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  1. Fixed the taskbar issue partially- have the full working taskbar on the left 1440p monitor but the right dell monitor is still blurry, and when both connected and go to sleep, they BOTH will not wake up(unitl, obviously, I force reset), EXTREMELY frustrating and it is on high performance power, with sleep option enabled for monitors every 15 min. I should NOT have to disable this to fix this issue. the wont' wake (both of them) from sleep is only an issue when both connected, when only the 1440p monitor is connected by itself, i do not encounter this. Any answers, LTT fam? Would be greatly appreciated
  2. Checked power settings, was on high performance- i set to sleep every 15 min of inactivity but that should not be causing these "monitor crashes" haven't had that happen since last night though. Could it have something to do with the mini dp connector?? I turned it on this morning and the taskbar is still weird as fuck, but not only the taskbar(s) the overall image on the dell is weirdly pixel-ey. screenshots for reference. Also I did what you said and tried to turn the taskbar off for both monitors (i'd only want it on the 144hz display not the dell) but when I checked the option off, only the dell taskbar stayed and the other monitors taskbar disappeared-- how do I choose which monitors taskbar I want to keep? pics for reference- (note the dell text screenshot is slightly off-axis looking on the text compared to my other monitor, and on the taskbars at the far right hand side of both- the 144hz monitor only shows the time, with no other taskbar buttons wheras the dell monitor has the searchbar and the other taskbar icons) Super frustrating, thanks for any help!
  3. Title. Running 1800X, 32GB RAM, 1080TI, 750W EVGA gold cert, corsair h110i AIO, monoprice 144hz 1440p monitor and a brand new dell p2715, running win 10 64 bit. Monoprice monitor connected via DP and dell monitor connected via mini DP, both to the 1080TI directly. They both show up fine and seem to function, but after a while, on the dell, the taskbar icons seem to lose resolution/get all scratchy and then it goes into sleep mode fucking RANDOMLY, then the monoprice follows, occasionally mouse won't respond either just before they go to sleep. So fucking confused. First time doing a dual monitor setup, pretty pissed. What am I doing wrong here?? edit: and now on the left (monoprice) monitor the volume toggle/system tray arrow on the far righthand side of the taskbar has disappeared, but is there on the dell. WTF?
  4. This is the ram i have installed https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820232416
  5. How do I change the timings? What DO I change them to, and where are they located in bios?
  6. so my rig is all built, sick af, everything updated-- workin fine im running a ryzen 1800x with 32gb (16x2) trident z gskill ram (3200mhz) 750W G3 power supply gtx 1080ti gpu, and the ram is showing around 2100- i shouldn't have to overclock it to get it to 2933 correct?? I tried to switch it to 2933 in bios, but it booted, shut off, booted shut off about 3-4 times then bios message came up "overclocking failed! Please reset previous setting" what am i doing wrong?:(
  7. So I just built my firebreathing pink dragon rig ( (1080ti ftw 3, 1800x, 32gb ram, h110i cooler, 2 case fans, asus prime pro x370) and I was getting amazing thermals at 70% fan curve on all 3, but I hate the front panel purely because it doesn't have any openings besides the little slit in the top. Mind you, the thermals don't get INSANELY better or anything when I remove it (showing the h110i's radiator fans as I have a front mount, and of course the magnetic dust filter). Is there any DISADVANTAGE of leaving the front panel on/off, or does it even matter, thermals or otherwise? Just wonderin, because with fans at 50% on the gpu I get a toasty 75-sometimes even 80 when im playing like rise of the tomb raider, or even lesser games like fuckin' COMBAT ARMS, which is sad lol, but when I crank the fans to 70% on the gpu only, I get a frosty 62-70, which is great. But yeah the front panel- does it matter?
  8. Are the surfaces of these the same? I work at a best buy and we have the MM800 RGB out on display, and I love the feel of of it, the textured polymer or w/e, but im wondering if the MM400 has the exact same feel/exact same pad but without the RGB edges? I kinda don't wanna shell out $60 for the RGB one and its kinda on the smaller side. Thanks!
  9. I more meant ASIDE from components if i need anything else to mount/screw in anything, this is my first time building (if that wasn't obvious) and it would suck ass if i got everything in and I couldn't finish the build because of a motherboard mount or some piece or some screw etc