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  1. Laptop thermal paste

    Not on this laptop, but make sure you use liquid metal, or a thermal compound that performs well on direct die applications or you will be doing it again in a few months after it "pumps out". I really don't feel like arguing with anyone, so I will avoid recommendations, but If you want to research on your own any compound that performs well for delidding, will perform about the same in a laptop.
  2. Is going pre-built still crazy today?

    I was looking at the new lineup of powerspec "gaming" pcs and they all used standard off the self mobo, processor, gpu, in cheap sheet metal cases. Even if you bought a different case, you couldnt build the same thing cheaper. Especially considering that it comes with a legal windows license. This is likely the route I will go for my next pc if things don't change. I don't care if I didnt build it. I get warrantee through one company. When the warrantee is up, because they used off the shelf parts failures and upgrades are easier.
  3. swap OS drive to existing HDD

    Ive never had this problem. I use a 60 gb boot drive with all of my programs on my mechanical drives. Although if you want to move your os my favorite two apps are macrium reflect free and shadow maker free. Macrium has a better boot disc maker and easier to use scheduled backups. Shadow maker does much better handling images to different sized drives, especially when moving to a smaller ssd.
  4. Totally up to you, I will throw this out there. If you don't have a laptop I would go that route as it is almost a necessity in today's world. If you have a laptop do whatever you prefer. I honestly don't think that a "gaming" laptop is useful for gaming unless it is sitting flat on a desk hooked to an external monitor anyway.
  5. Asus x99-a 2 out of 4 sticks

    Did you try resetting to factory defaults? And either can potentially cause an issue, although 99 percent of the time when I have a ram issue its either the ram or mobo.
  6. Asus x99-a 2 out of 4 sticks

    Try reseating the cpu, if that doesnt work flash the newest bios, that doesnt work call asus if you have warrantee.
  7. Asus x99-a 2 out of 4 sticks

    Please try to reword this. If each ram stick is recognized and only the a1, b1, c1, and d1 slots arent being recognized, then most likely you have a bad board. In 20 years I have only seen a few cpus fail, while totally possible I doubt thats it.
  8. Asus x99-a 2 out of 4 sticks

    It wouldn't be because of the speed miss match or only two sticks would show or you would not boot. Try booting the system with a single known good stick, then switch it to a different socket and boot again, until youve done it in all 4 sockets to rule out the motherboard or processor seating. If it boots all 4 times you most likely have a bad stick of ram and it shouldnt be hard to figure out which one from there. If it doesn't boot with ram in one of the sockets try cleaning the socket, if that doesnt work reseat the processor, that doesnt work rma the board. Since you have a mismatch between title and thread, if only two sticks are showing up, and you bought two sticks from eBay they are the amd only sticks, which is b.s. but a way for sellers to sell ram that doesnt pass spec as new.
  9. Office pc insides in a gaming pc case

    I havent run into form factor issues in so long as you start with a tower, but they all tend to use proprietary connectors for front I/o, fans, switches, usb headers, etc. I did this for my cheap pc, thought it would take me an hour or two, ended up taking 3 days working 3-4 hours each day to solder the headers and make a custom I/o panel and get rid of all of the boot warnings.
  10. Upgrade CPU or GPU?

    Neither at the moment. You have a capable 1080p rig. Ram and gpu prices are insane. If you can find a 1080 for msrp or lower go for it. If you upgrade your cpu and motherboard, you will need to buy ram at double its value. You have a decent rig why not wait until prices normalize? I doubt they will come back down much if any, but they will become more stable.
  11. PC specs for a programmer

    Literally anything. A raspberry pi is capable of surfing the web, watching YouTube, and running several ides. Its actually the reason they were developed (to get kids into programming). I use my laptop in school, which is overkill, but I have to have a portable laptop capable of running virtual machines for other classes.
  12. Dell 7010 mini towers go for $175-250 with an i5-3470 with 8gb ram and usually a 500 gb hdd. I used one of these as the base to my budget build. I added 8 gb more ram for $30 ish I added a 60gb ssd boot drive for $20 (plenty for windows) I added a 1050 for $100ish, although it looks like your gonna spend significantly more now. Like someone said above a used gpu would likely be a better investment. I added an evga 450 watt power supply for $30 (this fits in the dell case). This is a horrible candidate for a case swap. I put mine in a different case, but to avoid POST errors on boot involved soldering (factory power switch has to be retained in line, front i/o, and fan headers are proprietary).
  13. For 300-400 bucks I would be looking into slightly older prebuilt and throwing the best gpu you can afford into it. It will outperform the setup you have there. Wow....I think I paid 90 bucks for my 2gb 1050.
  14. Cutting Cable?

    I did this about two years ago and havent looked back. For devices I am using roku 3s in the main living areas and roku sticks in guest areas. They seem to have the best feature set and reliability for the money. A good antenna is necessary if you want local and news. As for services hulu has gone to scrap with their new billing methods and poor attempt at live streaming and dvr. Netflix is well the same old Netflix. Amazon prime is useful for newer releases and some exclusives. Crunchyroll and funimation are useful for anime. Roku has a decent media player app that leaves some to be desired. Really my main complaint. If you want open source and customizable android is useable, but go with nvidia shields, or a high quality brand name box. Most of the Chinese boxes for 100 or under leave alot to be desired. The last option is to go with media center pcs for each tv. Look on craigslist for older dell, hp, or lenovo sff pcs and add a cheap low profile graphics card and your set for most cases at 1080p or lower. This would not be for gaming. Unless Chrome cast has changed I didnt care for streaming through a phone or tablet and having two devices tied up. The Amazon firestick and fire tv units I have were significantly slower than the roku units, but very similar in functionality.
  15. HDD (90% sure) Dead

    Not unless you have a clean room and a donor drive to swap parts from. Recover what you can while you still can. You can fiddle around with it later if you choose to.