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  1. I'm going to be buying a new motherboard (either x470 or x570, haven't really decided yet). I need your advice in what to look for a motherboard while choosing one, It'll be paired either with 2700x or 3600, but I plan to use it for at least the next 5-6 years, so I may make small sacrifices on price to performance for "future-proofing"
  2. What does Asus mean when they give "limited PCI-E 4.0" support on some of their x470 motherboards. Is it like on some boards or to some extent??????
  3. Thanks a lot, and by cheap I actually meant at around $200 (although am definitely gonna check out ASUS X470-PRO )
  4. Well, the title says it all, which, in your opinion is the best bang for the buck (on the relatively cheaper end) x570 Motherboard
  5. Well I line in Pakistan, here we get way overpriced stuff, and then there's Smuggled goods so I am pretty optimistic
  6. Well I can get a 1050ti at around a $100
  7. I guess I can live with being able to go up to 5th gen Ryzen, given I'll have to get a new intel one anyways if I wish to go higher than 9th gen. Thanks a lot (one last thing, what cpu will you suggest for a 500-600 dollar build, new or used)
  8. So, what say you? Is my plan a solid one???????
  9. I'm planning a build from scratch, and in light of recent events have decided to get an x570 and, for the time being, couple it with a Second gen Ryzen (Budget constrains). My initial plan was to get a z390 and most probably couple it with an i3 8th gen. As it is clear, one of my main focus is good future upgradability with decent specs for the time being. I am completely open to suggestions
  10. Thanks a lot, though I wonder why I can only see it with a VPN, without I see every friggin ad except for the ones of x570
  11. Can you just give me an amazon link, I'll manage delivery, will get it delivered indirectly if Amazon doesn't deliver (Please give me a mid-ranged one's link)
  12. I live in Pakistan, and am well aware of the levies
  13. I find myself unable to find a single online outlet to purchase x570 motherboards from. (Somewhere with international shipping will be much appreciated)
  14. People, I am going to purchase a TV, the only problem is I can't figure out either to go for a TCL Android TV or Buy a simple LED and add an android box, for where I live, there are no big price differences for both the options. Also reccomend which android box shall I go for, Mi Box, Fire Stick etc. P.s Don't need 4k As it's evident, it's a udget purchase, buying Nvidia box kind of things almost impossible
  15. But aren't they more expensive???