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  1. i7 980x still worth it?

    thanks for the fast replies. the primary use is for gaming.. however that's not a daily thing. there is some rendering here and there... in terms of gaming, i'm running just an asus gtx 1060 6gb. metro last light benchmark (max settings) gets me about 120-130 average FPS, in game it runs quite smooth in my opinion. i don't think it's capable of much more.. at some point i will upgrade the card.. i do happen to have a xeon x5670, and did manage to OC it to 4.4GHz, but i could only get it stable at 4.2GHz. at 4.2 i didn't notice a big difference in day to day performance, but in benchmarks however. it is noticable.. all tested on the same mobo. the xeon was a little easier to overclock with cooler temps, but as soon as i hit 4.3, i had to hit the vcore hard to even boot, in benchmarks it was hard to get the same scores as my 980x, let alone stable. back to gaming, i do understand that a lot of games prefer fewer cores at higher speeds.. but are there really so many games that run single thread?
  2. anyone still running x58 with an i7 980x? i've got my 980x AIO cooled running at 4.4GHz on an Asus rampage II extreme. i get a cinebench r15 score between 990 and 999. temps are pretty good ~65-70° on load.. thing is, i've thought about upgrading to a i7 7700k on a MSI Z270 Gaming M7 mobo. according to reasonable cinebench scores on OC'd 7700ks (~900 stock to >1k OC'd) i won't gain much in cpu performance. how anyone know the real life performance between the two? would i notice the difference when i upgrade to ddr4? my ddr3 is running at 1600... thanks for the help.