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    Přeštice, Czechia
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    Working for LMG :kappa:


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    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9650 @ 3.00GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.0GHz
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    6144MB RAM DDR2 (2x1GB + 2x2GB)
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    Acer X193w (1440x900x60Hz)
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    ConnectIT Battle Series RNBW Edition Keyboard
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    Logitech Z200
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    Windows 7 Proffesional SP1 64-bit

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  1. yes. my old one that still probadly works.
  2. So, i have a microphone jack problem. When i plug in my mic, it appears in Windows, but there's no audio! Tried different mics, it's not muted in Windows and the hardware switch is switched to ON. Also there is some static noise. Any suggestions?
  3. Thank you, well it sucks that the video is lost but it wasn't THAT important. So thank you for helping me
  4. Looked at Google Photos, it wasn't there, i had no results on XDA Developers, Framaroot's exploit doesn't work on my device and unfortunately, it was on Internal Storage.
  5. Hi, today my friend deleted a video from my phone and i wan't to get it back. I've done a bit data recovery on my old phone with Android 4.4.4 (that still had the USB Mass Storage option) using EaseUS Data Recovery, but now i have a new phone with Android 7.0 and it only has the MTP option (EaseUS Data Recovery doesn't support MTP devices) so i can't recover it that way. I found UMS Enabler on Google Play, but it requires rooting my phone. So i downloaded KingoRoot and tried rooting it but it didn't work. It gets stuck at certain percent and the screen goes black (it hasn't restarted, Android is still running). I tried rooting the device with KingRoot using my pc, but it says "No root strategy available". I also tried Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, FoneLab for Android, EaseUS MobiSaver for Android, MobiKin Doctor for Android and dr.fone. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery doesn't detect the phone, FoneLab for Android finds my phone, but doesn't work well without rooting, EaseUS MobiSaver for Android told me to root my device too, MobiKin Doctor for Android doesn't detect the deleted files. I tried dr.fone for rooting, after probadly a half a hour, it says "root failed". What do i do now?
  6. I know, but there's no way to plug it into the motherboard.
  7. The problem is that i don't know if it still works anymore. It worked before, he said, but i dropped the motherboard a few times. Also i don't have a way how to plug it in power.
  8. Hi, my friend gave a me a motherboard from the Acer Aspire 5749 laptop with a Intel Celeron 1,6 GHz (probadly), but is it worth something or should i just smash it? Thanks for every response
  9. Hi.






    i am so sorry that i posted this on your newsfeed.

    1. ScratchCat


      He doesn't really notice anything anyway unless 5+ people tag him in the same discussion.

  10. just created my linus tech tips forum account.