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  1. Exhaust Fan Question

    I have one plugged into the chassis 1 and 1 plugged into HAMP
  2. Exhaust Fan Question

    What sensor tells the exhaust fans to go high or low? Cause I know the CPU fans obviously go based off of the CPU temp but what about the exhaust fans?
  3. CableMods Question

    I managed to find this https://www.etsy.com/listing/489906840/stealth-computer-cable-comb-kits-25mm
  4. Cable Combs For 2.6mm Wires?

    Thatll work fam thank you
  5. Cable Combs For 2.6mm Wires?

    Where can I get a cad drawing that I need?
  6. Cable Combs For 2.6mm Wires?

    I have already spoken to CableMods about it, and Mnpctech only carry those open really space combs, I’m trying to find something close to the picture on my first post
  7. Im having a hard time finding cable combs that could fit CableMods Flex 2.6mm Cables I’m looking for something close to Ensource’s 3D print ones hopefully you guys have some good news
  8. CableMods Question

    Copy I’ll do that now thank you
  9. CableMods Question

    Alrighty awesome I’ll give them a shot, is there any measurements that I need to know about the kit I want that maybe I can ask them?
  10. CableMods Question

    @CableMod wouldn't these work? https://www.ensourced.net/black-3d-printed-wire-wrap/ I just have to make a cut into the plastic to insert the cable I just don't know weather to choose the 16 or 18 guage
  11. CableMods Question

    Yeah those are dope its just I like that flush close cable look
  12. CableMods Question

    @CableMod Only thing with those combs is they leave a decent space in the middle of the cables, do you know any other places that sell similar to the Pro combs that will fit the Flex?
  13. CableMods Question

    @CableMod I plan on buying this kit https://store.cablemod.com/product/cablemod-c-series-rmi-rmx-cable-kit/ I just really wanted the black combs that come with this kit https://store.cablemod.com/product/cablemod-pro-modmesh-c-series-rmi-rmx-cable-kit/
  14. CableMods Question

    I love these style of cable combs CableMods has them in one of their bundles but doesn’t sell them separately
  15. CableMods Question

    Gotcha do you know where I can get 18 AWG black cable combs?