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  1. Make device in VLAN accessible in entire LAN?

    Do note that you probably need to change the IP address of your NAS since this one is configured static, so it would need to be in the range now.
  2. Slow download speed only on my PC

    Did you do a second run already to see if it wasn't just some interference? You should at least do a few runs to see if the problem is always there. What does your wifi adapter status say about the link which is up?
  3. Slow download speed only on my PC

    Could it be you are using 5 GHz for the phone and the laptop while you are using 2.4 for the desktop?
  4. Employee time tracker

    are you using an electronic lock/entrance system? Most companies I've been to combine these systems.
  5. What are 600+ MBps speeds good for?

    If you live with more people in a house a bigger internet connection could also be usefull. Say in houses where students live and you have 1 internet connectioin for 10 students or so. If they all want to watch 4K netflix on their laptops you will need a good connection.
  6. Cisco 9-part training for just $59 USD. Is it any good?

    eve-ng is compatible with everything. At the moment I'm doing CCNA with eve.
  7. Cisco 9-part training for just $59 USD. Is it any good?

    don't forget the exams will still cost quiet some money ;). Also 100-105 and 200-105 you can do with virtual hardware (eve-ng or packettracer etc) but from what I understood from some people who did CCNP, when you want to go to CCNP it is very nice to have some physical hardware around, so expect also some costs in buying this hardware.
  8. WDS Bridge Issues. HELP!

    Could you provide a schemetic of how you wired it up now? and which routers are you using (brand, type etc).
  9. WDS Bridge Issues. HELP!

    if you put it in bridge mode from what I remember from consumer equipment the bridgemode uses one of it's wifi channels to receive and another one to transmit. This is also why the speed is cut in half. You want to put it in access point mode, this way it will get "the signal" from the LAN or WAN (depending how you set it up) and transmits this to the wifi. If you use bridgemode and also have the "hardwire" in the lan you effectively create a loop. so it might cause broadcasts storms, depending on how the router is configured. Most consumer grade equipment assume consumers are stupid and might create loops so they will have some for of STP running to prevent this. As the wifi connection should have a lower bandwith the STP should disable the receiving from the wifi and only use the LAN connection. But because the router still is in bridge mode it will probably still try to use this, unless it's smart enough to notice this (sub)interface is shutdown and therefore uses it again for the "normal" wifi. But this would be configured in the firmware and I'm not 100% sure about what it would do in this situation.
  10. HELP and advice for my small office's network

    The modem your ISP provides is a router/modem combo or not (Does it support NAT)? Do you need a guest network which is isolated from the rest of the network? What kind of workloads are you expecting to have? What kind of connection do you have from your ISP now? With phones do you mean VoIP phones or just mobile phones which need wifi access? Do you have a patch panel which is connected to wall outlets for LAN already? What is the brand/type of the wireless router you have now?
  11. WDS Bridge Issues. HELP!

    If it's in bridge mode you will create a loop so probably STP will kick in and kill one of the connections or the router will kill off one of the routes You want to set the second one also as an access point and just give it the same SSID. For seamless roaming you need meshrouting which only higher end models will support.
  12. WDS Bridge Issues. HELP!

    if you have a wired connection from your modem or other router to this router it would work. but as soon as you have a wifi bridge somewhere and then go back to wired this wired connection speed will be cut.
  13. Multiple office Sites

    You want to simulate the WAN as a network with a subnet mask of so every IP could be used there. Personally I would also use a Serial link if packet tracer supports that, but you probably don't have to worry about that because the modem provided by the ISP will take care of that. So for your edge routers you want to set up NAT (https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/ios-xml/ios/ipaddr_nat/configuration/15-mt/nat-15-mt-book/iadnat-addr-consv.html) to translate the internal IP addresses to 1 public IP address. then in your WAN you want to have them all connected and give them semi random IP addresses just for fun. Something like etc because they are all in the subnet they can talk to each other, but you need the NAT to go back to the internal addresses. For fun you could add a virtual pc or router in this domain with the ip address of (this is the google public dns IP) if you know how you could even configure it as a dns server for fun. But mostly it would be usefull to test if you can reach this IP address from all sites. You won't be able to ping from one office to the other one now because the NAT won't know what to do, so you will now need to set up a VPN or tunnle between the offices and set up routing protocols to learn the different subnets you are using in the offices. You might also need to set up VTP to learn the different vlans but I asume you will configure these manually. Say for example in the HQ you have (you probably want to use a larger subnet later but this is just for the example to make it easier to read) and in the office 1 you have You have to set up the NAT and give them public IP address, say for example HQ = Office 1 = If you go onto the edge router of the HQ you will be able to ping to but you won't be able to ping to Same goes for Office 1 you will be able to ping to but not to If you have set up the NAT correctly that is. After you set up a tunnel of VPN and made sure your routes are set up correctly you should be able to ping from
  14. WDS Bridge Issues. HELP!

    using a router in bridge mode will often cut the speed in two.
  15. SMB3.0 Multichannel VS Etherchannel

    I don't know for multichannel, but for etherchannel you do.