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  1. So i hosted a lobby and when i do the port test it says the port 7777 is now open, but my nat type is still bad for some reason, i think that is because the game is still early access but now i can do other stuff with windows server aswell now that i know the ports are open.
  2. Dude you are actually a god, it is working and yes i actually needed to start the game to see it. Sorry for wasting your time and thanks so much dude.
  3. it says it is not recognized as an internal or external command also tried with only nc
  4. It's to host a game since in that specific game you cant host a lobby for others if your nat type is closed. I tried the command and i think it's only linux
  5. Oh okay, im trying to port forward for alot of stuff but for example the 7777 is for the game Satisfactory. Nothing is listening on the port if i understand it correct.
  6. Hello mtz_federico, I'm sorry i know almost nothing about port forwarding so i'm not sure what you mean with listening. also i enabled logging.
  7. I couldn't remember if i had done it so i just did it and it didn't work, port still shows up as being filtered.
  8. Hello Guys, As stated in the title then i'm having trouble with port forwards. I have setup the rule in my router and my router company support cleared that the port forward was setup correctly. My Default Gateway Ip is and the pc i'm trying to port forward to is Picture 1: is my port forward rule. Picture 2: is my Unifi Security Gateway. Picture 3: is the pc with the IP as seen on both the Unifi Router and with ipconfig. I used Putty to try to track traffic on port 7777 on both the LAN side and the WAN side. Picture 4: Putty LAN side. Picture 5: Putty WAN side (I crossed off my public ip) Picture 6: Windows Firewall inbound rule. I have looked online and i can't find anything about it and i'm honestly clueless about what i need to do to open my port I'm writting here in hope that someone smarter than me (maybe about 99% of everyone) can tell me what im doing wrong xd Picture 7: a port checker saying the port is being filtered, if i turn windows firewall off then the goes from filtered to closed if that helps. I really hope someone can help me, and even if you just have a suggestion to what i can try or need some more information please write. Have a great day. -Andreas Soegaard.
  9. But i just don't understand why it's running at 99% if it's not using all of it's memory.
  10. Hello. I started playing a great game called satisfactory but after some time i noticed my gpu was running at 99% all the time so after some digging around i noticed it only used about half the dedicated gpu memory. I googled around and i have not found a single person explaning the same problem, can anyone here help me?
  11. But what about the 40 degrees temp with spikes up to 70 on idle with watercooling on, cant see how that can be drivers?
  12. No i did not but i did have to reactivate it, do i need to do a fresh install? and would that even have something to do with the high temp in idle mode?
  13. So everything is set up correctly and it only crashes/freeze when im actually playing a game, the mobo is a https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-Z270F-GAMING/
  14. Hey I recently upgraded my pc with a new motherboard, ram and the new i7 7700k intel cpu and after i upgraded i have been having some wierd freeze movements where i hear almost a static like sound in my headset and i cant access task manager and the caps lock light wont turn off and on when pressed. cpu not overclocked but at turbo speed. The cpu is running at 40 degrees celsius at idle with watercooling (bit too high i would say) and sometimes it spikes when in idle up to around 70 degrees. The cpu gets up to around 70+ degress while playing a game like pubg and it then does this freeze after quite some time (i think its because it's spiking up in temp) Can someone please help me i think its the cpu thats broke and i talked with intel but they just sent me around in support. Let me just add that this: motherboard: asus rog strix z270f cpu: i7 77700k gpu: asus 1080 strix Ram: HyperX Predator DDR4 3200MHz 16 gb power supply: Cooler Master GM G750W - 750W PSU Hdd: Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 - 2TB sdd: Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5" SSD Watercooling: Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2 Led: NZXT HUE+ Advanced PC Illumination