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  1. Dutch tapping law to be reconsiderd

    Yeah I also wanted reforms, but personally I prefered to have something (even this) instead of nothing :). but I think most people who voted wanted it to be changed. To bad there was no option for that.
  2. Windows Server "lite"

    If the software runs in UWP you could use: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/iot-core/windows-iot-core Or else you could look into this: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/iot-core/windows-iot-enterprise
  3. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-netherlands-referendum/dutch-say-no-in-referendum-on-spy-agency-tapping-powers-idUSKBN1GX0QU A while ago a new law was introduced in the netherlands which allowed for a lot more freedom for the security agency. They could now tap about everything they wanted. After a lot of protests a referendum was called for which was held yesterday. With almost all votes counted it seems there is a very slight inclination to "no" but the results are almost 50/50. Personally I was one of the "yes" voters while I believe a new law was needed because the last law originated from the 1980's and internet wasn't a consideration then. But the law was a bit to open on part, still personally I believe it was better then having nothing. But I can also see the reasons why people would vote "no". But it seems the results we are getting now are the best for both parties as the dutch government is considering reevaluating the law and making changes too it. This isn't 100% sure yet but it's going to be interesting to see what this will result in. And hopefully the Dutch can once again set a good example on how to balance security and privacy. Any other dutch people here who want to weigh in on the discussion or other people who want to voice their opinions?
  4. Can't connect to friends network

    What are you using to connect to each others network and what kind of things are you hosting? What did you set up beforehand etc?
  5. School Survey/Quiz about Net Neutrality

    This doesn't feel like a survey but more like a quiz. Also you might want to state that it is only for american people as most civilized countries have way better solutions for these problems.
  6. How do I apply to work for linus tech tips

    Be carefull though, it's possible your job interview will end up like this:
  7. schhol

    uhm.... if you want to become a game maker you will need to know that kind of stuff actually ;).
  8. Desktop not getting 1gbps

    To what kind of device is the lan cable connected (like a switch, or a router or a powerline adapter or a wall mount) and is that device gigabit compatible?
  9. No network drives on new laptop

    @jimkirk363 So the nas is on an IP adres like (or something like that). in the past you could map the drive to \\\share (for example) and now that doesn't work. Windows says it can't find the drive right? You are able to ping the nas at and other computers on the same network are able to map the drives, right? You disabled the firewall and security things on your laptop and you made sure network discovery is enabled, right? If you go to the path directly it also doesn't show up right? Are you able to go to the web ui of your nas from this laptop? All the mapped drives etc are on the nas right?
  10. No network drives on new laptop

    Did you enable network discovery on windows? https://www.isunshare.com/windows-10/turn-on-or-off-network-discovery-in-windows-10.html
  11. It's a tricky slope. Censorship means you are blocking something BEFORE it is released. But there is also regulation, this is blocking content after it is released when deemed illegal according to laws. Say for example advertisements for illegal drugs and stuff like that. There is also something called the "right to be forgotten", where a human has the right of some things of him being removed when not deemed historically or otherwise significant enough (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right_to_be_forgotten). This also regulates the internet but could help people very well. Say you send some nudes to someone and they leaked them online. If there would be no regulation or anything you could have a very hard time (ha ha ha :P) getting them off (sorry ). But I think countries or organisations blocking certain parts of the internet because they feel they are lying shouldn't happen (like in turkey and china). On the other hand the rise of "fake news" and it's consequences is also worrying. And once we start blocking fake news aren't we actually doing the same as for example turkey? One of the problems in my opinion is that we still look at the internet at nation levels and all different countries try to regulate it in their own way. But the internet isn't limited by borders (although china tries very hard with their great firewall). Personally I think these kind of things should be done globally instead.
  12. No network drives on new laptop

    are you able to ping the ip adres of the nas and the computer(s) where the shared drives are hosted?
  13. Need help i can,t much network i need help with pfsense and esxi

    Could you please provide a good and clear explanation of your current setup (both network and virtual machines) and preferably could you link the tutorial you are following or something like that so we know what you are trying to achieve?
  14. About Wired Connection. help!

    just start with watching this:
  15. Get Linus' Attention

    You should ask Tom Scott for this project. He does a lot of these kind of things and has a big following too.