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    Rampage 4 extreme
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    16gb ddr3
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    gtx 680
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    Haf x
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    1000w antec (dieing)
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    Asus 4k
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    420mm radiator

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  1. i think your tv needs a mhl hdmi but i could be wrong, there should be a solution online either way.
  2. connect it to your tv, use a BT keyboard and mouse, now you have an android tv. assuming you dont already have one.
  3. ah ok, well its good news thats for sure
  4. i'm not sure how they can tell if it was used for mining, what about the people using their gpu for intensive compute.
  5. I would read some reviews and find a pair i like with good mids and avoid bright highs. I find enough metal songs where you have to really listen for the singers voice over all the "noise" for lack of better word, i like metal haha
  6. yup, i know you are not interesting in playing at ultra settings but getting a card like the 1050 now that can't max out 1080p games will hurt you down the road. In a few years a gtx 1060 will still be going strong at med+ settings
  7. MarcVez

    The WAN Show


    will they announce who won the rig reboot contest on the wan show this week?
  8. i cant sleep, all i can think about is #RogRigReboot lol

  9. try turning off bump mapping, it doesn't play nice with some cards also are you playing with mods?
  10. Anyone remember the old voodoo graphics cards from about 20 years ago where you would plug your video out to the video in of the card, then the card out to your monitor. This sounds like an infinitely crappier version of that.
  11. you need to post this in the review ideas thread, would love to see what LMG thinks of it.
  12. sounds like all the BS in the world, as for increasing framerates, the best it can do is double each frame for 120hz