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  1. What software/applications should i use to control my pc at home. Scenario: I'm out of the house, might be on the office. But i need to access a file in my pc for work. Like models and stuff Thanks!
  2. Compared to the price of the 3600 the 2700 makes more sense and yes the main purpose of the build is rendering/editing, gaming is just an extra Trying to stay away from rtx as for now due to the tech still being "new" cause the next gen might be more worth the money compared to now. I mean $1200 for a gpu is just too much. We need more competition to see the prices drop The lower price of the 1660super with gddr6 might be a better buy than the 1660ti with gddr5. You know what screw nvidia for making this much more confusing than they have too
  3. Seems logical. Might go for 3600 if the budget allows it . If not, might just go for the 2600
  4. Here is the scenario: My friend who's in college(architect) wants to build a pc for gaming/video editing/rendering models. $1000 budget for just the tower I was thinking, r7 1700 or r5 2600 Gigabyte b450 aorus pro wifi gtx 1660super G.skill trident Z RGB 2×8gb ram at 3200mhz intel 660p 500gb 4tb hdd 620w psu Comments on parts: Cpu: leaning more on the r7, more cores is better for rendering right? Mobo: he wants a mobo with wifi. He said the router is far from his room. Gpu: might be better options Storage: he wants the 4tb. I can't stop him Case: nice airflow and features would be appreciated Cooling: he wants an aio, but i suggested to him a big ass heat sink for lower maintenance Any suggestions on case and cooling? Any thing you can change for the build that will help performance will be great. Thanks! Note: he wants rgb
  5. It's perfectly fine. But future proofing is one of the things you should be thinking. "Is 450w good enough for the upgrades i am going to make in the future?" Even if its 3-4 years before you upgrade. Leave some headroom as they say At least the psu will be the least of your worries in the future.
  6. I'm sorry the case electrocute me when i touch it.
  7. So i have this "M12II-620 BRONZE" psu. Don't know why but it is not properly grounded. The case electrocute me when i touch it. I've check the cabling. The psu itself and even put electrical tape on the psu cage. Still no luck. What can i do to find and fix the problem? It's fully modular, don't know if that's the problem tho.
  8. This too. Check bios if it detects the 8gb of ram
  9. Try killing the background apps or you can simply put them to sleep forever by going to task manager>starup>disable the apps you don't want running when the pc starts. It may also be because of you integrated graphics(if you don't have a gpu installed, but normally they don't eat that much ram.
  10. No it won't. You just have to go to nvidia's site and download and install the right drivers for your gpu. Also you can download any other software like msi afterburner to have a more customizable experience
  11. Out of curiosity, what MMO are you playing? Does it benefit from having fast refresh rate? I believe that TN panels are king in pixel response time than IPS panels (ips for color accuracy). For now you can't have the both of them in one monitor (except for LG monitor i think, linus made a video on this) Curve monitors has its perks when you sit at the perfect distance from it.
  12. Just get a case with decent airflow and features that you need/want. 160 is kinda pricey. Maybe look into a more "newer" gpu (I forgot how old the rx580) I know it's still a good gpu, but still. Maybe you want this gpu to last you for at least 3-4 years, but the architecture is showing its age in newer games (This is just my opinion) or you could wait and see what the rx5500 could do when it launches. Overall the build is good for future proofing
  13. Ok i get the gits of it. Thank you If i recall correctly thread reaper has 44 pcie lanes, how does that work in world scenarios? For ex: i used my pcie 16x slot for the gpu does that mean 44-16=28 available lanes Is that how it works?
  14. Can someone enlighten me on how cpu pci lanes affect how many things you can put on your pc
  15. I tought intel was cutting their prices by half with the new cpu's coming
  16. The support and games for rtx are still new. Maybe holding out on rtx maybe a better choice. Not saying rtx is bad or anything, for me its just not worth $200 for that extra eye candy
  17. You could, but we don't recommend buying a $1200 gpu
  18. It's underclock. Could you check the bios to see your multiplier for your cpu
  19. Tell us your buget and @Fasauceomewill help you find a good match for your budget