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    Kaneohe, Hawaii
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    Esports and Filmaking
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    High school student at Punahou School in Hawaii. Pursuing cinematogrophy and esports. Writer for film blog Room of Cinema roomofcinema.wordpress.com
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    Student Video Producer @ Punahou School

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  1. 1re

    Apple Deprecating OpenGL

    Guess I better save up faster to get off my imac
  2. 1re

    Github about to be Miscrosofted?

    F if true, prepping my move to gitlabs
  3. Wasn't sure if I should post here or in troubleshooting. Anyway basically my situation: I recently jailbroke my iphone se with latest electra and while installing some starter tweaks (this is my first jailbreak), specifically filza, the download screwed up and I can't get into cydia/electra and hadn't get installed openssh. Is there any alternative to itunes at this point? ty, ire
  4. 1re

    FCC orders net neutrality repeal

    F also 100% LEGAL
  5. Title about sums it up. Wired or wireless fine. thanks for any recommendations ty
  6. Basically I'm looking for an around $130 ish monitor with reasonable color accuracy. So far the acer R240HY seems like the best bet but I figured I'd ask around first. ty, ire
  7. Yes, ESEA invite/ETF2L is our main leauges
  8. I'm biased here, I don't claim to be a pro but i have been following the scene, as well as csgo for a couple of years now and was wondering how we as tf2 competitive, are seen by mainstream esports. Some background if you're not familiar. • TF2 comp scene has been around in one state or another since the release of the game 10 years ago. • The main competitive leauges are • NA • ESEA Invite • UGC 6s (generally less serious) • EU/UK • ETF2L • AUS • OZFORTRESS Lan highlights are • Insomnia events (when NA/AUS teams are able to attend) • ESA Rewind • Gamers Assembly • DreamHack Winter/Summer Coverage is mainly on teamfortress.tv I'm just curious as to what others think. thanks for your time, ire
  9. 1re

    Who's your favorite player?

    Pasha/PashzaBiceps, Virtus.pro CSGO. Has a great personality and good player.
  10. 1re

    Best Way to Connect My Desktop to Internet?

    If wifi is good then just use that if your mobo doesn't have wireless then you can get something like this to add wireless to your rig. If not then try the powerline adapter.
  11. the nhd15 or the dark rock 3 (not pro) would be good, pro is fine if you don't care about the savings
  12. 1re

    100$ or less Headset W/Mic

    If you want something a decent bit under budget try the hyperx cloud stingers for $50 prime on amazon. They're not amazing but if you want to save a buck they're quite good for the price and i've been using mine for a while now with no issues
  13. So I was tinkering with my profile and was trying to add a link to my blog in the website slot and got an error message saying "please enter a url" I thought at first it was just because of the subdomain, but I tried with a couple other normal urls and got the same message Browser is Google Chrome Canary version 65.0.3295.0 on macOS Sierra 10.12.5 thanks!
  14. I've been looking at cases recently, and the Meshify C is one that seems the most promising at the moment. But it only has a couple 3.5" drive mounts, just not enough. Is it possible to just sort of double sided tape a mechanical drive like you can as ssd? thanks!