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  1. If i don't get more help this is never going to get fixed
  2. I really need more help with this
  3. The issue came back(but slightly different),now whenever windows troubleshooter fixes it it always complains about the gateway not being available which it can temporarely fix. And not only that, but now not everything loses connection at the same time. And sometimes the yellow triangle appears on the internet icon, then it appears to have lost ipv6 connection but not ipv4 and then it regains ipv6 connection a couple of seconds later and it's fine again. And i also noticed that my computer keeps on sending data out whenever it loses internet connection but it won't receive data anymore And all the things that you guys have suggested until now didn't work sadly enough.
  4. I noticed an option in windows to fully reset your internet adapters etc and currently it's working fine. Still thx for the help though if this actually fixed it Once this is fixed i'll have more issues to fix though
  5. I'll edit the main post and put the eventlog in there, and although idk how to get the router log, i'll include a link to the router/modem(modem and router are 1 single device). And i have already scanned for malware.
  6. I really need help with this, i have been to countless forums already wihout any luck.
  7. I tried that, it doesn't work
  8. My current computer has been having ethernet issues for a year(for as long as i have it). All other devices on the network do not have this issue,updating the driver does not fix this, neither does resetting windows(which is up to date). Sometimes i don't disconnect for nearly a week but usually i disconnect 10 to 30 times a day. Although windows troubleshooter always fixes it it has given like 10 different reasons by now and it often happends again a couple of times a few minutes after fixing it. I have also noticed that it is more likely to happend if the internet usage is higher. And it also happends on both wifi and ethernet although those use seperate adapters. Here are some specs that might be usefull: OS:Windows 10 Home Ethernet adapter: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller(Driver version: 10.010.0714.2016) Link to the router/modem(both are in a single device) http://www.icbn.com.tw/products/product_view_en/28 If anyone requires more information, feel free to ask for it and i'll likely give you it within a day max. Note:Some things within the eventlog might be in dutch. eventlogs.evtx eventlogs_1033.MTA