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    Port Maquarie, Australia


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    Some asrock
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    8GB Kingston 1333
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    ASUS GTX 570
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    Gutted Powermac G5
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    cant remember
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    cant remember
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    24" benQ
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    Tt TalonX
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    Razor Kraken Pro 7.1 Chroma (20 bux off ebay <3)
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  1. Hey i recently was diggin threw my garage when i found a POS keyboard, KSI-1392. I would like to use it but i don't have a cable, and i'm scared to buy the wrong one. The port on the keyboard looks to be an RJ45. I e-mailed the company and they havent replied for now 3 months. I found this PDF for the keyboard which states that it's PS/2. https://cdn.barcodesinc.com/themes/barcodesinc/pdf/KSI/ksi1392.pdf If anyone can help me please
  2. 1. Idk 2. No 3. Idk 4. Plugged it into one of my xp laptops, installed the drivers, and it works. 5. Yes 6. No, it has the stock bios, i will do that this arvo 7. Ok
  3. Cable tester? It works on other devices <win7
  4. I have installed win 10 and i still have the same issue
  5. The past week has been absolute cancer, when i "ipconfig /all", it shows everything, even dns. I have tried disable ip6, and making a static ip. So i go to maccas and download the latest drivers, that didnt work. I booted to ubuntu16.04 (because i had an iso downloaded) and i had no internet access. Then bought a USB to ethernet adaptor because it would have seperate drivers, that had the same results. I installed windows 7 32&64, win8 32&64, and 8.1 32&64, because i have no life. I have no internet in every single one of them even with the adapter. BUT, all of my winxp and vista laptops have access via that ethernet cable. I have tried reseting my routre multiple times and i rang up my isp and they said it was my pc. Please help. Specs Asrock h110-dgs/d3 i3 6100 windows 8.1
  6. I followed the troubleshooting steps and it apparently its a graphics card slot? page 140, second box
  7. I found this, it sounds like continuous short beeps, but power error? I have tried it with 3 different psu's.
  8. I have tried moving the ram, changing the ram, new psu, without gpu. Same result
  9. ayy, thanks, i just tested the wires on the poles.
  10. My brother recently cut off the end of my headset and 'lost' the end he cut off, i have bourght a replacement 4 pole 3.5mm jack, i dont know where or what to solder, pls help <3
  11. I did some testing, I found a working G4 in my dads garage and i swaped the cpu's, i think the mobo is dead. Thanks for all the help --Bruce