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  1. For a while I have had a Corsair H115i without full plate coverage and it for the most part has been fine. However, lately it has been overheating and the clock speed goes down to 0.52 GHz. I'm thinking of buying the Corsair CX9 as part of a custom water loop, but it doesn't have full plate coverage. Is full plate coverage important?
  2. I'm thinking of getting a custom water loop. Are Corsair's custom water loop components good? Are they overpriced? Also, what can be done without the Commander Pro?
  3. #RogRigReboot Hi, I'm echo45. Here is my video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eag6xGm4DnI My primary computer is a 24" iMac from 2007. Ten years old For best results watch in 1080p. Lagged a lot for me but there is some text that could appear blurry at lower resolutions. I apologize for the lighting, I had 3 desk lamps for studio lights. My computer cannot run any real games smoothly. It lags even launching Steam. My specs: CPU: 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo - Big pain Graphics: Radeon HD 2600 Pro, 256 MB (worse than integrated graphics) - BIGGER PAIN RAM: 2 GB DDR2-667 - BIGGEST PAIN Storage: 500 GB Hard Drive Display: Built-in 24" 1920x1200 Old Apple Keyboard & Dell Mouse Note: This computer is arguably worse then the cheapest newegg PC. I'm a homeschooler who takes courses online, and even some software I need for the courses lag a lot. My computer is not a gaming rig, and it is 10 years old. I can't afford a new one. I could not play any games in this video, but my computer cannot even handle Minecraft. I chose not to include that part in the video because Minecraft is dying (and time reasons). I probably could play Undertale, but I don't have it. My only working laptop is an Acer C720 Chromebook. I'm under 18, so I can tell you my parent's email and my email if needed. My closest airport is CMI. THIS POST CONTAINS A LINK AT THE TOP I am including the image below because I do not know how to embed a video, and in case Linus is scrolling really fast until an embedded video catches his eye.