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  1. at previous post the customer still wanna get the data back is there any solution to crack or anything so their data safely back to their PC without any issue to open the content i really want to solve this. because my mistake here during me backup their data i didn't know that it was encrypted
  2. you also need to check your hard disk afraid of your laptop hard disk also got problem
  3. did you tighten your power cable? check your connection cable hdmi if loose plz tighten it maybe that the cause of it also make sure you check power indicator of your monitor because if the music is still on that mean your cpu working fine but not monitor
  4. ya now the customer got his/her computer so i can't do it anymore
  5. seems that the customer is already arrive to pick his/her computer so i can't use their original disk so i had to jailbreak it
  6. NTUSER.dat need at the old system or the already formatted one
  7. can someone help with file that already encrypt because i need to decrypt before moving to his/her computer i recently have a customer that his/her file was shown as green name i didn't know that it was encrypted and i just backup as usual then i just format the computer so after i copying back the backup to the computer back only the encrypted one is cannot copy back to the computer now i don't know how to do already i try everything but not available if can plz someone help my problem
  8. my problem is this i have win 10 but i dunno whether my problem is win 10 or what but it seems keep bothering me with minus keys occasionally when i just leave the typing open the minus will appear nowhere just same as picture 1 it will click occasionally it keeps bothering me also my driver kinda look like that in windows i though i got something wrong on it but after disabling all and even close the interface devices also no luck it keep appearing anytime whenever i want to type something
  9. i got auto typing like this it not frequently but occasionally driver is like this many although it just 1 keyboard
  10. i have new pc installed win10 pro inside i try a pirated nfs carbon well i not fond on buying games unless i want it particular so my problem is it did go so well when intro video but when loading screen start it will restart my pc no warning so on i just watching it happen
  11. 2 drive have windows in it will clash each other because it will detect both of it as your main window and will stuck at boot screen
  12. you need to be careful to HDD if dropped it will damage the disk inside even you detect it you can't format seriously that my experience when i work at computer technician shop.
  13. can anyone have this kinda issue solved local host local session manager was kinda annoying me sometime i already set superfetch disabled even tweak reg edit it still keep increasing the ram usage and then i will get an error of low on memory. this is pirate window build 1703
  14. can someone help me i didn't think i have experience for RGB yet maybe my cable didn't plug very well or did i missing 1 step for it to match my motherboard lighting