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  1. Asus X501u Got problems with browsers

    could you do the following commands in cmd: ping www.google.com ping please let me know the results
  2. is Google Chrome safe to use ?

    ah thanks. didn't see that one yet.
  3. is Google Chrome safe to use ?

    depens on what you are doing. If you want to browse sketchy sites you might want to use the newest version of edge (in the creators update of windows). If you want to know more about why you can read this article: https://blogs.windows.com/msedgedev/2017/03/23/strengthening-microsoft-edge-sandbox/ But if you are doing "normal" browsing you are probably still better of using chrome as long as you have a lot of RAM.
  4. Getting 100 Girls on the Internet

    only feedback I could give is: Leave your phone number behind in case they need you for anything ;).
  5. Multiple routers and modems on one network.

    Think this topic is about the internet problem: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/836764-help-gigabit-capped-at-250megabit-per-second/
  6. Multiple routers and modems on one network.

    Don't want to start a flamewar but this is the nighthawk: This has a WAN port which is a coax cable. The new xb6 I can't find but I assume it's also connected to a coax cable as from what I understood he has a comcast cable connection. If by some way he was able to set one of the LAN Port on the nighthawk to function as a WAN port so he could connect the xb6 to the nighthawk with an UTP cable then your setup might work. But still the reason he wants to get rid of the nighthawk is because of it's bottle necking his internet speeds (at least that's what he says). So if you are going to use double NAT you're not solving this problem. So if you still want to use the NAS capabilities of the nighthawk while using the xb6 as a new modem/router your setup would be something like this: ......................................................|-- (lan port) Nighthawk ISP -> (coax port) XB6 (lan port) -|-- LAN Devices ......................................................|-- Wireless accesspoint If you don't use an accesspoint you can choose to use the nighthawk or xb6 ot use as your accesspoint (or both but I wouldn't advise that unless you want two different wifi networks). You want the XB6 to be the DHCP server so you can have everything in the same subnet. The nighthawk needs to be configure to not be in routermode, but in a mode where it will use the lanport (every vendor calls this different but the documentation will show). The Nighthawk needs to have his own IP adress static so you can still access the NAS option on it. You probably want to set this on the XB6 by max address so it won't conflict with the other IP addresses (or you need to have a reserved block and pick one from this block). Unless I'm reading his question wrong (which is possible as english isn't my native language) I think this is what he is after.
  7. Multiple routers and modems on one network.

    Think you need to read better. He wants to use the NAS capabilities of the old router, and maybe also the wifi capabilities, thats not specified yet. If you put both routers in different subnets you would need to make static routes to each other to make sure you can still use the NAS function.
  8. Intel Ethernet Adapter Teaming

    SMB Multichannel will only be usefull if you have files you want to pull of a server which you manage. If you need the extra bandwith for other things it won't work.
  9. Multiple routers and modems on one network.

    In your new router give it a IP adress based of it's mac adress. Also make sure you disable the DHCP server on the old router.
  10. Intel Ethernet Adapter Teaming

    In Theory you should be able to have to network adapaters work together as if they are one. But unless they are the same type of network adapater I wouldn't advice it....
  11. High network instability

    So lf I understand right there is a a modem which works as DHCP client and the new router/access point also? are they working in the same subnet (ip range)?
  12. Asus RT-AC88U dropping devices.

    Is it possible the printers are in another subnet? For example your dhcp server gives IP in the range with a subnet mask of while you printer is for example in that case they wont be able to "talk" with each other.
  13. Windows server 2016 shares

    First off all it's best practice not to have your Fileserver on your Domain Controller. Are you using DFS? Did you set up the permissions for the shares in both NTFS and Sharing settings? Try using the IP adress instead of the Domain name, so like: \\\Home Does that work?
  14. Asus RT-AC88U dropping devices.

    Do you have any static IP adresses set? Do the other devices also connect to the wifi or are they connected to the cable? Could you give a little explanation or picture on how your network is wired (modem from the IPS/Access point and devices and which is connected to which etc)?
  15. Deciding Between Routers, HELP!!

    The 5Ghz signal can not penetrate walls as good as the 2.4 GHz signal can. So if the floor is a concrete floor or something pretty solid you might want to consider creating a wire to your second floor. I would sugest to find 2 good access points (like the Ubiquity as mentioned above) and have one on your first floor and one on the second floor. Problem with ubiquity is they do need some configuration and you do need to know a little bit of what you are doing. If you want something a bit more easy to configure I think the TP link access point might be a good thing for you: http://www.tp-link.com/us/products/details/cat-4908_EAP225.html You need two of these. Here is another one you could try: http://us.dlink.com/products/business-solutions/wireless-ac1200-dual-band-access-point/ You would need to set up the device you got from you ISP to be the DHCP Server (probably this is set up already you can check this by plugging in a device and see if it gets an IP address). The access points can be set in access point mode and everything should be okay. You should just plug both Access points into your modem/router from your ISP (I assume it has at least 4 LAN ports) if it has only 1 lan port you can buy the cheapest gigabit switch you can find and put that in between. If you want to use the PoE way of powering the Access Points you need a PoE Switch, in that case you can take a switch like this: http://nl.tp-link.com/products/details/cat-42_TL-SG1008P.html If you use PoE you don't have to put a power adapter in the Access Point because it can get power from the network cable. If you want to use PoE you do need to use the TP link or Ubiquity access point, I believe the dlink one doesn't support it. Hope this helps you.