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  1. minecraft.digitaljesuit.com I believe it's on 1.12.2.
  2. Yeah. Creative mode. Although I doubt that'll be allowed as they won't want people playing God lul
  3. I bet there would be some people who genuinely want a Christian environment. There was a pretty popular Christian Minecraft server I used to be a part of when I was much younger, so one with the backing of the Vatican would likely take off.
  4. I haven't played Minecraft in a while, but I'd get on for the sole purpose of seeing what this server would be about and how the internet reacts once it's up for good.
  5. I was considering saying something like that, but Rust being so inherently toxic is what's funny. The whole point of the server is to provide a chill game environment full of kindness. Rust is the polar opposite of that. I can't speak for Ark since I only play PVE with a couple friends, though. Maybe it's just as toxic.
  6. Many people have meme-ed about it before, but it's officially here! The Vatican has set up and is testing a Minecraft server. Minecraft was chosen out of a vote between it, TF2, Rust, and ARK. While Minecraft was going to win any poll hands down, I'd definitely find it interesting how the Vatican could back either TF2, Rust, or ARK for obvious reasons. Imagine a religion with over one billion followers hosting a server full of naked people running around with crossbows - that'd be amazing. Unfortunately, the launch of the server didn't go so hot as it was DDoSed by malicious players joining and leaving to fill up slots. That issue will be resolved as the server is moved to better hardware. While the meme potential is great, the founding of this server may go to show that religion is willing to adopt modern ideas and use them to connect to more people, something that they very much need to do in order to survive. I, for one, wonder how long it'll take until Minecraft Bible study becomes a thing. Sauce: https://nypost.com/2019/12/03/priest-creates-vatican-minecraft-server-thats-quickly-sabotaged/ Image from the Discord imbed of this link: https://aleteia.org/2019/12/07/the-vatican-is-spinning-up-a-minecraft-server/
  7. Thanks! I'll look into the LTT review of both models the regular and XL. I will see if it is something that I'd like.
  8. I am in dire need of a phone upgrade and I have some money in my pocket to finally get one. I wanted a Note 9 since it has everything I need. Bigger battery, bigger and more pixel dense screen, a headphone jack (sad that's a good thing nowadays), and a much better SOC and storage capacity. The one I am looking at is pre owned, refurbished, and never used, still with the plastic manufacturer wrap on it. It's in mint condition and the website I am using guarantees it as such. I am worried, however, with the apparent Note 9 battery drain issue. I don't want to get a phone with a bigger battery just for the battery life to go down, and the lack of a warranty worries me. Would it be a good idea then to buy this phone or should I look elsewhere? I cannot afford a new one as this one is heavily discounted due to it being a brand new refurbish. If the battery drain issue is solved, then I would appreciate to know how to fix it in case this phone is affected by it. Thanks!