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    Built my first PC when I was 14. Motherboard was DOA and company refused replacement. Took me another 5 years to save up enough to build my own computer. Still couldn't afford the build I wanted. Basically I've lived my life moving from recycled PC to recycled PC. Started live-streaming on Twitch in 2013 and still have a knack for driving people away -- hey, even on this forum! People are so condescending, myself included ^.^
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  1. I kind of figure, but that's what ddrescue is supposed to be for. If I rewind and play it back several times, then sometimes it works just fine; just a few areas of the disk that are tricky.
  2. I have a scratched up blu-ray disk of a film and, rather than having to buy a new one, I'd like to use ddrescue to copy an ISO image and burn to a new disk for personal use (as is my right under Canadian law). I don't need to break the copy protection, I just need a bit-for-bit copy of the disk that will play without skipping from the scratches. Would it suffice to use ddrescue and directly burn the resulting ISO image?
  3. Sounds like a bricked BIOS; I think ASUS support is able to mail out replacement BIOS chips (they've done so in the past for some people). If you try the motherboard on-board graphics, unplug the GPU also. A little sanity-check I always try is pulling out both RAM modules and seeing if I get the characteristic 'no ram' POST messages. Sometimes unplugging the computer from all power sources and pulling out the CMOS battery can also help.
  4. Right, which leaves me back at wondering which tablet allows that. I know that Arch Linux has packages for ARM processors, but for the supported tablets I don't know how good the performance would be for drawing software and etc.
  5. A primary concern here is where I'm going to be 4-5 years down the line. Will it still be supported to the point that I can still use it as a regular device, or will it be so out-of-date that it's a security concern? That's why I want to be able to install Linux. Well, android is linux, so given a distribution (like Arch linux) which is compiled for ARM it would work -- it's all a matter of the manufacturer allowing the device to boot a new OS. Cyanogenmod used to be a thing I think, which was more secure than outated android
  6. I'm faced with a dilemma. My current phone (Galaxy S2) is literally disintegrating and I fear that duct tape will not be enough to hold it for much longer. The screen and all the electronics are still in great condition and the battery is still enough to last a couple of days between charging, but with the plastic back falling apart I think it's time for a replacement. The thing is though, I haven't used the smartphone capabilities of that phone for at least 4 years now. So I don't need a smartphone. There's no benefit for me to go out and buy a $800 smartphone when a $40 flip phone will do the job. But on the other hand, I like having the ability to record videos for my youtube channel and occasionally do quick sketches while I'm on the go (things that a $40 flip phone cannot do). Suffice it to say, I don't want to spend $800 on a video camera/paper substitute. Yes, the S2 still works for those things, but I don't think I'll ever be able to make it 'internet-safe' again since it's so out-of-date (so it's currently an offline-only device) It is possible for me to buy a cheap phone and a separate, decent tablet rather than going all in on a smartphone, but I don't really want a 'tablet' per se since I don't want it to be locked down to single function. i.e., when the manufacturer decides to dump it and leave me with an out-of-date OS, I want to be able to install linux or something else of my choosing. Does such a tablet exist? What would be the best route for someone who cheaps out on just about everything? Expensive smartphone, or cheap flip phone + some kind of tablet that allows third party OSs? Also, are there any tablets that allow you to install a third party OS?
  7. I really like the style used by 'podcastage' on youtube; focus on the facts and what I need to know, some important metrics, and a little bit of personality but not overbearing.
  8. I figure it goes without saying that if you're desoldering LEDs from a broken device whose primary function is lighting, you shouldn't expect high quality long-lasting LEDs (there's a reason it's broken). But I have yet to find a dead one that hasn't been burned up by the solder blower.
  9. I figured this out over the last month or so and I think it's pretty cool. It can be a bit dangerous so apply this information at your own risk. So with people switching to LED light bulbs in place of incandescent/CFL, that means there is an increasing number of LED light bulbs heading for the trash. After investigating these light bulbs for some time and gathering some samples, I have discovered that I can get a 99% recovery rate of working white LEDs from these bulbs (the other 1% burned through my desoldering method so I can't say for sure). What I've found is that the power supply for the light bulb has failed in almost every instance. Kind of a shame so many of them just go to the landfill. So if you want cheap SMD LEDs, just put the word out and collect LED light bulbs that are headed to the landfill. The head is difficult to get off (typically it's a plastic bulb glued onto a plastic shell so you just have to pry it off). The LEDs used in those bulbs are bright and CAN CAUSE PERMANENT VISION LOSS so wear your protection. There's also a capacitor inside that holds a HIGH VOLTAGE so also make sure you don't shock yourself. I now have a bowl which I'm filling up with clear/white LEDs.
  10. I was helping to set up a present for someone and they're having quite a bit of difficulty because the 'livebox-tv' android tv box seems to have an interface that implies a touchscreen interface. Is there a way to set up an android tv box to work without a touchscreen with a user-friendly interface? (think people in their 60s trying to use this thing) edit: I should probably detail more carefully: the main issue is that loading android 'apps' have a scrollable interface, but there's no scroll wheel or touchscreen to scroll with. Some seem to require you to tap the screen rather than arrow over with the 'remote', thus making it unintuitive.
  11. That sparks an interesting idea... before I throw down for a mouse I'll just re-solder the old one with a PS2 cable and see if that gets it working again. That way I don't have to re-learn the mouse weight.
  12. My last mouse was a Logitech m100 (wired); the wire is really cheap and thin though which is why it broke.
  13. Today my Logitech M100 mouse broke. It's lasted me about 6 years or so, and if I had a replacement USB cable it would probably last me even longer. I'm back to using a trackball mouse from the 90s. If I am to buy a new mouse, what's a good one that will last a good long time while maintaining ease of cleaning?
  14. I'm trying to help a co-worker with buying a new laptop and - for reasons we won't discuss - they despise Intel with a passion. We were looking at some possible options and quickly came to realize there aren't any Ryzen laptops with good colour reproduction. Does such an AMD laptop exist, or is an external monitor likely required?
  15. agh... I'll just reinstall the sodden thing... Shifting admin users isn't something that should happen though.