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  1. I am tempted to put 2x NF-F12 on my MSI R9 290. The temperatures and noise at load of this card are both annoying.
  2. Hey guys, First of all, happy new year to everyone ! May 2017 be full of new hardware/technologies for each of you ! I currently have 2 Samsung SSDs (1x 850 Pro and 1x 850 EVO). The Pro is my boot device and the EVO is hosting all my games. The day after I got 2 games for Christmas, the Evo failed and can't be detected anymore by my PC or any other PC. The only way to have it detected somehow is through a USB to SATA adapter and the drive won't initialize anyway. Anyway, having a 5 years warranty on the Evo, I started looking for how to do a RMA in Canada. I then came across multiple topics on forums about the (quite bad) Samsung Canada SSD RMA policy where Samsung Canada doesn't deal with the warranty on SSD. You must contact the reseller of the drive. I bought my EVO of a reseller on Amazon.ca. The reseller has offered to help me but requires the original packaging in order to do so, which I don't have anymore due to a move few months ago. The reseller didn't seem to know about that policy and offered to do an "exception", but still require the original packaging. Anyway, thumbs up to Westpac Technology on Amazon.ca who offered to help me even though I don't feel the RMA should be handled by the reseller. I eventually came across this topic on LTT and contacted Total Tech Solutions about repairing my drive. I'm still waiting for their answer, but I should be able to get my EVO repaired. Long story short, I was debating to change my EVO anyway and get a bigger drive as I am running out of space. At first, I was looking at selling my 250GB EVO and going to 500GB, but after the discovering how their warranty works, I'm not sure I want to buy from Samsung Canada anymore, at least for their SSDs. There is a very good deal right now on Newegg.ca on a Crucial MX300 525GB for 150$CDN. I've dealt with Crucial warranty back in 2005 and I was pleasantly surprised with their service, but that was more than 10 years ago. How is Crucial handling the warranty/RMA in Canada ? Any of you had to deal with them ? How did it go ? On a technical note, I know the EVO is a better drive than the MX300, but I doubt I'll see the difference when loading games. I can wait a second or 2 more than the EVO to play. Thanks for your feedback, Neo.
  3. I'm not a fan of buying used electronic products in particular a video card that might have been pushed/overclocked to the limits and his life span has been reduced. At this price point (selling my 290 + the money I had plan for watercooling it), I could get an RX480 brand new. The RX480 has much lower TDP...but not as good as Nvidia's cards. Other than the vibration issue, did you have any issues with your closed loop ? Thanks. I don't know if the MSI Gaming has separate heatsinks from the cooler or if the cooler has pads for the VRM. I would have to check if I can reuse and save 20$. From what I understand, you have a watercooled 290 with a G10 ? What make/brand is your card ? Is it a reference model or aftermarket cooler ?
  4. Hey guys, I have a MSI R9 290 Gaming 4GB, which uses the MSI TwinFrozer cooler. I am looking to get something that cools better and with less noise. While I am playing, my GPU can go up to 90C while my CPU stays around 41C. At 90C, fans are spinning like crazy. Very annoying as the rest of my PC is quite silent. Now, I don't have any watercooling parts in my setup just yet. I never got into watercooling, but that might change here. While there are after market air coolers compatible for the R9 290, they cost about the same price as a (basic) watercooling setup. And honestly, I would like very much to try watercooling and I believe my freakin hot 290 is a good candidate. We are not talking about EK waterblocks and custom loops...we're talking closed loop here only for the GPU. I was looking around and came across a setup like this : NZXT Kraken G10 Corsair H55 Gelid 290's VRM heatsinks Arctic MX-4 (which I already have) I've read several places that the G10 is not optimal for the VRMs, so I would prefer to drop some heatsinks for 20$. Better safe than sorry. Should I expect any important noise coming from the pump ? I could change the Corsair fan for a Noctua one if it is too noisy, but can't really change the pump if it is making too much noise. My case is a Fractal R5, so lots of room and noise dampening material. Are there any maintenance to perform on closed loops like this ? Am I missing anything here ? Is it a good setup ? I'm pretty sure it is very basic and not as impressive as some custom loops you guys do, but we all have to start somewhere right ? Thanks for any input, Neo.
  5. I don't own the game but watched 2 Twitch streams last night for about an hour. I like what I see, and I may buy it. The only grip that I have about this game is the damage model. I mean, why the hell does it take 3 full mags of 30 bullets/mag to kill a low/medium NPC. It doesn't make sense. Otherwise, the game feels realistic. I was hoping for a R6 : Raven Shield damage model.
