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  1. Microsoft might move jobs abroad due to US immigration policies

  2. Microsoft might move jobs abroad due to US immigration policies

    poorer then the US? I guess a lot of those foreigners actually come from wealthier countries and don't mind microsoft coming to them.
  3. With the ever changing US immigration laws it's getting harder and harder for tech companies to hire the skilled workers they want from abroad. It seems microsoft is now planning on moving some of it's operations abroad if these problems persist. If the administrations is going to make the rules even more strict it could mean that a lot of employees won't be able to work at microsoft anymore: But altough we sometimes want to believe microsoft is a very evil company they do actually value their employees and said: It's good to see companies valuing their employees and looking for solutions. Personally I wonder if these kind of concerns are related to more and more tech companies having branches in Europe or moving research facilies to europe like google recently announcing they would open a Machine Learning center in Amsterdam. What do you guys think about this? Should microsoft do this or should they do what the US want and drop these foreign people and only hire american people? Sources: https://multiculturalmeanderings.com/2018/07/14/microsoft-might-move-jobs-abroad-due-to-us-immigration-policies/ https://www.fastcompany.com/90201246/microsoft-might-move-jobs-abroad-due-to-u-s-immigration-policies
  4. Could very well be it's only supported on routers with multiple antentas internally. Else it would probably half the speed indeed (which is halved already because it's wifi). That's why I asked in the topic for a comparission between connection with wifi and cable. On the other hand the devices are probably 1 gbit capable. So if you divde it in half because of wifi (only half-duplex) and in half again for the meshing then you will still have 250 mbit. Most consumer internet connection are below 200 mbit anyways. So if you purely use it for youtube watching etc you won't notice any difference.
  5. Bandwidth

    Could you give an overview of the whole network? Looking at the usecase you describe it doesn't sound like the network interface of the server is the problem. Sounds to me like there is a bottleneck somewhere else.
  6. Software to add a foreign network to same lan?

  7. Sabotage

    Hmmm ....if you really want to annoy him: - Open CMD and use this command "arp -a". - Look for his IP adress and get the MAC address from this. (if you don't know his IP address then just try one and change your ip address to it and see if he reacts, if not try another one untill he has some problems, then you know his mac address). - Write a script which sets your IP address to the same IP address as in the ARP table for his mac address and let it run continously. So every time he fixes his problem it works for X minutes (depending on how often you run your scirpt) and then it has problems again.
  8. FileZilla is being shipped with malware

    I found it funny because of how it was written. Might be the language barrier (from my side). It looks like someone is trying to run a smear campaign, but on the other hand it's not completly certain yet if and how it happened and maybe there just wasn't a good check on what was included.
  9. FileZilla is being shipped with malware

    Read the later posts in the topic. it's coming back now.
  10. FileZilla is being shipped with malware

    Users on the Filezilla forum found out that filezilla is being bundeled with malware since januari. People reported this: and this The problem does show to be in the bundled software only as people do note this: It's also sad to see that question like this are being ignored: It looks like the owner/maker is trying to do some stuff about it, but mostly he is defensive and trying to show the program itself is not problem. But people see that I hope, the problem lies in the bundled software. And it seems people are mostly worried about this. Just a headsup for everyone using filezilla, you might want to deinstall it for now. Source: https://forum.filezilla-project.org/viewtopic.php?t=48441
  11. Is this Wi-Fi download pattern right?

    All depens on the application. If you do a normal file transfer I wouldn't say it's normal. but in this case it could very well be. I guess this client has some error checking in it. and if you have a slow storage medium and slow cpu it could be that this error checking takes to long and therefore interups the transfer for a short while.
  12. Can I do 10GB networking with this switch?

    Seems like it should be possible yes.
  13. Can't connect to network

    Did you enable mac filtering? Are you using a protocol version which is not supported by you nic? Did you get the error before or after entering the password?
  14. Need help selecting Cisco (CCNA) certification to follow

    For CCNA you don't need any equipment, you just want to have packet tracer (or I prefer Eve-NG myself but it's the same idea). You can do all your studying with that.
  15. Need help selecting Cisco (CCNA) certification to follow

    Damn you guys must have it rough over there in murica.... Here in the netherlands everyone needs IT people so there are a lot of companies who hire almost anyone to work for them. You are send to different customers to fix simple problems for them etc. During these kind of jobs you can often get the experience you need to then go to the better jobs.