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  1. People, I am going to purchase a TV, the only problem is I can't figure out either to go for a TCL Android TV or Buy a simple LED and add an android box, for where I live, there are no big price differences for both the options. Also reccomend which android box shall I go for, Mi Box, Fire Stick etc. P.s Don't need 4k As it's evident, it's a udget purchase, buying Nvidia box kind of things almost impossible
  2. But aren't they more expensive???
  3. Do all 300 series motherboards support Intel 9 generation CPUs For instance: Gigabyte Z370M DS3H Intel Z370 OR ASUS TUF Z370 Plus Gaming
  4. Can I OC my 8600k on a h370 Mobo, there must be some way around
  5. So, should I like try this unlocker exe?
  6. So, my CPU was doing 100 percent at idle and "wup.exe" was juicing most of it out. I was unable to end this process, neither could i re-prioritize it nor re-Affinitize it.Coming back to my question, how do I remove it?
  7. I do plan to upgrade to an intel core i5 7gen. Should I still go for Ryzen????
  8. I am planning on a pc upgrade from dell optiplex t3400 with amd 6450. I plan to buy a Gigabyte GA-B250M-D3H Intel LGA 1151 Socket Motherboard, combined with an intel i3-6100. Any suggestions or reviews will appreciated, also tell what else will I need. Keep in mind it's a tight budget build It's for gaming and I plan to upgrade to a core i5 7gen ASAP
  9. KGM

    Can I???

    It is made by dell though.....
  10. KGM

    Can I???

    Can I put a micro-atx Mobo (Ga b250-D3H) in my dell precision t3400 case with the built-in 500w power supply