  6. Yes, I am a bit OCD about drivers and softwares being up to date. Maybe I should stick with "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" I wasn't aware of the specific bug. I am not actually using the latest BIOS from Gigabyte. I am one step behing. The latest BIOS from Gigabyte states and it adds CPU microcode for Windows 10 support. I'm definitively looking to upgrade so I'll update my BIOS tonight. Maybe this will fix "other" issues as well. Good point. I didn't think of this. Those are good tips as well, thanks. I'll try messing around with the RAM more. I'll do one test at a time in order to be able to isolate what's causing the freeze. So, update BIOS, mess with the RAM sticks more, mess with peripherals, disconnect the R9 290 and mess with the softwares. That sounds like hours of fun ... Thanks for your tips
  7. Hello everyone, Apologies for the long post...I believe it is worth it to give you all the investigation that I have done yet. I am seeking for some help and advices regarding an issue that has been going for some time with my computer. I can't pinpoint at what point in time exactly, but for weeks my computer has been freezing randomly. It started many weeks ago at which point the computer would completely freeze and be non-responsive. Any input peripherals stop working, everything on my G13 LCD freezes and my Dell monitor displays the latest image. The only way that I can recover from this is doing a hard reset or hard shutdown. There is no BSOD or automatic reboot, it just freezes. Even though my computer is set to dump a memory dump, it doesn't do that. It justs freezes. This happens randomly, wether I am browsing using Chrome, doing some file copy or even doing my taxes. There is no pattern. I can be browsing in Feedly, on Google or Youtube. It might freezes. Weirdly, I did not have any issue while gaming. I game about 8-10 hours/week and never it has freeze (yet) in a game. The issue started slowly at the rate of freezing once per week, but for the past weeks it is now many times per day and becoming very annoying. I have a fair bit of knowledge in support and hardware, so I have done some troubleshooting : CPU I own an Intel i5 Haswell 4570. The CPU is not overclocked and is cooled by a Coolermaster Evo 212 heatsink + Noctua NF-F12 fan. I also own AIDA64 Extreme so I did multiple system stability tests by selecting the CPU, FPU and CPU cache. It has never froze while doing this test. While gaming, my CPU is around 35-50% and never froze. When the computer freezes, I can see some stats on my G13 LCD, including my CPU usage. It is usually very low (below 5%) when it freezes. The CPU temperatures never go over 44C while stressing. Therefore, I don't think the CPU is the issue. Memory I own 4x4GB sticks of DDR3 (GSkill 1600MHZ 7-8-8-24 2T). One pair is 2 years old while the other one is about 1 year old. It is the same SKU. I know which one is which using their serial number. I tested all sticks at the same time using Memtest86+ for 19 hours and no issues. I also tested all the sticks with Memtest86 for 2 hours, which is around 2 passes and no issues. I played around with the sticks to see if it was a faulty stick : Newest pair in DIMM1 and DIMM2 (dual channel). Still freezing in Windows. Oldest pair in DIMM1 and DIMM2 (dual channel). Still freezing in Windows. Oldest pair in DIMM3 and DIMM4 (dual channel). Still freezing in Windows. I also did a memory stress test in AIDA64 using all sticks at the same time. It crashed once, the very first time I did it. I've been trying multiple time since to make it crash again in AIDA64, but no luck. It might have only been a coincidence. Still not ruling out the RAM however...RAM is very tricky to troubleshoot to my knowledge. During all the stress test in AIDA64, the voltage of the RAM was a steady 1.5V. When my compute freezes, I can see the RAM usage on my G13 LCD as well. It is not an overflow. Because it usually freezes when I'm in Windows or Chrome, my memory usage is well below 40% most of the time. Only when doing stress tests that the memory usage goes to the roof and I have yet to make it crash again. Storage devices I own a 256GB Samsung 850 Pro and a WD 1TB Blue hdd. The SSD is for Windows and games, while the hdd is for data storage. For some time now, the SMART status was showing about 6 bad/relocated sectors on the hdd. So, in case that was the issue, yesterday I moved all my data to my NAS and retired my WD hdd. My computer is now only running on the SSD. The issue still happens. The SMART status of the SSD is perfect. I tried multiple SSD/HDD monitoring softwares (Hard Drive Sentinel, SSDLife, Samsung Magician, Intel Rapid Storage utility) and every software was showing my SSD as healthy. Nothing is wrong in the SMART values. I tried using AIDA64, Anvil Storage and ASSD software to benchmark the s*it of the SSD to make it crash, but all my attempts failed. At work (I work as IT support) however, I did have some weird issues with SSDs in the past years. Even though they were showing as healthy, the computers would run very slow or locks up for few seconds. I don't have another SSD to switch and confirm that the SSD is the issue. But I'm not ruling it out, based on my past experiences at work. Power supply I own a Seasonic X-650w Gold certified power supply. I unfortunately do not have the values of the voltages displayed on my G13 LCD when the computer freezes. However, when benchmarking with AIDA64, I can confirm that my values are holding steady. On the top of my head, the values looked like this : +12V varies from 11,98 to 12,09. +5V