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  1. Thermal Paste and Fan Upgrade Improvements

    Okay, so problem number 1 is your choice of thermal paste. Artic mx4 is fine for ihs to heatsink. It is not okay to use for bare die applications. It is actually the worst performer. Temps will be okay for 1-2 days. Within a week you will be back to the start. As for cheap quiet fans I like the arctic fans.
  2. Which laptop cooling will do?

    They all do the same thing equally well. Which is to say they make noise. The only thing that will help your laptop is keeping it on a smooth flat surface. Go to local shops and try a couple lap desks and coolers to find something comfortable.
  3. Thermal Pad vs Thermal Paste

    They do make thermal paste pads that are easy to apply if doing repairs in large quantities. Other than that they perform horribly. As for pads, they are used to transfer heat across larger voids. They are not terribly efficient. Pastes can depend upon application as well. If you are putting a cooler on a modern cpu with a heat spreader just pick a paste off of the top 20 or so and they will all perform the same. If you have a bare die application choose a thick or liquid metal paste. There is also a paste designed to replace pads, but that is a whole different topic. Again this is typically used because it is cost effective and fast when doing repairs.
  4. Yet another pitiful Hyper 212 Evo Cooling Post

    So I may be way off on my guess, but I'm guessing you are running windows 10. When testing temperatures I find it necessary to change to a metered connection. Windows likes to sneak updates in and that usually spikes cpu usage to 15-20 percent. If you start running high again pop into task manager and see if you are downloading an update.
  5. Does this happens often?

    Ive pulled a lot of laptops apart. 80 percent of them look like that. Too much thermal paste can become an insulator and can cause higher temps. However the amount used has to be a lot to make a big difference. Usually where I notice a big difference is when the thermal paste is super crappy old or both, the tension springs are worn, or if the proper torque sequence was not followed. I had a toshiba laptop where the springs had slipped through the holes in the heatsink and were not applying pressure and the temps were horrendous. New springs good temps.
  6. You cant build anything without tools period. If you want to build something with basic hand tools repurposing existing items is going to be easiest. Reuse the motherboard tray out of an existing case and put it into something else. This can be done with screwdrivers, a saw or two, and a set of files. Wood can be easily worked with hand tools too. Plastics and acrylics can be wotked with hand tools, but power is much easier. Metal is so time consuming to work by hand power tools are a necessity. Decide what tools you want to invest in and if its worth it to you. Personally I have a shop that is full of tools because I need them. If you are never going to use them again it may be easier to pay someone to build something.
  7. MSI gs63vr 7rf

    The sad part is mine is babied. It always sits on a flat surface. I honestly dont trust it for anything other than playing games. So the only time it gets used is when I set it on the table or under the tv to play a game. The only thing done to mine is I added my 2tb sshd to replace the 1tb hdd.
  8. what is the best screen mirroring device

    Gotcha. I could afford a cheap android tv unit, or even another raspberry pi with android, but the shield would blow the budget.
  9. what is the best screen mirroring device

    What was the best thing you used?
  10. Untested Vive... Yay or Nay?

    Ive bought things like this before. If they listed the item condition as parts only they do not have to return or refund. He does not accept returns. As stated above they could easily test the item to make more money, so it doesnt make sense for it to be functioning. If it does function it will most likely be missing a proprietary part that is worth more than the cost savings. The only time buying items like this has actually worked out for me is if I needed a weird hard to find part off of it to repair something else or I bought a lot item with several broken items to make one functioning item and resell the rest as parts (don't even bother reassembling).
  11. Kind of what the title says. I'm looking for a wireless device to hook up to my tv to use the wireless display function of windows 10 for a second monitor to view spreadsheets. The more mainstream and easy to use the better. I can't stress this enough, this is not for gaming or any latency sensitive use. It is simply for work and web page viewing. Previously I had used my rokus, which are in every room of the house, but this no longer works as of a couple roku updates ago. My android tv works for this...kind of. It is very hit or miss and performance is intermittent. I was curious if any of you had tried with an Amazon fire stick or Google chrome cast. If one of these isn't suitable then is there a mira cast specific device that you can recommend? Cost is a factor. If the solution is more than 150 I will just buy the dual monitor thunderbolt dock and reuse the two older monitors I have.
  12. MSI gs63vr 7rf

    No, I cannot get a refund as it was a warrantee replacement. And I am glad that you got a good one. You must be very lucky. Most of the reviews I've read have mentioned at least 1 replacement or that they got a refund shortly after reviewing. How have you not broken it when dropping? If you look at it wrong the chassis below the network port cracks.
  13. I want to watercool my S5 Antminer

    I have not used one for water cooling, but having used those cheaper aluminum expansion tanks on cars the walls usually arent very thick, and a lot of them seep at the welds. I will add I think that the plan is flawed. There will be a very high thermal mass provided by the 1 gallon of fluid, but there is no dwell time. I have a feeling it will just continue heating up although dissipating enough heat. Although it will take a long time with that much coolant. (Your autos cooling system is only 2.5-4 gallons).
  14. Did I place these thermal pads right?

    I dont really understand your purpose. Are you trying to use the bottom laptop housing as a heatsink? Is it aluminum? Usually I would replace the pads inside if and only if they fall apart. The only reason the pads you added should affect temperatures is if they redirected airflow, in which case you may be causing other components to heat up.