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  1. They suspended him, but when the production team refused to work, so they BBC caved in.
  2. got a tad bit closer, but no cigar.
  3. Okay, so yeah, I will steal me a paper clip tomorrow then!
  4. Well I am kinda broke at the moment ($50 went to something else) so I would like to get something preferably for free.
  5. So a buddy and I made a trade (He gave me his less than a year old K70 with blues switches and 50 bucks, and I would give him a EV frame.) so I have been using it, and although it is now one of my favorite things ever in history (I will never use membrane again!) although the keys themselves are super clean the in between needs some work, (mostly just hair from has dog) but sadly he lost the key cap removal tool, so I was wondering what would make a good replacement, and I have heard that a paperclip could work, but I am worried that that will damage the key caps. aksdjfkljhakjthadskfjalkv j jfaskdjfljthahehjkltjasdfuh (I can't get enough of typing with this thing!)
  6. I remember playing Prince of Persia, and dying horrible, because I could never find out how to ever us the sword!
  7. okay, was kinda hearing as "we knew how it was done!", and I do agree with you. I tend to make it so I go out all day at least once a week.
  8. and the generation before you would say THEY spent there childhood properly, and that your generation was spoiled!
  9. was bored one day and wanted to see have far I could get my old GT 9600 push my modded Skyrim... It got 3fps, but those where the most fucking solid 3fps you have ever seen in your life!
  10. I laughed my ass off when I saw "we had masters and slaves" I was already reading it in a southern accent
  11. They are still around today! I was working on a laptop that used a single core AMD!
  12. I am weird and prefer to install via disc (slow internet doesn't help)
  13. Can I have one of those floating around, and I have yet to bend one!
  14. What! I loved those 2 inch wide ribbon! They made for such great cable management.
  15. This a simple topic meant to look at things that we take for granted today like UEFI, and ease of installing drivers! So tell away with your stories fellow linustechtipions!
  16. still gives me Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data. Error code: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE
  17. So I have been looking for a good value workstation GPU for NX7 (don't have much experience with work stations GPUs). When I went to check my topic it gave me a error. All other topics work just fine! So yeah, I was wondering what was up, because I don't see why it would be deleted.
  18. I understand that, but I was wondering in what range to look in, because they vary in cost a lot (160-6000) and I can't find anything on which are the best for this version of NX
  19. so a friend came up to me and was wondering what if I could help him plan a PC meant for programming/working in NX7, and I am a little lost with what GPU to equip it with, because I am finding of conflicting info so does anyone know what the best value GPU is?
  20. that way with my buddy at school, I can make a fool of him with hardware, but the moment software is involved (expect with things like the BIOS) it is all him
  21. yep, built a new PC for my grandparents, and installed zorin 9 on their old one and gave that to my mother as a early Christmas present!
  22. hey, my issue with Bose is the price to performance, but if you get it half off then go for it. For me it is running my new HD 558s off onboard sound (but damn do they sound great!)
  23. okay, I wasn't sure if you used them and something was terribly wrong with it, I think I might go with the phantom, because getting the R5 will be a waste without liquid coolers...