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  1. SleepingGiant

    Cd bay to drive bay

    Hello, I was hoping to find more information about how i can find the right drive bay thing for my friends laptop (asus X455LF). Hoping to upgrade from hdd to ssd and expanding the storage too. Thanks in advance.
  2. SleepingGiant

    DRAM-less ssd

    @hello_there_123 this is really helpful. Thank you
  3. SleepingGiant

    DRAM-less ssd

    @hojnikb I see...... Hope every controller manufacturer has this table
  4. SleepingGiant

    Ssd recommendation

    @hello_there_123 thanks
  5. SleepingGiant

    Ssd recommendation

    @hello_there_123Philippines. More like general use, but more than the others , gaming
  6. SleepingGiant

    Ssd recommendation

    @pizapowerthey only sell mx300 500gb up in my country
  7. SleepingGiant

    Ssd recommendation

    What ssd (sata) do you guys reccomend with a dram cache, around 240/250gb of storage space.
  8. SleepingGiant

    DRAM-less ssd

    @hojnikbCould you give me a sample on how to use the controller info to see if it has dram?
  9. SleepingGiant

    DRAM-less ssd

    @mariushmWait i'm getting confused here. I thought dram and controllers are different
  10. SleepingGiant

    DRAM-less ssd

    I do i put this hmmm... How can you know a dram-less ssd from a complitly normal ssd with dram? For example when your in a store what do you look for in the packaging/box that it comes from. I have tried looking it up on the manufacturers site but sadly i can't seem to find the buffer/cache/dram part of the specs.
  11. SleepingGiant

    G skill trident z rgb

    I have search the internet and found out that if i use the software that g skill uses for the ram it could potentially corrupting the SPD and bricking it.
  12. So i was asking a coworker of mine what ram did he buy for his build. The answer was the trident z rgb. He said if i want to change the lighting effect on the ram kit i should use a mobo that has an rgb element implemented in it or else i could brick the ram kit. So i was wondering what mobo (specifically am4 b350/b450) is compatible and won't brick the ram kit when i change the lighting effect. Thank you in advance!!!
  13. SleepingGiant

    Work Talk

    What do you do when you don't have any work left to do and you cant leave your station? *my situation everyday for the last month*
  14. SleepingGiant

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Unhappy - Lucas Graham