). They send out the replacement and give you a returns label. As long as you send the faulty item back within 30 days of starting the return you don't get charged The most I've ever had replaced was about £250, I usually just prefer a refund. I've even had them give me a refund before actually returning the item so I could buy something else