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  1. markr54632

    Touch Bar for PC?

    I dont know if this would fit your needs, but I use some software called twomonusb and it allows me to use any old tablet or ipad as a touchscreen monitor. You could put shortcuts on there.
  2. markr54632

    Budget laptop your thoughts

    This model has soldered ram, so you cannot upgrade it later btw. You could add an ssd, but it won't help much. Seems like you are pretty dead set on that laptop model and dont really want advice lol. Good luck with school and I genuinely hope it works out for you.
  3. markr54632

    Budget laptop your thoughts

    The difference in the pentium processors performance is negligible at best. The laptop you are linking is literally going to make your life at school harder. I cant count how many times a study group had to move on without me because it would crash or be compiling code for 10 minutes. This is with a study group using 2nd and 3rd gen i3 laptops. If new is your only option then you dont have enough to buy a laptop. Use a library pc and save more money. See if there is a rental program at your uni. See if you can get a student discount.
  4. markr54632

    Budget laptop your thoughts

    Omg please dont. You might maybe be able to surf the web on it. It will run open office okay, but lag on Microsoft office. I tried to make a Pentium 4405u work with 8gb of ram and a ssd. Completely not usable. If your on a tight budget buy a used business laptop.
  5. markr54632

    Static IP setup

    Dd-wrt will allow you to put the router in wireless bridging mode and get rid of that mess. Really fun to play with. As for static addressing are you talking about for a host or for your public ip? For a host you need to disable dhcp on the second router. Go on to the first router and set aside a pool of addresses for static addressing. Go into settings on the host and assign one of the addresses from your pool.
  6. markr54632

    Best Retro Computer For A Beginner

    They all run a dialect of basic. One is not easier than another really. If you want reviews on each machine check out the 8-bit guy on youtube and lazy game reviews (lgr). Both have excellent reviews for vintage computers. Edit: your response didnt pop up. Really try to find something local that you can power test if possible. And like said above use an sd or compact flash adapter for storage.
  7. markr54632

    USB to IDE adapter?

    There is a ide to compact flash, an ide to sata, and an ide to sd card adapter, but not one for a flash drive that I'm aware of.
  8. markr54632

    Best Retro Computer For A Beginner

    I would personally just check your local thrift and pawn shops until you find something. If you look for a few months you should find something fun. There are pretty good emulators out if you just want to mess around. That being said my first experience was on an apple IIe and a series of laminated books for beginners. Played with one a year or two back and wasn't near as magical as I remembered.
  9. Trash model That's a tad harsh for a laptop that in general has pretty favorable reviews and meets a certain use case. Definitely not a laptop I would be interested in. Btw I went through several lists of mobile workstations and could not find the uhd touchscreen available anywhere. OP this is an extremely unusual and impractical use case. With a 5k budget you could get a quality 4k monitor, a sff gaming pc, keyboard, mouse, an ultrabook for laptop use cases, and still have money left over for an beginner set of sticks.
  10. The razerblade pro has the you're looking for and is under 5k. I didn't think it would be that hard to find something with those requirements, but it really is.
  11. markr54632

    trying to repair my ps3 superslim

    It's an inductor. Why do you think that's a problem? Also cute beagle in your avatar.
  12. markr54632

    I need help with my friends PC please.

    It only supports the g4560 after bios revision f20. If your board shipped with an earlier revision you need a 6th gen cpu to flash the new bios before you can use that cpu.
  13. markr54632

    The Mouse

    Sounds like you may have a shorted usb device. Are you using the same accessories in both systems?
  14. markr54632

    suggestions on thermal paste

    So every laptop I've ever worked on in the past 10 years has been bare die to cooler. No ihs. Liquid metal is risky, and the loser we get to hitting the limits of laptop coolers the smaller the difference. Personally I just use a good non conductive paste.
  15. markr54632

    Best laptop for Civil Engineering

    That's a healthy budget. Is this going to be your only pc and will it need to he rendering for long periods? Do you have to jump on the thin and light bandwagon? Brand preferences? Gaming? Rgb?