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    The Land Down Under


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    Pentium G4560
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    some crappy asrock board
  • RAM
    8GB DDR4 RAM
  • GPU
    crappy integrated graphics
  • Case
    CoolerMaster MasterCase Lite 5? (dont really know)
  • Storage
    128GB Toshiba DynaStore SSD
  • PSU
    dont know, dont care
  • Display(s)
    some acer display
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    intel stock cooler and one stock case fan
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    stupid logitech keyboard
  • Mouse
    Razer Deathadder Elite
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    Windows 10 Pro **UNACTIVATED**

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  1. Hey, I recently bought a Silverstone ST55F-PB for a small form factor build I am doing but the cables are too long and impede airflow. I was wondering if I got a CableMod kit for the Silverstone ST55F-PT would I run into any compatibility issues or would I be just fine? The only difference I can find is the 80plus rating on the PSU. Thanks.
  2. Hey, I can't decide between saving AUD$120 And getting an RX 570, or just going with a 1660. Is the performance gap worth the $120? The PC will be used for gaming and HTPC duties. Thanks!
  3. Do you know any websites that can help me do that?
  4. I get what you mean. How long do you think until samsung will stop sending updates to the Galaxy S8?
  5. I've completely reset my phone at least twice in the past two years of owning it, so i'm just making the assumption that that isn't the problem. I'm also worried that the phone will soon no longer be supported by feature software updates, unlike the Pixel 3a.
  6. I don't usually game on my phone, i basically just text, call, watch youtube and browse the web
  7. My Galaxy S8 occasionally crashes some of my apps and is just starting to feel a little slow
  8. Hey I need help deciding whether to upgrade my Galaxy S8 to a Pixel 3a, or just save my money. Thanks for your help!
  9. Hey everyone, i've been wanting to sell my base model surface laptop and gaming machine (pentium g4560, 8gb ram, gtx 1050ti), but I am not sure whether to get a decent ryzen laptop so I can do occasional gaming (games like Apex Legends, Sims 4, Cities: Skylines) or a crappy $300 laptop and a decent desktop (ryzen 3, 8gb ram, rx 580). Normally, I would get the crappy laptop and new desktop, but I really want something thin light and portable, that can still game.
  10. just as long as its not to heavy and can last atleast go through a school day. Display quality, just as long as its 1080p
  11. do you think that buying an older razer blade with a thunderbolt 3 port than getting an external gpu would be a better option?
  12. Hey guys, I am wondering what the best gaming laptop for under AUD$2000 is? I need it to be VR capable, preferably as cheap as possible.
  13. Hey everyone, I am thinking of doing up an old imac as a hackintosh system, but I can't find a 14 inch 4:3 display to replace the crappy one that's in it. Does anyone know of a place I can get one. Thanks.