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  1. I know you said you reinstalled the drivers in safe mode but have you by any chance tried to start up in safe mode with networking? Perhaps a rogue process in the background is causing the issues.
  2. I would go for the CPU upgrade first. While you will need to buy more components than just a CPU it will make the most noticeable difference in day to day use. I just recently upgraded to the 1600 from an 8320 and the difference is crazy. It though I would need to upgrade my GPU soon but even my GTX 970 performs immensely better.
  3. I just tried this with an old code that I previously used for Skyrim and it states the same thing. You may need to try it on a secondary account to see if the code is still valid.
  4. It should work with no issues. You will likely need to use a DVI to VGA adapter though as most modern hardware no longer include a VGA connector. If this display works well for your needs you don't really need to upgrade. Though if you have room in your budget a more modern display may make for a more enjoyable experience.
  5. Awesome thank you. Can't beat the price of $7.00
  6. I see. That will definitely be on my list of upgrades to do soon. I mostly use my ultrawide for work stuff and general use and switch over to my tv to game so that has helped me survive with the 970 so far.
  7. Is the V8 an ok cooler or would I be better off getting something newer? I would lovd to purchase that ram kit however I'm having to do this today/tomorrow so I'm limited to what i can price match in store.
  8. Not at this time, I'm just really bad with the website apparently. Right now i am just buying CPU, RAM and Mobo from a local store.
  9. Thank you for the response. Not sure why I selected those when I made the second list, definitely can't buy those. I'm just going to blame it on the lack of sleep.
  10. Up until this morning I have been holding on to this system: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/33CGCy It has served me well through several upgrades over the years but has been going through a slow death over the last few months. Starting with the top PCI-E slot no longer working and most recently the loss of what I assume to be the SATA Controller as it can no longer detect any of my internal drives regardless of the port I use and reseting the CMOS. It will however boot from USB I have not been able to save anywhere near as much as I would have liked to replace this system so I will be recycling many of my old components for the next month or two until I can afford suitable replacements. Just looking to make sure that I am not making a terrible choice with the Mobo and RAM and setting myself up for more issues down the line. I need to get this system back up ASAP for a few projects that I need to finalize tomorrow so my options are a bit limited as we only really have one local vendor with respectable prices. Replacement: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/pnz9M8 Thank you for any feedback in advance.
  11. Let me know how it works out. Sometimes these FX chips can be a bit.... troublesome.
  12. I am running the same CPU in my system at 4.3 GHz and had a similar issue about a year ago. In my case the issue would only occur if I was moving the computer and had it unplugged for any length of time. Everything returned to normal after replacing the CMOS battery so I feel like that is a good place to start.