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  1. Back in August Linus got a Chevy VOLT. Now (NOV 2018), the Chevy VOLT is being discontinued amid General Motors decision to close factories and displace 14,000 workers. Source; https://www.theverge.com/2018/11/26/18112536/gm-layoffs-factory-closing-ending-production-chevy-volt Well, at least you didn't drop it (kinda the reverse really).
  2. I don't think a RAM change will triple your performance. Something else is going on here... From what I gather lots of gamers have issues with AMD CPU's on CS:GO. At least on the older AMD Chips. Also, being an _old_ game its probably optimized for intel's supplementary instruction sets like SSE2 etc. Even though Ryzen supports those old instruction sets, the games might not be recognizing them on an AMD CPU. Firstly however, I would compare a modern game (last year or so) between your i5 and ryzen system and see the difference.
  3. I hear the issue of Nvidia Spitting out washed out and dull colours as opposed to AMD full spectrum colour is still around, its what's stopping me from going to team green. This issue was supposed to be resolved years ago with "True Colour" and DisplayPort", but I have found out (googled heh) that even now people can see worse colour even after fixing nvidia with 'full dynamic range' colour. Try reviewing it differently by having 2 identical systems (AMD|Nvidia) with two separate monitors (10 bit IPS), put them side to side, then use an external camera to capture both. Don't use screen capture software. Then run again with an external calibration tool, then photo. Then check the photo in photoshop, comparing pixel on the left and pixel on the right.