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  1. LoL Tournament Hosting Hardware Needed

    that's good So what else do you need help with? Like I said if you want more networking tips you would first need to provide more info...
  2. LoL Tournament Hosting Hardware Needed

    Also after some searching I found this Here: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=505170 The launcher download we can probably ignore because that should only be done ones. So you want to look at the usage of the Client. I believe this is only for 1 user and it looks like some kind of recording from a client. so let's see how much 1 user uses per second. 44:27 minutes = 2667 seconds 24,29 MB = 25469911 bytes so thats 9550 B/s so that is about 9,3 kB/s So that is 75 kb/s per user You said you have 700 users, so let's asume the worst and they are all playing at the same time. that would mean you need: 75*700 = 52227 kb/s = 51 mb/s So your internet connection won't be the problem. it looks like you have about 100 times as much as you would need if these statistics are correct. Personally I would have gone for multiple smaller connections and use HSRP etc to make sure you always have an active connection which can support the whole thing. But you could for example have a backup 100mb/s line where you can switch to if things go wrong, and it should still be able to support everything.
  3. LoL Tournament Hosting Hardware Needed

    You probably want to limit the connection to only go to the LoL servers anyways ... Also your idea souns good but it would depend on the location and the lay-out. For a tournament like this I asume the equipment will be placed and should be removed again also. So probably you have different rooms/area's where you have groups of players playing, so you want to have switches at every place. and you want to have redudant connection to every area etc. So without a proper floorplan etc I don't think we can make any good recommendations.
  4. LoL Tournament Hosting Hardware Needed

    You're asking this in the networking forum so I asume you want some networking advice right? So what do you have already and what do you still need? Also you only have 1 connection to the outside? From what I understand from the other people here you will be royaly f*cked if your connection goes down or even is unstable, so you probably want to make sure this is properly done and has failovers.
  5. Ethernet Speeds?

    you can't
  6. Issues with internet on custom build

    first hit on google ... http://windowsreport.com/windows-could-not-automatically-detect-networks-proxy-settings/ Did you try all these things already?
  7. (Practice question) Help Creating a Dynamic Nat Pool in packet tracer?

    I've never worked with packet tracer, I always use EveNG for it. But here is the correct syntax for setting up the pool: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/ios-xml/ios/ipaddr/command/ipaddr-cr-book/ipaddr-i3.html#wp6064781280 It might be you are using a very old ios image which doesn't allow for strings as pool names yet. but I believe that shouldn't be the problem. So maybe the name of the pool was defined in the excercise. Also maybe else change the prefix-length to 30 as they stated that in the excecise, but it shouldn't matter.
  8. What Ethernet Cable To Get?

    get a box like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/CAT-Category-Unshielded-Twisted-Cable/dp/B009S6YXR8 get some rj45 connectors and a tool to press them on and you'll never be in need of network cable again. Especially if you go to lan parties and stuff like that you make a lot of friends with that.
  9. (Practice question) Help Creating a Dynamic Nat Pool in packet tracer?

    you can't use spaces in the pool name
  10. (Practice question) Help Creating a Dynamic Nat Pool in packet tracer?

    From what I understand from his assignment and description: The outside has an IP block of But it seems he has to make a nat pool in the address block. So taking this into account (Tought NAT would let you use the network and broadcast address. so he needs to have the range of 196 to 199 in there. Also @Lurick from what I see it's just GNS3 that excludes the network and broadcast IP. I mean you don't want that right? If you get a block of public IP's you want to use all of them, so you would normally expect NAT to use them. So from looking at it again I would say what you want to do is (haven't test this). ----- ip nat pool POOL_NAME prefix-length 27 access-list ACL_NAME_1 permit 172.16.11 0 0.0.255 access-list ACL_NAME_2 permit 172.16.10 0 0.0.255 ip nat inside source list ACL_NAME_1 pool POOL_NAME ip nat inside source list ACL_NAME_2 pool POOL_NAME ----- If you only need to NAT 1 of the networks you can remove the lines for the other network and the ACL. to be sure you could add the "overload" keyword to the ip nat inside statements. but I believe this was on on default (as you probably want to use PAT because you have more internal IP's then external ones).
  11. (Practice question) Help Creating a Dynamic Nat Pool in packet tracer?

    he needs a /30 network according to his assignment so that would be ip nat pool "whatever name (not specified by PT)" netmask right?
  12. (Practice question) Help Creating a Dynamic Nat Pool in packet tracer?

    yup... guess I shouldn't do binary math from the top of my head at 3 am :P. still your subnets where wrong ;). so its from 11000100 to 11000111 (199)
  13. Help on creating extended ACLs? (for Packet Tracer practice)

    did you also apply the acl to the interfaces?
  14. (Practice question) Help Creating a Dynamic Nat Pool in packet tracer?

    196 = 11000100 /30 means a subnet mask of .252 which is 11111100 So only the last two bits change, so the .196/32 goes from 11000100 = 196 To 11000111 = 199 There is your problem :). edit: changed the binary numbers to be right. I need to sleep more ...
  15. Questions about contract (in app) validity in court

    probably soon there will be more with some scandinavian countries now changing rules about sexual intercourses. From what I remember (would need to look it up for the details) if you don't have consent it will be regarded as rape. So apps like this could help to verify consent was given by both parties. edit: here is a reddit thread about it: