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  1. gbergeron

    Is my Power Supply Good Enough?

    Highly recommand Get a good 550 or 650 if you're on a budget get a bronze rated one
  2. CPU specs is 2666 mhz because this is stock speed Even if you buy a 3000 mhz ram kit, it will run a 2666 mhz if you don't overclock the RAM it or set XMP on in the bios
  3. gbergeron

    Can you overclock a factory overclocked card.

    It auto overclock over factory settings anyway with gpu boost, factory oc is marketing. But yes you can even oc it more than the auto gpu boost !!! You can use MSI Afterburner its an application there are tutorials and stuff on youtube you can find about how to use it Manual OC can get you a couple +% gains for exemple mine I could get an extra 6% gain on it
  4. gbergeron

    Question About A Site

    No it's almost impossible to get a virus by just visiting a website you need to download a file, run a .exe etc... This site i've downloaded ton on it and zero problem but there are a lot of phishing pop up and annoying ads etc.. and by clicking on them and installing shit etc.. thats how you get infected... Try this one it's a lot more nice and free of bullshits : https://ytmp3.cc/
  5. gbergeron

    Gigabyte GA-H61M-S1 bios

    If you see these kind of "batteries look alike" thing with the top not flat, like round or bubbled, it means there was an issue with the board, an electric charge etc... My english too bad right now and im high af maybe som1 else can help finishing what im saying but i mostly said everything just check for that out to make sure you don't get ripped off it's eazy to check, I am talking about the things I have circled in red !
  6. gbergeron

    Gigabyte GA-H61M-S1 bios

    That might not be the good word enlgish not my first language but anyway I described them so you can see them lemme find you a picture :
  7. go to your driver website and download manual and there should be a place for the Front Panel (which is the tiny connectors for power switch, reset switch, hdd lights etc..) Also it's probably written on the board itself but super super small
  8. gbergeron

    Gigabyte GA-H61M-S1 bios

    Supports 3rd Gen. Intel® 22nm CPUs and 2nd Gen. Intel® Core™ CPUs (LGA1155 socket) i5 2500 socket = Socket: LGA1155 So yest it fits. Also, when buying old boards, check the compensators and if theres any kind of bubbles on top, don't buy it. You can spot them, they look like tiny batteries sticked on your board so like mini cylinders, and on top it should be flat like the end of a battery, if bubbled, avoid it at all cost. Enjoy !
  9. gbergeron

    What's your opinions about APPLE as of now?

    How do you check your twitter ? Your facebook ? Your porn ? I DONT BELIEVE YOU !!! YOU LIAR !!! joke
  10. gbergeron

    What's your opinions about APPLE as of now?

    Too slow, too furious !
  11. gbergeron

    GPU upgrade causing an issue

    probably power supply too weak
  12. gbergeron

    What's your opinions about APPLE as of now?

    What do you think about apple? It's overpriced How would you like them to change? Price and habits Anything you would like to say about apple vs cheaper phones? Why an apple when you can have a robot What do you think apple has got a hang of (What are they best at?) Taking average user's money and actually convincing them that it's worth it
  13. gbergeron

    Monitor Goes Into Power Save Mode On POST

    Take off the card and reinsert it, make sure its well connected and ALSO that the power connectors are connected (6pins or 8pins depending on your card I think ?) and by the way when you have a graphic card installed in your computer, always connect the HDMI or DP or VGA into the graphics card and not the motherboard !
  14. gbergeron

    Should I get a RTX 2080Ti? (1440p)

    Si ce que tu demande c'est si sa vaut la peine, pas vraiment
  15. gbergeron

    Should I get a RTX 2080Ti? (1440p)

    If you can afford it and dont care about money get a 2080 ti its that simple