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  1. markr54632

    I need help

    Honestly do a clean install and slowly install the programs you use one by one until you find the program. There really isnt a "good" antivirus software. Once a system is compromised, it is permanently compromised. The only real solution is to format the drive and start anew.
  2. markr54632

    Upgrading a Laptop

    Someone asks about this every month or two. It is a tremendous waste of time and effort. Not to mention all of the connectors are proprietary. Even if they fit they will not be wired the same.
  3. markr54632

    I need help

    Not really, but a new boot device will make a world of difference for your system. Seriously a 20 dollar ssd would make it feel like a new system. You need to find out what is using those system resources. I can virtually guarantee it's not monitoring software. Not sure what you use, but cpuid hwmonitor is a good one. I can run it on a single core atom processor without it using that much. It sounds like you have a virus or a program running in the background. Run task manager and see what program says it is using those system resources.
  4. markr54632

    I need help

    It's really not that hard to use the full 100 mB/s bandwidth that harddrive has to offer. Also the more data that drive has on it the slower it will perform. Even a 20 dollar ssd should make a significant difference. You can run task manager or other monitoring software to monitor resource usage. Anything that shows real time hdd usage will work. It also shows that you have alot of background processes eating system resources. Go through task manager and close any unnecessary processes.
  5. markr54632

    Best monitor for productivity?

    If you have 2 decent monitors upgrading for productivity is a waste. Buy a usb 3.0 docking station so that you only have one cable to plug and unplug. That being said a stand that can rotate one of the monitors is also helpful. I usually use one in landscape and the other in portrait.
  6. markr54632

    I need help

    You're still running a mechanical boot drive? Try defragmenting your boot drive. Better yet replace it with an ssd.
  7. markr54632

    Getting the most of your ROG GL503VS

    Yes and no. You are severely limited by the capacity of the cooler. Liquid metal will make a difference, but is risky. If you are going to try a non conductive paste dont waste your time. Any gain will be minimal at best. Because you are applying it bare die it will be prone to "pump out" and you will need to reapply ever 6 months to a year. Not worth the headache.
  8. markr54632

    Switch my Mum from apple

    This^ If she wants windows use bootcamp and install windows on her macbook.
  9. markr54632

    AutoCAD Laptop Specs

    Qc is beyond horrible especially for the models within OPs budget.
  10. markr54632

    AutoCAD Laptop Specs

    If you have the ability talk to her instructors. No one will know the workload as well. Short of that https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/autocad/learn-explore/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/System-requirements-for-AutoCAD-2019-including-Specialized-Toolsets.html Use the reccomended specs off of that list, not the required. If I was picking something I would shoot for: 1050 or 1050ti 4gb 16gb ram (absolute minimum for me anymore) An ssd (128gb or more, even the cheapest crap ssd is fine to boot from) A 1920 by 1080 display that is usable A keyboard that is comfortable. Something not made by msi
  11. markr54632

    AutoCAD Laptop Specs

    That's a pretty unrealistic wishlist. Honestly theres nothing out there that's going to be powerful enough and get over 4 hours of battery under load. Autocad generates heat. The thinner and lighter you go, the less heat the laptop can dissipate. While she may not be looking for gaming performance, gaming laptops are the cheapest method to get the hardware she needs for her workload within budget. The y530 and g5 both barely squeak in under budget with their base config on their italian website.
  12. markr54632

    NEED HELP with Second Keyboard

    Taran does a few tutorials on his channel.
  13. markr54632

    MSI GS65 second return

    Haha only two returns so far? Your going to be doing many many more. The gs series is complete garbage.
  14. markr54632

    chromecast/miracast no longer supported PC

    I haven't been able to get it to work with roku stick, roku 3, google chromecast, or amazon fire stick for well over a year. Reliably at least. I have gotten it to work with an app on a cheap chinese android tv, but it requires a third party app, and isnt great. If there is a cheap reliable method for this I would be thrilled.
  15. Haha that was the mouse that I used before. I got it on clearance for like 10 bucks. I ended up switching to that zalman that was on sale on newegg for 5 shipped zm-m401r. It is heavier and taller, but still feels very comfortable. It gives you two more buttons.