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  1. They're pretty easy to find off ebay for under 20 bucks. Several laptop models used them. Check ebay. Also shouldnt matter if it is slot load or not. So long as it is SATA and 9.5 mm tall. Make sure you order one with it's own faceplate.
  2. It's just an ide slim drive. To hook it up buy an ide optical drive enclosure. If you want to install it internally use the board from the enclosure and use an adapter to plug into one of the usb 2.0 headers. Honestly it's cheaper to just buy a new sata drive though. Around here you can get a sata slim drive with enclosure for 12 usd. A slim sata to sata adapter runs 3-4 usd to install internally.
  3. markr54632

    Lenovo Yoga 2 13 Inquires

    1) Really sounds like you had a corrupted file/files during installation. Can you make a new install disk and reinstall again? 2) Seems pretty normal. Linus went into depth on the topic in his video about edge browser offering better battery life. I know you figured it out, but if you have a torx screw really strip on you, you can work the torx around for a few seconds and use a hex key. I have to do this all the time on high torque bolts made of softer metal.
  4. markr54632

    Best value for money?

    This. There really isnt much point in upgrading the gpu if it's just going to throttle. 32gb of ram is silly for most people. Unless you are maxing out 16gb right now it's not worth it. Faster ssd is not going to really be noticable in real life, unless you want some cool benchmark numbers not worth it.
  5. Honestly the qc is piss poor and the thermals are horrible. If you do buy it make sure you buy it locally at a place with a good exchange policy.
  6. Markup is not incredibly high on laptops surprisingly. It is unlikely that you are gonna see any remarkable discounts until well after the laptop is useful. The gp73 throttles super early and cant keep that gpu cooled anyway.
  7. markr54632


    If the tv only has composite and rf those are your only options without modding the tv. Now you could hook them up to a modern tv via hdmi or component if you wanted.
  8. markr54632

    Looking to repaste Predator Helios 300 (15.6")

    I mean even if they say you can repaste, the heat sinks really aren't designed to be removed and reused. They are super flimsy and easy to warp during the removal process. It is unlikely they would replace the heatsink and even more unlikely they would honor a warranty repair at this point. All of the modifications carry a heavy risk of cracking the die. Definitely at your own risk and I would practice with older devices you dont care about. You seem to have it backwards. By shimming the core you are halving the ability of the thermal paste to do its job by using two layers. You are drastically increasing mounting pressure and this is the most likely method to result in damage. Even if it works a thick layer of cheap thermal paste would be more efficient. Shimming really isnt relevant anymore. Increasing mounting pressure when the heatsink is not perfectly flat WILL result in damage. It may help for a while, but uneven pressure on a fragile die never ends well. Lapping at least in the case of a laptop is using coloured thermal grease and pressure paper in conjunction with sandpaper to restore a flat mounting surface. This will make the largest difference. Even though you sold your y520 to get this, your best solution may still be to pawn the issue off.
  9. markr54632

    Looking to repaste Predator Helios 300 (15.6")

    That's because you removed it. Kind of sucks, but can be considered user damage at this point. You can ask the service department to purchase one, which most likely will be refused. Usually stuck trying to find a used one, which I will admit is probably harder in your location and may or may not be better than what you have. You can modify what you have at your own risk via lapping, shimming, or changing mounting pressure, but you are playing with fire. Especially with that rigid cooler design. At this point it pretty much comes down to live with it, or sell it and buy something else.
  10. markr54632

    Looking to repaste Predator Helios 300 (15.6")

    If he has had the heatsink and factory tim off, his warranty is void.
  11. markr54632

    Looking to repaste Predator Helios 300 (15.6")

    Which is mentioned above several times. It is a very very risky process, on some models (mostly clevo) it will aid with poor qc on the factory thermal solution. He mentioned shimming the cpu first, which greatly increases mounting pressure. Modifying a laptop in any from is a risky process. I usually advise against it. Honestly at that point I would start hunting for a new heatsink. If the spread pattern favors one side you are literally asking for trouble by shimming or increasing pressure. Again anything you do is at your own risk.
  12. markr54632

    Looking to repaste Predator Helios 300 (15.6")

    Have you considered swapping springs or adding a thin washer above the spring at your own risk of course to increase mounting pressure or is the spread pattern too bad?
  13. markr54632

    Looking to repaste Predator Helios 300 (15.6")

    It was really bad when amd was using spring mounted coolers on their socket a processors. They actually sold copper shims to keep the cooler straight and protect the die. Cracking the die was a relatively common occurrence then. Dumb question. On the y530 are they using a spring under a collared screw for mounting tension?
  14. markr54632

    Looking to repaste Predator Helios 300 (15.6")

    I was more referring to the people that put a shim in crank the screws and crack the die.