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  1. i 1440p monitor i5 4670k (default clock) 8gigs 1600mhz ram R9 290 (tri-x version) I want to run the witcher 3 at 1440p but i'm terrible at picking settings. Tell me what settings you'd have if these were your specs.
  2. I get 60fps (mostly) with everything on high but i get pretty big drops when i go right up close to characters faces and other random drops.
  3. i5 4670k 8 gig 1600 Ram AMD R9 290 1440p 60hz monitor Give me a run down of every setting you'd have if these were your specs.
  4. sdhdok

    recommended books

    I didn't expect to get such a big laugh out of this thread good one AlwaysFSX. Keep the recommendations coming i'll look into them.
  5. I'd really like some book recommendations. Ones i've read and liked are: "the inheritance cycle" "The Kingkiller Chronicles"(except book 3) "The rangers apprentice series" "Percy Jackson & the Olympians series" Books i've already had recommended to me and i'm going to read: "The Broken Empire Trilogy" "Ready Player One" PS: The hobbit/ lord of the rings/ a song of ice and fire series all have adequate tv/ movies that i've already watched, no need to recommend them.
  6. Just so you guys know i found a site selling the Kindle Paperwhite 2014 for $145 AUD with free shipping and i bought it
  7. I'll level with you.. i plan on "paying the iron price" for books. Knowing that, would the 3g version give me any advantage at all?
  8. The one i found for $154 was the 4gig japanese wifi version with ads so i can't really find any cheaper. At that price would you recommend i buy it?
  9. So i'm in Australia and the cheapest i can find the kindle paper white is $154 AUD. I'm wondering if you guys know any alternatives or better deals when it comes to ereaders. Otherwise i may have to just buy the paperwhite, but even then i'm not exactly sure about it, it's a couple years old already and the voyage is too expensive for me. Ah this stuff does my head in... any help would be appreciated.
  10. So i have an i5 4670k (default clock) paired with a coolermaster hyper 212 evo, an AMD R9 290 Tri-X (default clock) 8gigs of ram all in a define R4 case with default fans. I'll be playing this game at 1440p 60hz. So what settings should i run it at and should i overclock? If you think i should overclock what clock do you recommend on the cpu and gpu?
  11. Already got a bunch of steam credit on my account, and another gift card on the way from my uncle, i'm all set when it comes to steam and PC games. And it's a relative buying me the game, they don't just want to give me money.
  12. So almost two weeks ago i created a thread asking for suggestions on which 3ds games i should get for Christmas. An update to that thread is that I've currently already chosen/got Alpha Sapphire, A link between worlds, Ocarina of time 3d and a pre oder of majora's mask 3ds. My current dilemma is that i cannot decided the last game i want, I've basically narrowed it down to three games. Fire emblem: Awakening, bravely default and super smash brothers. My problem with fire emblem is i'm really not a fan of strategy games i've seen some game play and i'm not that big of a fan of it, it is however one of the highest rated games on 3ds and i hear it has an easy mode that could help with my decision on whether or not to buy it(someone really needs to sell me on the idea.) My problem with Bravely Default is that i hear the story really drops off about two thirds of the way through and the game becomes boring at that point. I've played a relatively similar game in final fantasy 3 for ds and i really enjoyed the story and the game play. My Problem with smash brothers is that i don't know anyone else with a 3ds and i primarily play single player games and a multi player centric game like smash bros does seem less appealing to me. For my sanity please someone help me decide.
  13. I've decided i'm going to skip Pokemon x/y and just stick with sapphire until the next Pokemon game comes out. I'm going to get A Link Between worlds so that just leaves one more game. I've heard good things about Fire Emblem and Bravely Default personally from what i've seen i'd much rather the game play of Bravely Default but i hear fire emblem is the better game so i don't know what to choose.
  14. Personally i prefer single player games, like i said before i play games for the story not the game play. I feel that single player games have no choice but to focus on the story (for obvious reasons) . I am a fan of smash bros (but not really mario kart) but if given the choice between a multiplayer time sink like smash bros and a single player game with a captivating story i'll pick the single player game every time.
  15. You've convinced me i'm going to get a link between worlds.
  16. If you had to choose between Fire emblem and bravely default which one would you choose?
  17. I'm running an R9 290, no real need to upgrade at the moment. let me know when a pc can emulate 3ds games will you?
  18. So i'm getting a new 3ds xl for Christmas and i need to decide on the games i want. I've already chosen two (OOT 3D and Alpha Sapphire) and i can choose two more. So i'm asking for suggestions, i have my eye on a couple of games such as "Fire Emblem: Awakening" and "A Link Between Worlds". I'm really not a fan of strategy games mostly i play games for the story and not for the game play, having heard that can anyone recommend fire emblem to me? Is the story so engaging that it would be a tremendous shame not to own it? What about A Link Between worlds, what's your opinion on it?
  19. sdhdok

    Skyrim mod help

    Thanks for the advice i forgot to mention that i don't have the official bethesda texture pack installed. Should i ignore it and just download texture mods or should i download it to?
  20. sdhdok

    Skyrim mod help

    I've seen gophers guide before but i'm asking for help on the mods to choose for what i'm targeting, not a general guide.
  21. sdhdok

    Skyrim mod help

    So i've tried my hand at modding skyrim before it turns out i'm terrible at it, i'm hoping someone with very similar specs to mine can recommend what mods i'll be able to handle. I'm aiming for about 40 fps eye candy and lore friendliness are the most important factors. I'll be running the game at 1440p so please keep that in mind when recommending mods. My specs are: Intel i5 4670k (not overclocked) AMD R9 290 (Tri-X) 8 gig G.skill 1600 ram samsung evo 250 gig ssd FOR THE LOVE OF TALOS PLEASE HELP ME!
  22. Eh, i don't know maybe there's some program you guy's could recommend that tests audio sync? It'd help to be able to compare set numbers from my TV to my monitor. Make sense?
  23. I'm going to test it with my TV again just to be doubly sure. Do you have any suggestions on how i should test it? (other than just playing games and watching videos and listening)
  24. I'm going to trust your judgement on this. It seems i'm now in the market for a new monitor.....sigh, that's what i get for buying a Korean brand.