is from 5,0 to 5,03. +3.3V varies from 3,01 to 3,04. +1.5V steady for the RAM I doubt that my power supply is in cause. But please advise if I should troubleshoot something else in there. I have a PSU tester at home, but this PSU tester is not causing any load on the power supply. Graphic card I own an MSI R290 LE (Light Edition). I did not overclock this card. While gaming and stress testing the card with AIDA64, I was never able to make it freeze. While gaming, my GPU is easily at 75%+ of GPU usage and it has never failed. Because I use a framerate limiter in AMD drivers and this limits my GPU usage overall, my GPU temperatures are around 72C while gaming. Few months ago, I changed the thermal paste on the GPU for MX-4 because the stock thermal paste was all dryed up already. When the computer freezes, there are no graphics glitches what so ever. Peripherals I own the following : Logitech Revolution MX mouse Logitech K800 keyboard Logitech Extreme 3D joystick Logitech G13 keyboard CH Pro Throttle EDTracker (head movement tracker) SMSL SD793-ii DAC (Optical input) Logitech Setpoint is installed and update to date for the keyboard and mouse. The Logitech Gaming software is also installed and up to date for the G13 keyboard. No drivers are installed or required for the Logitech Extreme 3D joystick, the CH Pro Throttle and EDTracker. Windows deals with them as basic joysticks. The SMSL SD793-ii DAC does not require drivers and connects directly to the Realtek optical output. The Realtek drivers are the latest. Thinking about it, other than the EDTracker, I did not mess around and unplug any peripherals in my investigation. I'll try that tonight. Unplug everything (other than keyboard and mouse) and see if it freezes again. Softwares Here's a list of softwares that are running all the time upon startup : ESET NOD32 Antivirus MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Premium Hard Drive Sentinel LCDHost (for G13 LCD) Brother software to monitor my Brother printer Plex Media Server Crashplan Intel Rapid Storage software Yesterday night, I thought about the issue being a Windows update that was done recently. I have found an issue between ESET software and a Windows Update patch. I applied a fix (KB2664888) provided by Microsoft and recommended by ESET. Unfortunately, the computer froze in the hour following the installation and reboot of that fix. Many Google results pointed to KB2265716 which is known to fix this kind of issue, but I couldn't install the hotfix on my computer. It says that it is not applicable. Probably because another Windows update succeeds it or is already installed. Regarding all the other softwares, they've been running on my system for more than a year. They usually will auto-update themselves or pops me an information box that there is a new version. I update every software on my PC quite often. Unless I got to pay for an update/upgrade and I judge that it is not worth it, I update everything. Drivers I update drivers very often, probably every 2 weeks I check everything and update to the latest. My drivers are therefore up to date for every piece of hardware (including Intel Rapid Storage, Intel USB 3.0 and Intel NIC). Because I upgrade many drivers at once and very often, I can't pinpoint if it something specific and I cannot pinpoint when the issue started exactly. Windows Events logs Nothing in there unfortunately. I checked all the logs. Everything works great and then all of the sudden, a log says that the computer was restarted incorrectly. I have no trace of what I should look for. Even though I know the precise moment to the very second (because the time of the crash is frozen on my G13 LCD), I can't find any log anywhere that would give me pointers. So as you can see, I've done a bit of investigation already. I'm looking for some advices/tips on what to look next. Because I don't have a memory dump (no BSOD), I can't see what is causing the issue. I have some doubts about the SSD, because I've seen SSDs in the past behaving very weird. I'll also unplug peripherals tonight. Every synthetic stress test that I do says that my hardware is healthy. It might be a software issue and reinstalling Windows 7 might fix it. I would, of course, like to avoid that. My plan was in the next few months to get an M.2 950 Pro SSD + PCIe-M.2 adapter and install Windows 10 from scratch on that. Then recycle my SATA 850 Pro for games only. I would be OK to buy that today already, if I can confirm that buying that will in fact fixes my issue. I wouldn't want to spend 300$ and not fix the issue. Do you guys have any tips or pointers on what I should do next ? Thanks for your help, Neo.
  8. I use the anti-virus only version. I don't need the full Internet suite.
  9. I like NOD32. I'm using it along with MalwareBytes Premium.
  10. I don't care about skins, but a new free map, I'll take it.
  11. Deus Ex 1 is pretty cheap and has a lot of replay value. I think I did the entire campaign about 6-7 times in the past 15 years.
  12. These USB requirements are weird. I understand there are multiple devices/sensors using USB, but why not combine them all in 1 USB 3.0? Smartphones are different than a gaming device. I paid my Z3 Compact 600$CAD and it is the device that I use every hour of every day. A smartphone is a small pocket PC and has way more functionality than the Rift.
  13. They are still working on Season 1. They just released 1.5 which includes many ships and new missions features. New features will also be coming for Season 1 owners in the next year...so don't worry if you don't own Horizons