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    Technology, Aircraft, Engineering, Gaming
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    Ryzen 5 1600 OC 3.6 Ghz
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    Asus Strix B350-f Gaming
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    Geil Super Luce 2x8 RGB OC 3000 Mhz
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    XFX RX 480 8gb
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    Fractal Meshify C Dark TG
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    Seagate 1Tb HDD, Samsung SSD
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    Corsair RM 650X
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    Primary: Principle Matters 32" Curved 1440p 165hz Monitor Secondary: HP Pavilion 1080p 60 hertz Display
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    Cryorig H5 Ultimate
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    Windows 10

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  1. Im currently running 3 case fans (2 intake 1 exhaust), which are the Corsair AF 120's. It seems to be ignoring my fan curve however. I have the max temp limit at 88C in MSI Afterburner and the fan curve adjusted but it seems to ignore it. However, I seemed to have some luck in Aorus and when I adjusted my fan curve and it worked the other day but had less luck today. I dropped my Core Clock to compensate and drop temps as well as my power limit. I am probally going to do a full system reset eventually to clean up my PC and run on either MSI Afterburner or Aorus Exclusively to avoid any cross over on commands.
  2. So when I am in game or anything of that sort, my GPU fan will ramp up to 100 percent once I hit around 83 to 84 degrees Celsius despite my fan curves telling it not to ever hit 100 percent. When I first looked into this issue with my RX 5700 XT most said it was a botched fan header or something along those lines. So I got rid of it and upgrade to a Gigabyte RTX 2080 OC. However, I still run into the same problem at around 84 degrees Celsius when in game. one of my more temporary solutions was just to drop the core clock to around 1500 instead of 1850 boost, so that the temps never pass 80 degrees and hover around 78 max. What concerns me is that this issue has persisted across 2 seperate cards from separate manufacturers and different architectures and types. Has anyone else had this problem or know the fix?
  3. This problem seemed to have arose out of nowhere while I was playing Far Cry 5 for the first time. While in game and actually playing, the GPU fans rev up to 100% (About 3250 rpm) and will not budge. The moment I hit escape and pause the game they go back down to a quiet level. Hit Escape again to resume playing and it jumps back up to 3250 rpm. While the games are still functional, I cannot continue to play with a jet engine in my ear. I have tried adjusting fan curves in Radeon Adrenaline and MSI afterburner but the fans seem to ignore my fan curve no matter what. Even when i manually move the fan RPM Slider down on MSI Afterburner, it literally jumps back up to 100 percent. If I try to just set the fan curve to the lowest possible as a experiment, it still will not change the fans behavior. Does anyone have any idea why this is. I am on the latest drivers across the board.
  4. Ah ok. So starting from my audio interface, we go with the 1/4 inch plugged into the audio interface, to the RCA into the Amp. From there we then can use regular speaker wire from the amp into the speaker itself. Makes sense to me! Thanks so much cause I was pretty lost tbh.
  5. So I bought a pair of Polk T15 Speakers on black Friday because I found a good deal and I needed speakers and I also bought a Audio Interface (Uphoria UM22). Now here is my trouble, the speakers only have direct wire connections with the clamping system to lock them in. The Audio Interface has 1/4 inch jacks for the speaker output. So my question is, how can I turn 16 gauge speaker wire, like the amazon basics speaker wire, into 1/4 inch jacks so that they can go into the audio interface? I have seen a few solutions but don't know how to or which I should go with. I have seen some that are just a 1/4 inch jack and on the other side it is just bare speaker wire. Another where I can buy quarter inch jacks that are designed for speaker cable and to be dissembled and reassembled around the wire. And I thought of just buying a 12 foot 1/4 inch to 1/4 inch jack and cutting it in half and splitting it myself. Or are can Banana clips work with the speakers and I just need to find some with a 1/4 inch jack? Would any of these solutions work? If so which is the best of them? All help is appreciated. Thanks Audio Interface Polk Audio T15 Speaker Wire
  6. So as the title suggests, I just bought a new 5700 XT to replace my XFX RX 480 so I can finally play 1440p on my 1440p 144hz monitor. So knowing its a relatively new technology, what are some things I should do to make sure it is running correctly without anything ridiculous happening. If its important it is only B-350f Strix Gaming motherboard with a Ryzen 5 1600 OC to 3.6 ghz and a Corsair 650 watt gold power supply.
  7. I have been looking into upgrading my audio setup and desktop set up in general. But my most lacking area is the Audio department. I'm currently running some $15 over ear headphones off of amazon going straight to the motherboard because I never really paid much attention. However I am feeling ready for the upgrade. So, as for a budget, I would like to keep it down below about $70 USD, preferably less around $50 but I will go up to $70. I want to have a XLR Microphone, Headphones (Thinking AudioTechnica M30x or something from their open backed line), potentially a musical instrument or 2, like a guitar and keyboard, and a set of bookshelf speakers. The traditional knowledge would say use the AMP/DAC, but because I am wanting to have so many different inputs and outputs, I can't seem to find some sort of AMP/DAC that can accommodate all of these inputs and outputs, and plus on the mixerboard I can get more direct control of these and how they interact. But power seems to be the main question, as in would I be able to get enough power from the Mixer to power the headphones and speakers. The mixer I was looking at the Alto Profession ZMX52 linked below or the Behringer Uphoria UMC22 audio interface. What seems to be the best choice for my setup? What would you recommend. Alto Professional Mixerboard Behringer Audio Interface
  8. I was about to say that didnt seem quite right
  9. Any in particular for sub 350 usd?
  10. Whats wrong with Curved VA panels?
  11. Hey All, So I have been looking for a solid 1440p 144hz Monitor that would break the bank. I was thinking a budget of $350 USD max. At first I was kind of thinking it would have to be some cheap korean monitor the Linus has review or smth but I got hit by a stroke of luck. There are 3 options on the table, I think I have made up my mind but I like to see what others have to say. Massdrop (Or rather just Drop whatever the name change was) just listed a 32" 1440p 165hz monitor for $340. So close to my budget but still under. But there are 2 others that kind of caught my interest. I think I am sold on the Drop one from Principle. But here are the 3 Links. https://drop.com/buy/principle-matters-32-curved-165hz-qhd-1440p-gaming-monitor/reviews#reviews https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078P57ZWL/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&psc=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=dvznmedia-20&linkId=3bc558adec9e69d5105a24e7dfaf5992&language=en_US https://www.amazon.com/Pixio-Display-Professional-FreeSync-Certified/dp/B079GN819B/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=toastybros-20&linkId=98b3bd8b6ec643a37a5b514ed6b230ff Thoughts? I finally have enough to get any of these monitors so what are your opinions?
  12. Yeah I'm not really in dire need of one. Just would prefer having it before school starts back up. Are those blocks like AIO's or Waterblocks for a custom loop?
  13. Do You know when they start rolling out? I don't really want to have to wait till school starts back up.
  14. So I have pinned down what I plan on upgrading once my paychecks start rolling in. I plan on getting a new 1440p Monitor at 144Hz and a 5700XT. But the 5700XT only has the blower design currently. When do the Board Partner cards come out or should I just go for it now?
  15. Ah alright I see. Thanks for the input. Its probably going to be a bit and one of the last things I am going to upgrade however because I am upgrading my GPU and Monitor first.