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  1. I originally had rEFInd, but uninstalled it as I didn't think it was possible to bypass it and boot straight to macos by default, bypassing the ui completely and to just boot into linux when I use the computer by just holding option on boot. Looking at the docs on the rEFInd site, I didn't really understand what was said there, so I could just be misinterpreting it
  2. The partitions don't appear as options under startup disk, when I boot into macos then reboot I will enter into macos, same with mint
  3. I recently set up a dual boot setup between macOS Mojave and Mint on a shared computer. Since the people (my parents) which I share it with aren't good with computers I was just going to use no bootloader, assuming that it would automatically boot into macos unless I manually selected the mint partition, but this wasn't the case, it would just boot into the last partition used. Is there a way make this no longer the case and boot into the macos partition normally? thanks, ire
  4. yeah, I was looking at some of their wireless stuff, my 750's were great but my friend accidentally dropped a textbook on the left one on a table and now I can hear the insides rattle when i shake them. Maybe the aukey latitude (30) or those xaomi earbuds for ~25.
  5. I've been using my RHA MA750 wired for a while now as my go to IEMs, but recently my friend broke the left side driver. At this point I'm not looking for anything with amazing quality sound, as I now have some decent headphones for when I care. Basically I'm just looking for any recommendations of budget (like <$50 US) in ears that I can use running/in the gym that will just be reasonably durable and stay in my ears. I haven't looked into it too much, one thing I did look at was the Optima nuforce wireless for 30 bucks that ltt did a sponsor spot for a while ago (but some people have had issues with durability). Any recommendations appreciated, thanks!
  6. probably not, just be sure it's compatible
  7. 1re

    Amazon possibly breached?

    definitely not
  8. 1re

    e sports betting site

    Look for any reputable sportsbook, betWay is a really reputable one from mainstream sports that offers csgo betting (and probably others) rivalry.gg is newer but has earned recommendations from people like Richard Lewis, so I'd be pretty trusting of it. gg.bet is fairly reputable, but has had it's fair share of controversy, particuarly with dota, so i'd go with caution there
  9. 1re

    Favorite CS:GO team

    I don't really have a favourite team, but when I first got into cs I really liked VP, mainly for their spirit. Though now I just feel sorry for snatchie and michu for seemingly wasting their talents in this team, and that it's seeming wrecked byali's chances of making it into another top team.
  10. Note: Wasn't sure if this was more appropriate as an independent thread or under programmer lounge, I can move it if that's better. As a personal project, I wanted to build a chromium based browser, nothing earthshattering, mostly just a reskin with little change to the core functionality of the engine. However, in researching doing this, I've not been able to find any guides or documentation of this kind of process that isn't quite outdated. Most of what chromium documentation seems to be geared more towards those looking to contribute to chromium's repo and less towards using it yourself. If anyone has any experience/or sees something obvious that I missed (the most likely thing) I'd greatly appreciate it. (sorry if this is a stupid question) thanks!
  11. 1re

    Apple Deprecating OpenGL

    Guess I better save up faster to get off my imac
  12. 1re

    Github about to be Miscrosofted?

    F if true, prepping my move to gitlabs
  13. Wasn't sure if I should post here or in troubleshooting. Anyway basically my situation: I recently jailbroke my iphone se with latest electra and while installing some starter tweaks (this is my first jailbreak), specifically filza, the download screwed up and I can't get into cydia/electra and hadn't get installed openssh. Is there any alternative to itunes at this point? ty, ire
  14. 1re

    FCC orders net neutrality repeal

    F also 100% LEGAL
  15. Title about sums it up. Wired or wireless fine. thanks for any recommendations ty