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  1. Hello guys, my pc started making this pop sound when i shtudown it and when in use it pop like 1 time per 15 min or 10 mins is it risky ? what should i replace or there is a way to fix it ? can be the dust making that issue ? my config is kinda outdated 20200121_093745_1.mp4
  2. Can you tell me if those 2 sticks can mix and match i have said the models on the post
  3. Hello guys im kinda a noob , id like to know is it possible to mix 2 different memory brands ? Currently i have this ram : 8gb stick of pny anarchy ddr4 2400Mhz CL15 and i want to buy a stick of this brand : TEAM GROUP ELITE DDR4 8GB 2400 MHZ I have looked in google but couldnt find the last result Id like to know there will be issues if i mix rhose two or nah Thank you.
  4. yeh gonna replace it soon , thank you <3
  5. ye i have the green line , im just worried it can damage my graphic card while using the monitor on that state , have any ideas ?
  6. hello , my monitor got a green vertical line (very thin) i want to know does this issue can do problems to my graphic card or no ?
  7. Zikalol

    Help , monitor

    Hello guys , i have a monitor(dell e2016) that his max reso is 1440x900 when i started using gtx1050 ti i needed a hdmi vga converter , after that my monitor is running 1920x1080 as his native resolution Is this normal ? Risky or not ? Thanks.