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  1. Oh thanks for the help! this table is pretty comprehensive, i am sure it will take me some time to process all this information.
  2. Hey guys, im in a little bit of a weird spot. I am currently using my surface pro 4 as a daily driver for Uni and im looking to replace it. However i got quite used and fond of the 2 and one form factor. is there any comparable 2 and 1 to the new surface book 3 out there with a little more power?
  3. @dizmo @Zando Bob thanks guys for the help! sorry for the infrequent posting haha. I think I will definitely go team red as far as CPU is concerned (unless team blue comes out with an amazing price competitive CPU which i frankly do not really see for the consumer market but who knows!). And you are right i completely forgot to factor in GPU limitations on certain codecs... so i guess NVIDIA it is which is fine by me! @RejZoR as for buying a card independently. i guess i didn't make it clear in my first post but i would essentially be building the PC from the ground up. Essentially my gaming computer in my last 4 years has boiled down to a ps4 pro and a surface pro 4... so i have absolutely no Base. However i still have the chassis of my old gaming PC from many many moons ago haha.
  4. what makes you say that? I guess so, however in this instance it seems that waiting might actually bring large improvements and not just incremental gains.
  5. Hey guys, me and a friend are going to start a movie production company together. My computer will be built mainly for that purpose. However as you know a cool side effect of building a workstation for content editing is the fact that you can game on it as well. Now to my actual question, should I build a PC now or wait until Big Navi and the Ryzen 4000 series? Time is currently no issue for us as we wont be shooting anytime soon because of the COVID-19 situation. Best regards and stay healthy from Germany!