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  1. first off i know its a 10 year old cpu but its still a gem to me. im rocking it on asus sabertooth z77 board and use there optimize clock. which gives me 4.39 ghz and max temp is 73c and thats at 100 percent usage. so i was wondering if anyone could give me some tips or a guide on overclocking it higher. i know next to nothing about overclocking but i can feel like i can get some more power out of it
  2. so i bought a rig from a buddy for 300 bucks a few months ago, i slammed a rtx 2060 super, it runs most games just fine at ultra but i was curious if it would be worth it to upgrade i7-3770k or an i7-4770k. i currently have 2600k overclocked by the sabertooth z77 bios not sure of the clock speed. i'm sorry if i am confusing my first post.
  3. So i'm moving to new albany, indiana, the fastest providers for internet is frontier, and im lucky to get 10 mbs,(it took 3 days to download the new finale fanasty) and its very spoty at times it goes out, so my idea was to get 3 connection put into my home and use a load balancing router like the ones form tp. Im trying to keep it cheap and at least have a way to play online games, so i have to use wired connections not satillate. Someone please help me.